attitudes of political party groups in the european parliament
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Attitudes of political party groups in the European Parliament

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Attitudes of political party groups in the European Parliament - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Attitudes of political party groups in the European Parliament. Political Groups;. European People\'s Party (Christian Democrats) Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe European Conservatives and Reformists

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political groups
Political Groups;
  • European People\'s Party (Christian Democrats)
  • Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats
  • Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
  • European Conservatives and Reformists
  • The Greens–European Free Alliance
  • European United Left–Nordic Green Left
  • Europe of Freedom and Democracy
the group of the european people s party
The Group of the European People\'s Party
  • The largest group with 265 Members
  • It’s centre-right pro-European
  • The strongest representation in the European Council of Ministers.
the group of the european people s party1
The Group of the European People\'s Party
  • Ideologies ; liberal conservatism & Christian democracy
  • - seeks to apply Christian principles to public policy
  • Liberalism + conservatism

= Liberal Conservaistm

problems with turkey
Problems with Turkey
  • The Kurdish and minority rights
  • Turning point : August 2002
  • Identity and culture
  • Turkey does not belong to the European cultural sphere
problems with turkey1
Problems with Turkey
  • Identity and culture
  • Turks do not share the same values and the same political culture.
  • There is another kind of identity argument;
  • Islamic culture
  • the September 11 terrorist attacks
europe of freedom and democracy group
Europe of Freedom and Democracy group
  • right-wing Eurosceptic political group
  • Formed after the European parliamentary election in 2009
europe of freedom and democracy group1
Europe of Freedom and Democracy group
  • The party program of the EFD :
  • 1.freedom and co-operation among Nation States
  • rejects the bureaucratization of Europe and the creation of a single centralized European “super-state”
europe of freedom and democracy group2
Europe of Freedom and Democracy group
  • The party program of the EFD :
  • 2. More democracy and respect of People\'s will:
  • no such thing as a single European people
  • free and fair national referenda in the Member States
europe of freedom and democracy group3
Europe of Freedom and Democracy group
  • The party program of the EFD :
  • 3. Respect for Europe\'s history, traditions and cultural values
  • 4. Respect for national differences and interests: Freedom of votes
  • traditions, cultural and religious values need to be safeguarded.
well what do they think about eu enlargement and turkey
Well what do they think about EU enlargement and Turkey?
  • do not want deeperintegration
  • not against to integration
  • do not haveclear idea about Turkey
  • The EU can only foster democracy, political and economic progress if it remains stable and develops a stronger political identity. Regional cohesion, social dialogue, sustainable development and full employment must remain at the core of our policy in an enlarged European Union.
priorities for an enlarged european union
Priorities For An Enlarged European Union
  • Welfare and the social dimension
  • The environment and nuclear safety
  • Free movement and borders
  • Women’s right and equal opportunities
  • Measures against discrimination
  • The fight against corruption, organized crime and terrorism
  • Enlargement and the EU Budget
  • Agricultural reform and consumer policy
eu s enlargement towards turkey
EU’s Enlargement Towards Turkey
  • women rights
  • rights of minorities and freedom of expression
  • Armenian genocide
takis hadjigeorgiou
  • " We support Turkey\'s accession to the EU but only on condition that Turkey delivers on its commitments to Europe particularly on the Cyprus issue"
kyriacos triantaphyllides
  • \'\' We should note that some progress has been achieved by Turkey; however we repeat that in order for Turkey\'s accession process to move without any obstacles, Turkey must implement what all the other former candidate countries carried out and comply with its conventional   obligations towards the EU as a whole. Turkey must also fulfil its commitments towards Cyprus, such as the opening of its ports and airports to the ships and aeroplanes of the Republic of Cyprus and the lifting the veto to the participation of Cyprus in international organisations and multilateral treaties \'\'
vittorio agnoletto
  • political pressure on Turkey in order to avoid a military invasion of Northern Iraq
  • \'\'the wave of arrests against the DTP is inevitably changing the EU-Turkey political relations: either MrErdogan gives up the policy of repression against the Kurds and releases all DTP activists and leaders currently imprisoned, or the European Union must take the appropriate actions! What is taking place against the Kurds and the DTP is a violation of fundamental freedoms and democratic principles: MrErdogan must choose either the European Union or his unacceptable policy against the Kurds will result in his country\'s political isolation."
hadji georgiou
  • "Finding a real political solution to the Kurdish question, recognition of the Armenian genocide, the normalization of its relations with neighbouring countries, safeguarding labour rights and of course the removal of the occupation of Cyprus, are some of the issues facing Turkey"
key priorities
  • Kurdishandotherminorityrights
  • Recognition of ArmenianGenocide
  • DemocratizationandHumanRights
  • Cyprus
members and political principles of the alde
Members and political principles of the ALDE
  • Liberals and centrists from 19 member states of the European Union
  • They advocate civil liberties,stronger EU in the world,Green Economy in Member States,Budget Reform for EU and Economic Growth
how do they feel about the possible enlargement of the eu
How do they feel about the possible enlargement of the EU?
  • ‘The transformative force of European Union \'soft-power\' can only be maintained if the Union itself remains open for potential new members. One of the most important criteria of enlargement is referring to common values and common pursuance on a road of progress in a sphere of political integration. ‘

