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考研英语必考核心词汇 直播课堂. 主讲:朱伟. Albert Einstein: “ Miracles are what happen when you get out of the way of yourself. 关于词汇记忆. “忘 ”“ 记 ”. 关于词汇记忆. The oppressed ________ freedom. A. requires B. demands C. requests Require: ask for sth. firmly

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Albert Einstein:

“Miracles are what happen when you get out of the way of yourself.




The oppressed ________ freedom.

A. requires B. demands C. requests

Require: ask for sth. firmly

Demand: the ruler sets a rule with the expectation that nobody would refute it.

Request: ask for sth. politely


真题例句3】1997年 Text2 【v】尊重,重视

Yet, being friendly is a virtue that many Americans value highly and expect from both neighbors and strangers.

【真题例句12】2004年Text 4 【n】

Americans today don’t place a very high value on intellect.




lel lul level


lull – baby



in no cent a.无辜的 天真无邪的

re ti cent a.沉默寡言



mortal a.致命的

ponderous adj.笨重的、沉重的,文章冗长的

labor v/n.劳动

ambulence n. 救护车

jeopardize v. 冒险



adopt adapt adept


adopt v.收养 采纳

adapt v. 1,适应 ~ oneself to

to 改编 adaptable

She adapted herself to the whole new environment

adept a.娴熟的

be adept at be adept at making up the excuses



同义串记:believe – hold – maintain – advocate – set forth

significant – irreplaceable – vital – crucial—critical—unparalleled—striking

反义串记:tiny – humble – trivial – replaceable – negligible

词性变换串记: reserve v./n

reservation n. reservoir n.



rejoice v.使高兴

safeguard safe a. 安全的 guard n/v保卫,守侯

glitter v. 发光(反射光)

glare stare glow

Mars, a glowing red planet


词根(root) : to entitle the key meaning to a word

The radio can _______signals.

A transmit B emit

mit=send trans=across e=out

transmit v. 投递式的发射

emit v. 发散式的发射



前缀(prefix): to settle the emotion of a word

e- = out, im- = in / not

------ emigrant n.移居海外者

immigrant n.移民,移居者


后缀(suffix): to ascertain the word’s function

-ate migrate to

-ant migrant (~ worker)

Clude close




an ~ club

exclusionism n.排外主义


inclusioninclusive inclusiveness


Clude close1




pre- pro- pri-



动词clude, 名词clusion, 形容词clusive

Clude close2


Closet n.壁橱,秘密会谈的、储藏物品的小房间

Water Closet = WC

vt.把 引进密室会谈 a.私下的,隐秘的

a closet discussion

Clude close3

disclose vt.揭露,泄露,透露

enclose vt.围住,包住;附入,把 装入信封 envelop

enclosure n.(四周有篱笆、围墙的)围场

附件 attachment(have an ~ to = be fond of)

attach to

attach importance to intellectuals

Gress go


make progress 进步


regression recession/depression

give sb. easy access to

Gress go1

congress=con(together)+gress(go)“1、代表大会 2、Congress美国国会”



Gress go2

progressive a.进步的,先进的,前进的


Gress go3



Duc duct duce lead
Duc duct duce=lead

produce product

by-`product n.副产品

Side effect

Duc duct duce lead1
Duc duct duce=lead

repro`duce v.生殖;翻版;繁殖;复制,仿造

Reproductive fertile fertility infertility

pro`ductive a.1、生产(性)的,能产的,多产的,富饶的2、富有成效的

produc`tivity n.生产率,生产力

Duc duct duce lead2
Duc duct duce=lead

con`duct v.1、引导,带领;2、处理,管理;3、指挥(乐队);4传导,传(热,电等)5、(oneself)表现

`conduct n.举止,行为;管理(方式),实施(方式)

Duc duct duce lead3
Duc duct duce=lead

con`ductor n.领队,指挥,列车长,售票员。导体

conduc`tivity n.传导性,传导率

semicon`ductor n.半导体

Duc duct duce lead4
Duc duct duce=lead

deduce v.(from)演绎,推断

what do you deduce from these facts?

deduct vt. 扣除, 演绎

Don’t forget to deduct travel expenses.

Duc duct duce lead5
Duc duct duce=lead

induce v.引诱,劝使;引起,导致;感应

induction n.感应,感应现象

inducement 诱因

reduce v.1、减少 缩小2、使降级,使沦落3、迫使4、还原

reduction n.1、减少,缩小;2、下降,降低3、还原

Duc duct duce lead6
Duc duct duce=lead

seduce v.勾引 tempt temptation

observe obsess


Eg: It means not only the attraction but the seduction

sedulous diligent

Duc duct duce lead7
Duc duct duce=lead



turb=搅动 stir swirl

irreasonable irrational


When you are singing over there, I just want to put my fingers into my eyes to my brain and swirl it around.

turbine /ai/ n.透平机,涡轮机

Duc duct duce lead8
Duc duct duce=lead

turbulent a.狂暴的,汹涌的;骚动的,动荡的,混乱的

we’ve encountered some turbulence, please keep your seatbelt fastened

turbulent weather狂暴的天气

turbulent crowd骚动的人群

turbulent period动荡的时期

Duc duct duce lead9
Duc duct duce=lead

disturbance n.1、骚乱,扰乱 riot;2、扰乱,打扰;3、心神不安,烦恼

Duc duct duce lead10
Duc duct duce=lead

perturb vt.使心烦意乱,搅乱

per=fully,through 完完全全


Permeate v.

