Cct355h5 final presentation r nicholls distribution
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CCT355H5 Final Presentation R Nicholls Distribution. Nicholas Wiradharma Jamie Robinson. Who is R Nicholls?. Medium- Sized Uniform Distributor Primary Customers: Bids on Government Uniform Contracts Market: Police Officers Firefighters Paramedics Security Other. Who is R Nicholls?.

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Cct355h5 final presentation r nicholls distribution

CCT355H5 Final PresentationR Nicholls Distribution

Nicholas Wiradharma

Jamie Robinson

Who is r nicholls
Who is R Nicholls?

  • Medium- Sized Uniform Distributor

  • Primary Customers: Bids on Government Uniform Contracts

  • Market:

    • Police Officers

    • Firefighters

    • Paramedics

    • Security

    • Other

Who is r nicholls1
Who is R Nicholls?

  • Buy and Manufacture Large Quantities of Uniforms

  • Customize uniforms based on role

  • Pricing Strategy:

    • Economies of Scale

Business process
Business Process

  • Orders for come from various mediums

    • Fax

    • Email

    • Phone

  • Requests made byusers

  • Aggregated bysuperiors

Business process1
Business Process

  • Orders are entered into ERP systems manually

  • Product is committed out of inventory

  • Sent to Production Department

    • Sew Department Patches (GOV)

    • Names

    • Positions

Business process2
Business Process

  • Product Assembly

  • Shipped in Bulk

    • Invoice are


Potential error
Potential Error

  • Order placement Error (Customer)

  • “Broken Telephone Effect”

  • Order input to ERP system (QuickBooks)

Cost of error
Cost of Error

  • R Nicholls must replace products from order error out of own inventory at own expense

  • Government

Need for change
Need for Change?

  • Lack of efficiency for both customers and production team

  • Large Margin for


Vision for change
Vision For Change

  • Goal: Error Free Sales Process

  • Orders are placed accurately from start to finish

Steps for change
Steps for Change

  • Initial Request is done correctly

    • Sending out Re-Usable Sizing Set for customers to ensure correct size selection

    • Proper Size Selection

Steps for change1
Steps for Change

  • Standardizing Communication Medium

    • Between Consumer and R Nicholls

  • Creating an efficient medium for communicating order request

What makes it efficient
What makes it Efficient?

  • Reducing Number of Stake Holders

  • Shifting responsibility of error

  • Effective time management

    • Reducing delay of customer order

Change proposition
Change Proposition

  • Unique Web Based Communication System

    • Improve end to end communication with consumer and dealer

    • More accurate order placements

      • Steps are automated

How are we going to do this
How are we going to do this?

  • System will consist of back end and front end

  • Back End

    • Allow creation of Customer portals when contract is generated

    • Menu of items are inputted and URL is assigned

    • Customers will be imported into system based on contracts

    • Logins will be issued for security

How are we going to do this1
How are we going to do this?

  • Front End

    • Simplified for Customers to reduce errors

    • Already have necessary information for customers

      • Name, Address, Billing, Products, Quantities

      • Just need Size

    • 3 step process:

      • Customers login

      • Select sizes for product

      • Confirm Order

Final step
Final Step

  • Orders are formatted using a middleware script to meetQuickbooks order format

  • Orders are automatically inputted

    • Reduces manual order input error


  • Potential to be more efficient and effective in their business process

  • Needs to simplify ordering process for customers along with error support

  • Shifts accuracy responsibility

    • User who would complain is responsible for inputting order


  • Must create a simple end-to-end businesses process between consumers and R Nicholls

  • Overall will improve efficiency in order placement and error management

  • Clear paper trail for managing disputes

  • Reduce costs and protect them from “kick-back” from the government