Mirrors why bother
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Mirrors why bother? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mirrors why bother? . 3 types of mirrors. Flat (plane, infinite). Concave (caved in, converging). Convex (vexed out, diverging). Plane Mirrors. Is this kind of plane mirror possible?. Curved Mirror Terms. focal point= r/2 (horizontal light focuses here).

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Mirrors why bother?

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Mirrors why bother?

3 types of mirrors

Flat (plane, infinite)

Concave (caved in, converging)

Convex (vexed out, diverging)

Plane Mirrors

Is this kind of plane mirror possible?

Curved Mirror Terms

focal point= r/2

(horizontal light focuses here)

principal axis



The Center of Curvature or radius “r”

Real vs. Virtual Images

Real Image: Light from an object reflects off mirror, converges (focuses) back on same side of mirror(you see it and can feel it or re-project it)

Virtual Image: Light reflects off mirror but diverges (scatters) so it appears on the opposite side of mirror(you see it, but only in your mind- it’s not there!

Real Image


Virtual Image


Virtual images are posers!

Real images are inverted always!



3 types of curved mirror pictures


object further than focal pt.


object closer than focal pt.


object anywhere





Summary: Concave

Object far from mirror: real, inverted, smaller

Object very close: virtual, upright, larger

Summary: Convex Mirrors

No matter where you put the object,….

Only get……virtual, upright, smaller images

The end- see it again on my web site!

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