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Pom qm location analysis
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POM-QM LOCATION ANALYSIS. Prepared by: Hanife Demiralp Source: POM-QM for Windows Version 3. LOCATION.

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Pom qm location analysis


Prepared by: Hanife Demiralp

Source: POM-QM for Windows Version 3



Qualitative (Weighting)Model: If qualitative model is chosen, general framework is given by the number of factors and the number of potential sites. Weights should be given for each factor and sum of weights are 1 or 100, but this is not requirement. Scores of each city on each factor should be given.

Example 1 weighted location qualitative analysis

Example 1: Weighted Location (qualitative) Analysis:

Pom qm location analysis

The scores of each city on each factor.

Pom qm location analysis

Total weighted score of Philadelphia= (10*90)+(30*80)+(5*60)+(15*90)+(20*50)+(10*40)+(5*30) = 6500

Example 2 one dimensional siting

Example 2: One Dimensional Siting:

Pom qm location analysis

It is the coordinate of location. It may be street address, floors in building, or east-west, north-south. Negative value means west or south and positive means east or north

Includes the weight of materials or trips made to customer. It is 1 if all customers considered equal.

Example 3 two dimensional location

Example 3: Two-Dimensional Location:

The difference between one dimensional location and two-dimensional location is; in two dimensional location we have extra coordinate as y-coordinate.

Two dimensional location

Two Dimensional Location:

Location results

Location Results

Table of distances

Table of Distances

Raw material 1 has total distance 997.67 from each of other six sites.

Potential site 1 is more central than potential site 2. Because site 1 distance smaller than site 2 distance

Distance graph

Distance Graph:

Example 4 breakeven analysis

Example 4: Breakeven Analysis

Pom qm location analysis

Fixed cost is the cost that you must pay every month such as worker salary.

Variable cost can include energy supply, materials costs.

Location results1

Location Results:

Results Table shows us, Location 1 is better than others. Because; revenue of location 1 is greater than other two locations and total costs of location 1 is less than other two locations.

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