Aacr3 summary of part i draft and a glimpse into parts ii and iii
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AACR3: Summary of Part I Draft ( and a glimpse into Parts II and III) PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AACR3: Summary of Part I Draft ( and a glimpse into Parts II and III). Kathy Glennan University of Southern California. Caveat. This summary covers a draft document, which is under consideration by the JSC constituencies right now

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AACR3: Summary of Part I Draft ( and a glimpse into Parts II and III)

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AACR3: Summary of Part I Draft(and a glimpse into Parts II and III)

Kathy Glennan

University of Southern California

SDC Open Meeting


  • This summary covers a draft document, which is under consideration by the JSC constituencies right now

  • CC:DA has substantial comments on the organization and contents of this draft

  • JSC will meet in April to review all the comments and will direct the creation of a new draft – so specifics may change!

Organization of the Rules: Section A

  • General Rules

    • General Rules for Description (A1)

      • Apply to all types of resources

    • Resources Issued in Successive Parts (A2)

      • Includes multipart items and serials

    • Integrating Resources (A3)

Introduction to Part I

  • Scope

  • Structure of the description

  • Organization of the rules

  • Applying general and supplementary rules

  • Focus for the description

  • Resources in an unpublished form

  • Options and omissions

Outline of Chapter A1: General rules

  • Preliminary rules

  • Rules for each of the 8 ISBD areas

    • Title and statement of responsibility

    • Edition

    • Material (or type of publication) specific details

    • Publication, distribution, etc.

    • Technical description

    • Series

    • Notes

    • Standard number and terms of availability

  • Multimedia resources

  • “In” analytics and multilevel descriptions

Organization of the Rules: Section B

  • Supplementary Rules Applicable to Specific Types of Content

    • Text

    • Music

    • Cartographic Resources

    • Graphics

    • Three-Dimensional Resources

    • Sound

    • Moving Images

Organization of the Rules: Section C

  • Supplementary Rules Applicable to Specific Types of Media

    • Print and Graphic Media

    • Micrographic Media

    • Tactile Media

    • Three-Dimensional Media

    • Audio Media

    • Projected Graphic, Film, and Video Media

    • Digital Media

Focus for the Description

  • Single-part resource

  • Resource comprising two or more parts issued simultaneously

  • Resource issued in successive parts

  • Integrating resource

  • Separately titled component part

  • Multilevel description

  • Assembled collection of resources

Chief Source of Information

  • Part of general rules

  • Standard list for all resources

  • Some material-specific sources have been omitted

    • More bracketing of publication information?

Prescribed Sources of Information

  • Part of general rules

  • Standard list for all resources

  • Some areas more restrictive than their AACR2 counterparts


cartographic resource

choreography [notation]



mixed content

moving image

music [notation]

















General Material Designation

Possible GMDs (Hypothetical)

  • [text : microform]

  • [music : digital]

  • [multimedia : digital]

  • [text : digital]

Unpublished Resources

  • General rules apply equally to published and unpublished resources

    • Separate subrules when necessary

  • AACR2 Ch. 4 rules either:

    • Recast as general rules, or

    • Removed if inconsistent with the general rules

Assembled Collections

  • AACR2 rules pertaining to assembled collections (primarily from Ch. 4)

    • Chiefly incorporated into the General rules

    • Some moved to Section B, if content-specific

Published Resources

  • Early printed resources

    • Where appropriate, AACR2 Ch. 2 “extra” rules now in

      • General rules, or

      • Supplementary rules for print and graphic media

    • Introduction to AACR3 will direct specialists to manuals with more detailed instructions

  • No use of [S.l. : s.n.] or their equivalents for unknown place or publisher

Resources Issued in Successive Parts

  • AACR2 Ch. 12 rules moved to:

    • General rules, if they apply to all resources

      • Numbering area

    • Chapter A2, covering resources issued in successive parts

      • Includes continuing and finite resources

    • Chapter A3, covering integrating resources

Technical Description Area

  • Renamed from “physical description area”

  • Split between General rules (Section A) and Rules for specific types of media (Section C)

  • General rules expanded to provide instructions for all types of resources

Specific Material Designation

  • Describe in terms of

    • Number of physical units

    • Number of components

    • Both

  • Designed for clearer delineation of

    • Physical units (3 v.)

    • Presentation units(327 p.)

    • Logical aggregations of content (score, part)

AACR3: Part II (Proposal)

  • Choice of primary and secondary access points

    • Choosing headings for the description

    • Choosing access points for works and expressions

      • Layout should separate out decision making process

    • “Rule of 3” – optional?

  • Editorial tasks

    • Rework Chapter 21

      • Address issues associated with the concept of authorship

    • Update terminology

    • Review concept of “collection”

AACR3: Part III (Proposal)

  • Form of access points (AACR2 Ch. 22-25)

    • Incorporate authority control principles

    • Rules on related references (integrating AACR2 Ch. 26)

  • Uniform titles

    • For collocation

      • Construct a heading for a Work and its Expression

      • Expandable

      • Function like guidecards

    • For uniquely identifying works

      • Clearly identify serials and other successively updated resources

      • Link with variant forms of name, numeric identifiers, etc.

End of AACR2

  • JSC no longer considering rule revision proposals for AACR2

    • Instead, proposals forwarded to General Editor for possible inclusion in AACR3

  • 2005 Amendments will be final update

    • Consists of 6 pages of actual rule revisions, plus the updated preliminary matter, etc.

Successor to LCRIs?

  • Library of Congress will end LCRIs when AACR2 ceases

  • Will move to a different type of documentation of cataloging decisions

    • Still will clarify national choices when the rules allow for options

    • May provide additional examples and procedural information

Additional Information

  • JSC website: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/jsc

    • Barbara Tillett’s PowerPoint presentation: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/jsc/docs/aacr3pptjan2005.pdf

  • CC:DA website: http://www.libraries.psu.edu/tas/jca/ccda/

  • SDC website: http://www.musiclibraryassoc.org/BCC/Descriptive/Descriptive.html

  • Upcoming LRTS article by Jennifer Bowen


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