Protecting forests for the long haul
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Protecting Forests for the Long Haul - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Protecting Forests for the Long Haul . Potomac Conservancy’s approach to improving water quality through forest conservation. 2006-2010 Strategic Goals:.

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Protecting forests for the long haul

Protecting Forests for the Long Haul

Potomac Conservancy’s approach to improving water quality through forest conservation

2006 2010 strategic goals
2006-2010 Strategic Goals:

  • Water Quality: Reducing water pollutants, particularly sediment and nutrients, and preventing or reducing the impact of new pollution sources

  • Scenic Beauty: Protecting the most significant and threatened scenic landscapes

  • Recreation: Expanding and enhancing responsible river-based recreation

2006 objectives
2006 Objectives:

  • Identify the most critical watersheds for the purpose of reducing sediment and nitrogen pollution.

  • Improve water quality by reducing nonpoint source pollution on working lands in targeted watersheds

  • Identify and advocate for sustainable funding sources that support improvement and protection of water quality

Water quality and working lands
Water Quality and Working Lands

  • Focus on highly threatened lands critical to water quality

  • Work directly with landowners to develop a comprehensive management plan

  • Catalyze local leadership in targeted sub-watersheds to ensure long-term oversight of projects (e.g. forest landowners informational cooperative)

Goods from the woods approach
Goods from the Woods Approach

  • Forest Stewardship Plan

  • Restoration (funded primarily through State and Federal programs)

  • Niche products & marketing (e.g. ginseng)

  • Permanent protection (working forest easements)

Mt pleasant farm
Mt. Pleasant Farm

  • 106-acre sheep farm

  • 40 acres of forest, 64 acres of open pasture

  • 1 mile of frontage on Cedar Creek

  • Adjacent to Cedar Creek Battlefield

  • Goals: utilize best management practices for water quality and farm efficiency, protect for future generations, attract wildlife.

Whole homestead management
Whole Homestead Management

  • 8 acres in CREP, alternative watering source, fencing

  • Forest managed through a Forest Stewardship Plan

  • Purchased Easement (State, Federal and private)

Working forest easements
Working Forest Easements

  • Encourage landowners to continue to manage or timber their forest in accordance with a Forest Stewardship Plan

  • Incorporation of forest management goals (e.g. maintenance of forest canopy, maintenance of water quality, enhancement of wildlife habitat)

  • Require protection of riparian forest for water quality

Future of land conservation
Future of land conservation…

  • Sustained, secure funding for protection of working lands

  • Incentives for management of working forests to benefit water quality

  • Partnership and coordination between forestry and land conservation community