Tripping over the lunch lady
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Tripping Over the Lunch Lady. Day 2. Concept talk . How do people overcome obstacles?. Partner Share. Have you ever had to confront a predicament? What was it? Were you able to come up with an ingenious way to solve your problem? What was it?

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Concept talk
Concept talk

How do people overcome obstacles?

Partner share
Partner Share

  • Have you ever had to confront a predicament? What was it?

  • Were you able to come up with an ingenious way to solve your problem?What was it?

  • How were you able to be triumphant over your problem or obstacle?

Amazing words
Amazing Words

  • Application- the act of putting something on

  • Hank hoped the application of bug spray would stop the mosquito bites

  • Resilient- able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending

  • He was resilient after his surgery.

Word analysis
Word Analysis

Suffixes change the meaning of the word when added to the word

-ly means: in a certain way

-ian means: relating to

Literary terms
Literary Terms

  • We are going to need our books now.

  • 1-5

  • 6-10

  • 11-15

  • 16-20

  • 21-26


  • Hyperbole is a type of figurative language that uses exaggeration

  • An author uses hyperbole when he or she overstates something or makes it greater than it actually is

  • Used to emphasize a point and not to deceive and is found in fiction, especially in tall tales

Story structure
Story Structure

  • Climax-

  • One of the main components of a story is the plot, or the events of the story

  • One major point in the plot is the climax, the point where the conflict is directly confronted


  • The climax is when the conflict is confronted

  • In “The School Dance” I see that the climax comes when his friend Nadia asks him to dance

  • Victor has to decide to dance or not


  • Dalmatian- certain breed of dog

  • The spotted dog was a Dalmatian.

  • sprained- wrenched and twisted

  • I couldn’t play anymore, I had a sprained ankle.

    Teach your partner these words.


  • promenading- strolling

  • We spent all of our time promenading down the shopping street.

  • Frilly- ruffled

  • She couldn’t stand that frilly dress.

  • Teach your partner these words


  • Substitute- replacement

  • The kids didn’t like the substitute teacher.

    Teach your partner this word.

Pronouns and antecedents
Pronouns and Antecedents

  • Unclear:

  • Dad and Amir exercise daily in his room.

  • Clear:

  • Dad and Amir exercise daily in Amir’s room.

Daily fix it
Daily Fix it

Lets take a look at our Daily Fix it


  • Persuasive writing;

  • Introductory paragraph-your position

  • Each paragraph should focus on your evidence

  • Describe and then prove the opposing views key points wrong

  • Restate and reinforce the thesis and supporting evidence


  • Your topic is:

  • Kids should have less homework.