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Vocabulary. Bondage-SlaveryTenant/Tenancy-Person renting a house or landSubordinate-Belonging to a lower order or rankCommissary System-Company owning a store that sells food and supplies to workersEmancipation-Freeing of Slaves. What is Sharecropping?. This was a system that landowners used to

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1. Sharecropping By:April,Erubiel and Kamilla

2. Vocabulary Bondage-Slavery Tenant/Tenancy-Person renting a house or land Subordinate-Belonging to a lower order or rank Commissary System-Company owning a store that sells food and supplies to workers Emancipation-Freeing of Slaves

3. What is Sharecropping? This was a system that landowners used to keep African American to continue working on their land Sharecropping appeared in the Southern United Stated including the Appalachia Sharecropping included African Americans and also white poor people. This was a good idea because it gave jobs to former slaves Sharecropping gave job to many unemployed slaves

4. How did sharecropping become so important after the Civil War? its was now illegal to keep Slaves. So sharecropping was a way to keep Slaves and hot get arrested for it. At the same time have workers working on the land. After slaves were freed, many were unemployed. White landowners agreed to give them jobs under contract.

5. How did Sharecropping keep African-Americans in dept to the land owners? The landowners gave African Americans food, jobs and shelter. African Americans paying the landowners back by sharing crops they grew.

6. What is Peonage? Practice of a holding persons servitude or partial slavery, to work off a debt or to serve a prison sentences

7. How did Peonage keep African-Americans in dept to the land owners? Either the land owners gave them to eat and shelter so the Africans needed to reply that debt to the landowners by doing Sharecropping

8. What were some the abuses and downfalls of the sharecropping system? White landowners treated the sharecroppers minimally better than slaves also they had poor physical treatment The sharecroppers were cheated out of their money in multiple ways

9. What were some was sharecroppers/tenant farmers tried to make their situation better? They tried making their situation better by working together that way they could finish there job faster.

10. Primary Source Claude V. Dunnagan was a tenant farmer around this time of year. Poor white children started working around the age of ten on crops. There were a lot of arguments between sharecroppers for land and crops. Sharecroppers were stressed out because they were scared that they were going to lose there business. Sharecropping owners sometimes couldn’t afford black slaves.

11. Timeline 1860-Abraham Lincoln is elected to presidency. 1862-Lincoln urges the border states to adopt gradual,compensated emancipation and advocates the colonization of freed blacks 1863-Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing all slaves in areas of rebellion 1865-The thirteen amendment to the U.S. Constitution abolishes slavery thru ought the country 1870-Congress passes the First Enforcement Act to protect the acts of African Americans


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