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Mirrors why bother
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Mirrors why bother? . 3 types of mirrors. Flat (plane, infinite). Concave (caved in, converging). Convex (vexed out, diverging). Plane Mirrors. Is this kind of plane mirror possible?. Curved Mirror Terms. focal point= r/2 (horizontal light focuses here).

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Mirrors why bother?

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Mirrors why bother

Mirrors why bother?

3 types of mirrors

3 types of mirrors

Flat (plane, infinite)

Concave (caved in, converging)

Convex (vexed out, diverging)

Plane mirrors

Plane Mirrors

Is this kind of plane mirror possible?

Curved mirror terms

Curved Mirror Terms

focal point= r/2

(horizontal light focuses here)

principal axis



The Center of Curvature or radius “r”

Real vs virtual images

Real vs. Virtual Images

Real Image: Light from an object reflects off mirror, converges (focuses) back on same side of mirror(you see it and can feel it or re-project it)

Virtual Image: Light reflects off mirror but diverges (scatters) so it appears on the opposite side of mirror(you see it, but only in your mind- it’s not there!

Real Image


Virtual Image


Virtual images are posers

Virtual images are posers!

Real images are inverted always

Real images are inverted always!

3 types of curved mirror pictures



3 types of curved mirror pictures


object further than focal pt.


object closer than focal pt.


object anywhere





Summary concave

Summary: Concave

Object far from mirror: real, inverted, smaller

Object very close: virtual, upright, larger

Summary convex mirrors

Summary: Convex Mirrors

No matter where you put the object,….

Only get……virtual, upright, smaller images

The end see it again on my web site

The end- see it again on my web site!

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