Penetrate v. penetrative

Pose put
pose = put

Pose v.造成(困难等);提出(问题等),陈述(观点等);摆姿势;假装,冒充

Pose one’s perception to the cosmetics industry


Posture n.1、姿势,姿态;2、看法,态度 vi. 摆出姿势,装模作样

Pose put1
pose = put

compose v.作曲,作图,写作,合成;组成,构成

be composed of 由 组成

Be comprised of


Pose put2
pose = put

composite a.混合成的,综合成的 n.合成物,复合材料

composition n.1、构成,组成,成分2、作文,作品,乐曲3、创作,作曲4、结构,布局

Integrate integration integrity loyalty

Pose put3
pose = put

Decompose v.分解 dilute

Expose v.1、(to)使暴露;2、揭露; 3、使曝光;4、陈列

Our skin is exposed to the sunshine.

Be exposed to暴露在 下;使处于 作用(影响)之下。

SH Expo. Exposition

exhibition display

Pose put4
pose = put

Exposure n.1、暴露,2、揭露;3、暴光

exposure to 受到 作用(或影响)

Subject to yield to defer to

Eg: Aristotle has subjected his firm belief to the assumption of the fixed human nature.

Pose put5
pose = put

Depose v.罢免

Impose v.1、征(税),处以(罚款,监禁等); 2、(on)把...强加给

impose sth. on sb.

Pose put6
pose = put

Dispose vt. 1. 布置, 安排; 2. 使倾向于,使有利于

vi.(of)除掉,去掉; 处置, 处理 get rid of

Disposal n.处理, 处置; 布置, 安排

at sb.’s disposal 任某人处理,供某人使用

Disposition n.1. 意想, 倾向; 2. 性格,性情

Pose put7
pose = put

Propose v.1、提议2、提名,推荐3、打算,计划4、求婚

Proposal n.1、提议,建议2、求婚

Proposition n.1、论点,主张;2、建议,提案3、命题

Man proposes, God disposes.

Pose put8
pose = put

Deposit v.1、存放;2、储蓄;3、使沉淀;4、付(保证金)


Deposition n.沉淀作用,沉淀物

Pose put9
pose = put

Oppose vt.反对,反抗

Opposite a.(to)对立面,对立的,相反的


prep./ad.在 对面

Pose put10
pose = put

Symposiumsym- posi -um


Pose put11
pose = put

Purpose n.目的,意图;用途,效果

For/ with the purpose of 为了

on purpose 故意,有意

by design

Deliberately, intentionally

liberate intend to do sth

liberal deliberation

Pose put12
pose = put

Suppose vt.




Be supposed to = should

Pose pon poun put

Component n.成分,部件,元件a.组成的,构成的


Opponentop=against n.反对者,敌手,对手

Op- ob- of- anti- counter-

Op ob of anti counter
Op- ob- of- anti- counter-

  • oppose to homosexual couples’ adopting children

  • obstacle ob- stack

  • oblige be obliged to obligation

  • be liable to liability

  • offend offensive offense

  • anti-human anti-cancer anti-culture

  • counterfeit currency

Pose pon poun put1


Post- = re- = with-

postgraduate 在读的研究生

post-90s post-doctor

postpone doing = put off doing

retreat ~ tyres

reclaim ~ field from sea

Withhold withdraw withdrawal

Pose pon poun put2

`Compound n.化合物,复合物a.化合的,复合的

Com`pound vt.1、使化合,使合成;2、使加重,恶化

Fess speak

fess=speak con=fully


Confess v.倾诉,坦白,忏悔

Confession n.倾诉,忏悔,坦白

Confide in fid 信,贞

Credit integrity fidelity (mistress)


Put think

Reputation n.名誉,声誉(好坏名声,强调人们心中的印象)

Fame (好名声,强调较高的知名度)

Put think1


vi.争执,争吵 vt.对 表示异议 n.争论,争端,争吵

in dispute 在争论中,处于争议中

Disputable indisputable

Put think2

Deputy n.副职,副手;代理,代理人

a deputy for sb.某人的代理人

a deputy to(+组织机构等)的代表

Deputy mayor 副市长

Put think3

Associate professor

Vice president

subaltern adj.(军衔)副官,中尉


Subtitle subway submarine

Submit (vt.)递交 ~ sth.