In other words;they believe that EU should continue the enlargement process and encourage non-member European states that they can be the new member of the European Union

  • However;

commitment to Article 49 of TEU

core values of the Union


the alde and turkey s membership
The ALDE and Turkey’s membership
  • ‘We strongly support Turkey\'s modernisation along European lines, and are critically and constructively engaged in the present negotiations with Turkey, whose outcome cannot be foreseen. It is crucial, however, to underline the importance of progress in development of democracy, respect of human rights and rights of minorities. ‘

Consists of two different European political parties;

1)European Green Party

2)European Free Alliance

political principles
Political Principles
  • democracy for the stateless nations and regions of Europe
  • respect and recognition for the rights of minorities
  • an end to racism and xenophobia
  • social justice and progressive politics
  • sustainable development and environmental protection
  • peaceful conflict resolution and an end to war
how do they feel about possible turkish membership to the eu
How do they feel about possible Turkish membership to the EU?
  • Very critical about some issues in Turkey but;

"Clearly, today\'s progress report is overshadowed by the situation of overall EU-Turkey relations. It is simply unacceptable that there is a core of EU member states (notably Germany, France and Cyprus) that wants to block Turkey\'s EU perspective, regardless of the reforms it implements or its progress with regard to respecting the \'Copenhagen Criteria\'. This incoherent approach is a real threat to the efforts being made in Turkey as regards democratic reform but is also inimical to the long-term interests of the European project. It is high time for these member states to drop their hypocritical approach to Turkish accession.“(Helene Flautre,09.11.2010)


They are affiliated with the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists Europarty

  • Conservative Party of UK and Justice and Law Party of Poland mainly dominate the group
political principles1
Political Principles
  • Free enterprise, free and fair trade and competition, minimal regulation, lower taxation, and small government as the ultimate catalysts for individual freedom and personal and national prosperity.
  • Freedom of the individual, more personal responsibility and greater democratic accountability.
  • Sustainable developmentwith an emphasis on energy security
  • The importance of the FAMILY as the bedrock of society.
  • The sovereign integrity of the nation state, opposition to EU FEDERALISM and a renewed respect for true subsidiarity
  • Respect and equitable treatment for all EU countries, new and old, large and small.
how do they feel about turkey s membership to the eu
How do they feel about Turkey’s membership to the EU?
  • ‘ECR Group adheres to the principle of an “Open Door to Europe” for all those who want, and are ready, to meet the obligations of a Member State and follow the rules of European policy’
  • Favour Turkey’s membership;undermine the deepening and an opportunity to strength European style democracy in a Muslim state
  • No common political attitude towards Turkey’s membership
  • The Parliament aims to expand its influence through Turkey’s membership process
  • Turkey should be able to manage the political diverties.