(Vt.)~ oneself to 服从于

Substitute (n./v.)

Di away

Dilemma n.进退两难的境地 困难的抉择

如I am in a dilemma about whether to study abroad or or pursue knowledge in domestic atmosphere.

-Dom- 管辖

Domain dominate predominant

Cide cut

Pesticide=pest(害虫)+ I +cide(cut)杀死害虫的东西是什么呢?


Insecticide n.杀虫剂

Cide cut1

Suicide n.自杀

Mercy kill

Physically-assisted suicide

Commit v.犯(罪), 做(坏事)

make use of the slavery to commit many inhuman acts

Cid cis cut

Concise /s/ a.简明的,扼要的

Make a concise presentation/narration

Precise /s/a.精确的,精准的;严谨的

Precision n.精确(性),精确(度)

Scissors /sizez/ n.剪刀


Comprise /z/ vt.组成,构成

Enterprise n. 进取心,事业心;(艰巨的)事业或计划;事业或企业,单位,公司

Consist compose comprise constitute include
consist compose comprise constitute include

1、consist of/in = be composed of = be comprised of


--- A year consists of /is composed of / is comprised of 365 days.

--- 365 days constitute / comprise / compose a year.

Lect 1 speak
lect=1.speak those you hold.

Lecture n.学术讲座

`Dialect= dia(拼音嗲)n.方言




Lect 2 choose
lect= 2.choose those you hold.



Lect 2 choose1
lect= 2.choose those you hold.

Intelligible lect=leg=lig=choose


Leg= 1. choose legible (字迹)清晰的

Legible handwriting illegible

Leg= 2.law legal illegal

Legitimate illegitimate

Legislate legislation legislator

Lect 1 speak 2 choose
lect=1.speak 2.choose those you hold.

Intellectual n.知识分子 a.智力的,善于思维的(接受良好的教育并在感兴趣的方面长期钻研的人)

Intelligent a.聪明的,有才智的(才思敏捷,小孩子或小动物都可以用它形容)

Intelligence n.智力,智慧,理解力;信息,情报(CIA)

Lect 1 speak 2 choose1
lect=1.speak 2.choose those you hold.


Central Intelligence Agency


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Lect 2 choose2
lect=2.choose those you hold.

Elect v.选举,推选,作出选择

Election n.选举

Elector n.选举者,有选举权的人

Candidate candid

Election campaign

Lect 2 choose3
lect= 2.choose those you hold.

Select v.精挑细选 a.精选的 第一流的

Selection n.精选

Selective a.选择的,选择性的

-se- 盯着看

Observe -- perceive perception perspective

obsess preserve

Lect 2 choose4
lect= 2.choose those you hold.

Collectivism n.集体主义

Individual a.个体的,独特的 n.个体

Individualism n.个人主义,利己主义

Personality ----- individuality



Lect 2 choose5
lect= 2.choose those you hold.

Recollect v.回忆,追想



Neglectful a.疏忽的

Be ~ of = be blind to

= be ignorant of

Lect 2 choose6
lect=2.choose those you hold.



Negotiate negotiation

delegate “代表”

grassroot (black collar/have-nots)

upstart 土豪

Nov new
nov=new those you hold.

Novel n.(长篇)小说 a.新奇的,新颖的

Novelty n.新奇,新颖

Innovation= in+nov n.革新,创新

Revolution revolutionary

`innovate v. those you hold.革新

`innovative adj.创新的


set/build up one’s own business

Innovative undertaking

Renovate =re(again)+ nov + ate v.翻新,修复

Nov new1
nov=new those you hold.

auto 1、自己

Autobiography n.自传

Auto- criticismcriticize v.批评n.自我批评

Autonomy n.自治,自治权,人身自由

Autonomousmunicipality n.自治区a.自治的,独立自主的

Nov new2
nov=new those you hold.


Biology n.生物学

Biochemistry n.生物化学

Biochemical weaponery

auto 2 those you hold.、自动

Automatic n.自动机械 a.自动的,无意识的,机械的

Automation n.自动化

Automobile n.汽车


Vers vert turn
vers vert = turn those you hold.

Anniversary n.周年(纪念日)

Annual a.每年的,年度的 n.年刊,年鉴

~ bonus year-ends lottery

Vers vert turn1
vers vert = turn those you hold.

Conversation n.会话,谈话

Converse a./v./n.相反的

Conversely ad.相反地

On the contrary / by contrast

con`version n.变换,转化 n. 论争, 辩论, 论战

Vers vert turn2
vers vert = turn those you hold.

Diverse a.多种多样的,(from)不同的

Inverse adj. 倒转的, 反转的 n. 反面 v. 倒转

Reverse n.反转;背面a.相反的,倒转的 v.颠倒,倒转,180 (使)倒退

Reversal polarity reversal

pole dance

Vers vert turn3
vers vert = turn those you hold.

Versatile a.通用的,万用的;多才多艺的,多方面的

Verse n.韵文,诗;诗节,诗句

Version n.型,版本;译本,译文;说法,看法

Versus/vs. prep.与...相对,与...相比;以...为对手,对

Vers vert turn4
vers vert = turn those you hold.

Avert a=awayto turn away v.防止,避免;转移(目光,注意力等) distract

Aversion aversive distraction

Convert con=fully v.变换,转化

An overwhelming number of people, with money bulging out of their pockets, have converted their realty investment into purchasing limousines, which are defined as typical marks of success.

Vers vert turn5
vers vert = turn those you hold.

Universe n.宇宙 cosmology cosmos

uniform制服,reform,unite v.统一联合,unique唯一的)

Universal a.普遍的,全体的,通用的;宇宙的,世界的

It is universally acknowledged that drastic rules are supposed to be taken immediately to regulate the cosmetic market.

Vers vert turn6
vers vert = turn those you hold.

Divert /ai/ di=away v. 转移, 转向, 使高兴

Diversion n.转向,转移


Adverse adj. 不利的, 敌对的, 相反的 grow up under the adversity

Ject throw
ject=throw those you hold.

Eject v.喷射,排出;驱逐

Ejection n.逐出,喷出

Project v.投射,放映;(使)凸出,(使)伸出;设计规划

`Project n. 计划,项目 课题,工程

Projector n.放映机,幻灯机,投影仪

Ject throw1
ject=throw those you hold.

In`ject v.注射(狭义); 注入,投入(广义)

Inject … into ; inject sb. with 把…注入某人体内

Injection n.注射,射入

Ject throw2
ject=throw those you hold.

ob`ject= ob(=against,如obstruct 阻隔,阻塞) + jectv.反对(to)

They objected to the adoption of the children from abroad.

Ject throw3
ject=throw those you hold.

Objection n.反对,异议 (to)

She voiced her objection to traveling by bus.

Ject throw4
ject=throw those you hold.

`Object n.物体,目标,宾语,对象

Ob`jective a.客观的,真实的n.目标,目的(target, goal, destination, aim, purpose)

Ject throw5
ject=throw those you hold.

Subject 1. n.主语,主题,题目,学科,科目


2. a. (to)易遭...的,受...支配的

Subject A to B 从属于,易受到…影响

be subjected to be subject to

Ject throw6
ject=throw those you hold.


1.Decline= de+ cline (lean缓坡)

“缓缓地下降” ——“委婉地拒绝”

2.Refuse =re(back)+ fus(pour流淌)+e



Ject throw7
ject=throw those you hold.

fuse flu = 流 swine flu

Confuse v.迷惑

Transfuse v.输血

Diffuse v.扩散;传播,散布 a.(文章等)冗长的,漫无边际的;四散的,弥漫的 fantasy fantastic

Ject throw8
ject=throw those you hold.

Effuse v.涌出,流出,泻出

Infuse v.灌输,注入

Interfuse v.使混入,使混合

Ject throw9
ject=throw those you hold.


`refuse n.废物,垃圾

`reject n.落选者,次品

Graph write
graph=write those you hold.


Paragraph = para + graph 段落

`parasite= para + site(场所,地点) 寄生虫

Graph write1
graph=write those you hold.

Parameter n.参数

thermometer barometer

Parallel level n.水平




Graph write2
graph=write those you hold.

Telegraph= tele(远程)+graph电报


Telescope= tele + scope(范围) 望远镜

Scope n.范围

beyond the scope of people‘s imagination(超越了人们的想象)

Graph write3
graph=write those you hold.

Television =tele + vision(图象) “电视”

Vision:视力, 洞察力

a statesman with great vision一个非常有洞察力的政治家

Vis see
vis=see those you hold.

Visual a.视觉的

Visual image(视觉图象)

Visual effect(视觉效果)

Vision n.视觉,视力;眼力,想象力

Visit v.参观

Vis see1
vis=see those you hold.

Visible a.看得见的

Invisible a.看不见的

Revise v.修订,校订;修正,修改

Envisage v. 正视

Visa n. 签证 vt. 签准(维萨信用卡)

Vis see2
vis=see those you hold.

Supervise= super(从上到下) + vis + e “监督”,supervisor总监

Telephone= tele + phone(phon=sound) “电话”

Microphone “麦克风”


Vis see3
vis=see those you hold.

Symphony= sym(same)+ phon(sound)+ y “交响乐”。 philharmonic

Symposium讨论会, 专题报告会, 专题论文集

Sympathy= sym + path(感情)+ y “同情心” patriot compatriot

compatible incompatible

Vis see4
vis=see those you hold.

Muse v.(艺术家创作时的)沉思,冥想 n.灵感

His muse has deserted him .他已经不再有任何灵感

Desert n.沙漠 v.抛弃 desolute

a deserted island 孤岛 sole isolated

de`ssert n.饭后甜点appetizer

Vis see5
vis=see those you hold.

Mu`seum 缪斯主管的地方,“博物馆”


Stadium “露天体育场”

Forum(for+ um)(for,“论坛”)

Vis see6
vis=see those you hold.

Vacuumvac=vacu,empty空,n.吸尘器 v.用吸尘器清扫

Vacant “空着的(未被占用的)” vacant post / hotel room / parking place

Hollow “中空的” a hollow tree, solid(实心的),a solid sphere

Blank “空白的,没有标记的”,a blank page

Vis see7
vis=see those you hold.

Vacation on vacation“正在度假”

Vocation职业 occupation



The village was evacuated because of the floods.

Vis see8
vis=see those you hold.

Auditorium= auditor + i +um“礼堂”

Audio: listen

Ballot n./v.选举,投票

Blackball n.反对票v.投反对票,阻止

Audit 审计

Auditor n.审计员,旁听者

Vis see9
vis=see those you hold.

Amuse: 1“使娱乐消遣”


They amused themselves by watching the old film.



Everyone was amused by the story about dog.

Vis see10
vis=see those you hold.

Amusing adj. 有趣的,使人发笑的


The soap opera of <sex city> is very amusing / funny.

Vis see11
vis=see those you hold.

Amusement n.娱乐,娱乐活动

Entertain(enter + tain, tain表示keep)v.1“使娱乐,使快乐” 2.“招待, 款待”


Bob entertained us to a dinner last night.

Entertainment Recreation

Vis see12
vis=see those you hold.

Musician= music + ian(人)“音乐家”

Civil - civilian 平民

Comedy - comedian喜剧演员

`physical – physician 内科医生

`technical a.技术的,工艺的 - tech`nician n.技术员,技师,技工

vege`tation n.植物,草木 – vege`tarian n.素食主义者

tra those you hold.

  • Trail trailer blaze a trail of

  • Trace contract contraction

  • inflation inflate contradiction

  • Track Tracking

Set 1 2 3 4
set: 1. those you hold.摆放 2.开始 3.背景 4. 下降


`asset= as(to)+set(摆放)

n. 1、财产(常用复数)


Belongings those you hold. n.财产 所有物。

Property n.合法的全部财产

Possession n.“占有的财产”

realty real estate broker

2. those you hold.开始

set out to do=set about doing=开始做某事


They set out to complain after dinner.

或They set about complaining after dinner.

Outset n. those you hold.开始,开端。




Problems arose from the outset.

3.“ those you hold.设置(背景)”

set the stage for pave the way for

setting n.故事背景”

the setting of the story: 故事的背景

background“教育、出身、家庭、历史背景”qualification qualify

4. “ those you hold.下降”


The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

Upset v.使忐忑不安 n.翻倒,不安,(肠胃)不适; a.忐忑不安的

Settle those you hold.(1)定居(落叶归根)settle down

(2)解决,使平息 settle an issue

Solve: solve the problem / mystery



Settlement n.解决,平息;栖息地


Sist stand toughness
sist=stand those you hold.(toughness)

Resist = re(back)+ sist(stand)

1“抵制”,resist temptation / infection抵制诱惑 / 抗传染

2“抵抗”,resist aggression抵抗侵略

Sist stand
sist=stand those you hold.

Resistant “抵制的”


waterproof bulletproof

be resistant to the social reform对社会变革的抵制

Resistance n.“抵制,

the resistance to the disease对疾病的抵抗力

Sist stand1
sist=stand those you hold.

Resistible adj. 可抵制的

Blind Date

Irresistible “不可抵制的”

an irresistible dessert


Sist stand2
sist=stand those you hold.



unreasonable unreliable

不合理的论据 / 荒谬的言行

Irrational argument/behavior

Sist stand3
sist=stand those you hold.



irrelevant remarks不相关的评论

Sist stand4
sist=stand those you hold.


Insist= in + sist,“坚持做一件事”

I insist that ... I maintain that ...

insist on

Persist= per (through)+ sist,“坚持反复做同一件事” persist in

Sist stand5
sist=stand those you hold.


As a college student, we should persist in doing physical exercises in order to keep fit.


The boy insisted on taking the case for the girl.

Sist stand6
sist=stand those you hold.


Consistent insistent persistent

over-insistence paranoia

Coherent he- her- = 粘着,遗传

Inherit heir heredity successor

(kin kinship kindred)

en 1. those you hold.进入

Engageen=in gage n.抵押

vt.1、使从事于 2、吸引,占用(时间,精力);3、雇佣,聘用;4、使订婚

1、be engaged to sb.与某人订婚

2、be engaged to do sth.被雇佣来做

3、be engaged in doing sth.忙于做某事;从事于 engage oneself in ...

en 1. those you hold.进入

Engagement n.约会,订婚,婚约

engagement with sb.与某人的约会

engagement to sb.与某人的婚约

en 2. those you hold.使动

Enact vt.1、上演,扮演;2、制定,颁布(法律)

act 1、表演;2、法令

Counter vt.对抗,反驳 ad.反方向地,对立地

en 2. those you hold.使动

Encounter vt./n.

encounter with = come across = bump into

Endure v.忍受,持久,持续

Endurance n.忍耐(力),持久(力),耐久(性) durance


en 2. those you hold.使动

Enforce v.实施,执行;强制

Enhance v.提高,增强

Enlighten v.启发,启蒙,教导

enlighten sb. on sth.使某人明白事

Lum- luminous

illuminate every bolt-and-nut of the whole incident

en 2. those you hold.使动

Enroll /enrol v.招收;登记;入学

enrollment register recruitment

Ensue sue=follow vi.接踵而至

the following year = the ensuing year 第二年

Ensure v.确保,保证

Insure insurance company

en 2. those you hold.使动

Entailtail=cut tailor v.使承担;使成为必要

Retail retailer

Detail bolts and nuts

en 2. those you hold.使动


1. “使富有”


The discovery of the oil will enrich the country.

en 2. those you hold.使动



Reading can enrich our minds.

3. 使肥沃

en 2. those you hold.使动

Endow /au/ vt.给予,赋予;捐赠

Donate grant take… for granted


1、endow sb. sth. 赋予,向…捐钱物

2、be endowed with 有…的特质,被…赋予

en 2. those you hold.使动

Enslave vt “使成为奴隶”

Money may enslave mankind’s dignity.


Her beauty enslaved many young men.

en 2. those you hold.使动



This ticket can entitle you to a free meal in this hotel.

nominate denominate

忍受 those you hold.

endure abide bear stand tolerate

Abide vi.坚持,遵守 by vt.忍受 容忍

Comply with/subject A to B/defer to ( deference deferential) /Conform with

abide 主要指人 I can’t abide that man. /I can’t stand him.

忍受 those you hold.

bear stand endure 忍受痛苦的或令人不舒服的事物

Try to bear/stand the pain as long as you can.

I couldn’t bear/endure listening to reports of the disaster.

忍受 those you hold.


she endured great pain for many years.

Tolerate tolerance

I won’t tolerate your rudeness.

Capable those you hold. a.有能力的 n. capability

be able to be capable of


The company was not capable of handling such a big order.

Cap catch hold head
cap=catch those you hold.,hold,head

Capacity n.容量,空间

15-person capacity。


She has great capacity of learning English.


Cap catch hold head1
cap=catch those you hold.,hold,head

Captive n.俘虏, 战俘 a.被俘虏的,被监禁的

Capture v./n.抓捕,俘虏

Escape = es (out)+ cap (catch)+ e“逃跑”

Capsule “胶囊” encapsulate v.

-le –let –et =小 triplet scarlet

Cap catch hold head2
cap=catch those you hold.,hold,head

cap=cab cab “出租车”


Cabinet “橱柜”

Captain “船长”,cap=head

Cap catch hold head3
cap=catch those you hold.,hold,head

Capital “首都;首写字母;资金” cap=head

VC – venture capital (the highest threshold)


“上酸菜” serve pickled cabbage

Ab off
ab=off those you hold.


abnormal behavior不正常的行为

例:他身体上 / 精神上残疾。

He is physically / mentally abnormal.


例:天热的反常。 It’s abnormally hot.

Ab off1
ab=off those you hold.



odd people古怪的人,odd behaviour古怪的行为


odd number奇数字

at odds

Ab off2
ab=off those you hold.

Peculiar= pecu + liar


Peculiar behavior / taste / smell

例He is a little bit peculiar.这个人很怪异



This style of cooking is peculiar to the south-west of the country.

Ab off3
ab=off those you hold.

Abstract “Readers’ Digest”


abuse one’s authority滥用职权

make full use of 充分使用

Take advantage of

exploit exploitation


Ab off4
ab=off those you hold.

Used 1. “使用过的”

2. “习惯的”

be used to (doing) sth.习惯于做某事


I’m not used to (having) spicy food.

Ab off5
ab=off those you hold.

User 用户 subscriber

Subscribe subscription describe description transcribe transcription


Ab off6
ab=off those you hold.



如abrupt death / change / departure突然死亡 / 改变 / 离开

sudden death


如abrupt manner鲁莽的言行

Ab off7
ab=off those you hold.

Bankrupt 1.“破产的”


The company went bankrupt during the economic crisis.

Ab off8
ab=off those you hold.

Bankrupt 2 v.“使破产”,


The investment in the securities bankrupted him.

Ab off9
ab=off those you hold.

vest背心,invest “投资”

Securities “证券”


They have managed to secure the loan from the bank.

Ab off10
ab=off those you hold.

Interrupt =inter + rupt



Trade between the two countries was interrupted by the World War Two.

Ab off11
ab=off those you hold.

2. “打扰”


Don’t interrupt me while I’m busy.

Harass harassed harassment

Office sexual harassment

Ab off12
ab=off those you hold.


Sorry to bother you.

Excuse me.



a piece of disturbing news.

Ab off13
ab=off those you hold.

Erupt= e(out)+ rupt




Violence erupted after the negotiation.

Ab off14
ab=off those you hold.

Rupture 1. “破裂”


the rupture of the blood vessel

2. 有比喻意


the rupture of the friendly relations between the two countries

Ab off15
ab=off those you hold.

Disrupt=dis(away)+ rupt

v. 使中断, 使分裂, 使瓦解, 使陷于混乱, 破坏


The accident has disrupted the railway services in and out of the cities.

Ab off16
ab=off those you hold.

n. Disruption


The strike has ignited/triggered/resulted in/contributed to/given rise to/initiated/launched/elicited/ induced the disruption of transport services.

Ab off17
ab=off those you hold.

Corrupt =cor + rupt



corrupt officials

Ab off18
ab=off those you hold.

2. “使贪污,腐败,败坏”


The pornography spread by the Internet has corrupted the minds of the young people.

corrosion corrode erosion erode

Ab off19
ab=off those you hold.




her exciting adventure in Himalayas

Ab off20
ab=off those you hold.

Adventurer “冒险家”

Venture n. “冒险(有生命危险,有财产损失)” joint-venture,合资企业

v. “冒险”


No ventures, no gains.

Ab off21
ab=off those you hold.

`Advent = ad(to)+ vent(come)n. 到来


With the advent of 3D fictional era, there is an essential change in our daily life.

Ab off22
ab=off those you hold.

Convention =con(together)+ ven + tion

“大会”,hold a convention开大会

2. “惯例,常规”


It’s a convention that businessman should wear suit.

Ab off23
ab=off those you hold.

Prevent= pre + vent “防止”


Nobody can prevent us from getting married.

  • Keep sb. from doing sth. those you hold.

  • Cumber encumber encumbrance

    Cumb 躺着 succumb to

    Hinder hamper forbid prohibit

    hint hammer bid

    bid farewell to the bygones

Ab off24
ab=off those you hold.

Accustomed a.惯常的,习惯的

be accustomed to习惯于

Accustom v.(to)使习惯

Ab off25
ab=off those you hold.

Custom “习俗”

social customs 社会习俗;(复数)海关

go through the customs 通关

Smuggle smuggling

Ab off26
ab=off those you hold.

Avenue n. 大街

Street 大街

Revenue =re(back)+ ven(come)+ e


Ab off27
ab=off those you hold.

intervene= inter(相互)+ ven + e动词(第三方)干涉


The American government intervened to stabilize the situation.

Stabilize 使稳定 adj. Stable

Meddle over interfere

Ab off28
ab=off those you hold.


convenient store 便利店

Conveniencen. 方便


Please contact us at your convenience.

Tact touch
tact=touch those you hold.

Contact =con(fully)+ tact(touch)“接触,联系”

Contact lens隐形眼镜

Intact forest原始森林

Tactile “触觉的”

Nounce speak
nounce=speak those you hold.

Pronounce= pro(forward)+ nounce(speak)vt. 1.发音 2. 宣布, 宣判

Pronouncement n.宣告,声明

Pronunciation n.发音

Nounce speak1
nounce=speak those you hold.

Renounce= re(back)+ nounce(speak)“放弃,否认”

renounce his privilege放弃他的特权

renounce one’s principle 背弃某人的原则

renounce one’s religion 背弃某人的宗教

Nounce speak2
nounce=speak those you hold.

Privilege =priv(private)+ I + leg(law)+e



deprive=de(off)+ priv(私人)+e剥夺,deprive sb of sth.

Nounce speak3
nounce=speak those you hold.


liberal – illiberal

logical – illogical

literate - illiterate

Nounce speak4
nounce=speak those you hold.


vt. 1、谴责,职责


denounce sb. as a coward 骂某人是胆小鬼

Nounce speak5
nounce=speak those you hold.

Condemn =con(together)+ demn(damn) “谴责”


Most people would condemn any sort of violence.

Nounce speak6
nounce=speak those you hold.

Announce vt.1. 宣布,宣告 2.声称, 叙说 3.预示, 预告


They announced their date of wedding to the public.

Nounce speak7
nounce=speak those you hold.

Announcer “报幕员,播音员”

anchor host (preside over)

Announcement n.发表,公布,声明

Nounce speak8
nounce=speak those you hold.

Proclaim= pro(forward)+ claim(cry)vt.1、宣布,宣告,声明2、显示

proclaim the foundation of China.

Proclamation n.宣告,公告,声明书

Claim cry
claim=cry those you hold.


vt. 1、声称,断言2、对 提出要求,索取3、(灾难等)使失踪或死亡

n. 1、声称,断言2、要求,认领,索赔

Claim cry1
claim=cry those you hold.


vt. 1、要回,回收;2、开垦荒地

reclaim land from sea

Claim cry2
claim=cry those you hold.

exclaim = ex(out)+ claim(cry)v.呼喊,惊叫

yell /scream/ shriek

Exclamation n.感叹,惊叹

Claim cry3
claim=cry those you hold.

Acclaim =ac(to)+ claim(cry)

vt. 用欢呼声表示拥戴

Respond those you hold.= re(back)+ s + pond(池塘)

1 “反应”

He respond to my suggestions with a laugh.

2 “回答”

“I’d love to go.” he responded.

Correspond those you hold.= cor(together)+ respond(反应) 相符合,相一致

These goods don’t correspond with my order.

correspondence 通信,一致

Coincidence= those you hold.co(together)+ incidence(incident)

What a coincidence. 多巧啊。

lapse =lap those you hold.(大腿)+ se

1. 行为失检,失足,堕落

He expected his wife to forgive his lapse.

2. those you hold.小毛病

It was a good performance despite some lapses.

3. 动词 衰退

Some security-check standards have lapsed recently after SH Expo., which has drawn a world-wide focus from any inch of our metropolises as well as remote countries.

Collapse those you hold.= col(together)+ lapse(失足)

1. “倒塌” 2. “崩溃,瓦解”

The company collapsed in the first year of trading.

Elapse those you hold.= e(out)+ lapse(衰退) 溜走,逝去

Three years have elapsed since we met last time.

Eclipse Apocalypse

sign those you hold.

Sign n. 1、标记,符号 2、招牌 3、征兆,迹象 4、属相 星座

Mark symbol symptom Peugeot


Signature n. 签名,署名,签字

Signatory a.签过字的,署名的

sign those you hold.

Signal n.信号,暗号;标志,表示



Signify vt.表示,意味;有意义,起作用

sign those you hold.

Designate vt.标出,把 定名为;指派,委任

Denominate dispatch

Patches of clouds and rigs of mists

Assignment n.(分派的)任务;(指定的)作业;分配,指派

sign those you hold.

Assign= as(to)+ sign(签字)


The boss assigns each of us a task.


assign him to a new post


sign those you hold.

Resign= re(back)+ sign



resign oneself to 对...自暴自弃

sign those you hold.

Design =de(down)+ sign



by design 有意地 = by accident 无意地

press= those you hold.挤,压

Press v.按,压,挤;压榨;逼迫

n.按,压,挤;报刊,新闻界 印刷机;出版社,通讯社

Pressure n.压力,压强;强制,压迫


press= those you hold.挤,压

Impress vt.印,压印(具体);留有印象(抽象)

Impress sb. with sth.

I am very impressed with the beautiful scenery.

Impress sth. on/ upon one’s mind


press= those you hold.挤,压

Impression= im + press(挤,压)+ ion n.印记,压痕;印象,感觉

first impression

Impressive a.印象深刻的

press= those you hold.挤,压

Compress= com(together)+ press v.压缩

compressed air 压缩空气

Compression n.压缩,浓缩

press= those you hold.挤,压

Depress= de(down)+ press vt.1. (心情)沮丧, (意志)消沉 2.(经济)使不景气

Depression n.1. 洼地, 凹陷 2. 抑郁, 沮丧 3.(经济)萧条(期)

the Great Depression 经济大萧条

press= those you hold.挤,压

Repression n. 压抑,压制

Cannot repress a smirk

Suppress= sup(=sub,向下)+ press


suppress a rebellion 平定叛乱

Embellish rebel a belligerent boy


press= those you hold.挤,压


suppress a yawn 忍住哈欠


press= those you hold.挤,压

Oppress vt.压迫,压制;使(心情等)沉重,使烦恼

Oppression n.压迫,压制

战争 those you hold.

War n.战争

declare war upon 对…宣战

be at war with与 交战

战争 those you hold.

Warfare n.交争(状态)

guerilla warfare 游击战


Warrior n.战士 =soldier

战争 those you hold.

Cam`paign= camp(营地)+aign n.战役(规模较大)

liaoshen campaign 辽沈战役

Battle n. 战斗(规模小)

战争 those you hold.

Conflict= con(together)+ flict



战争 those you hold.

Fight v./n.打仗

fight with / against sb. 与某人作战

fight for sth. 为某人而战

fight for the freedom 为自由而战

fight sth 抗击灾难

They spent the whole night fighting the fire.

战争 those you hold.

Decimate= deci(十分之一)+ mate


Decimal a.十进制的 n.小数

Fraction n.分数

战争 those you hold.

Dec:十 Decade n.十年

Centi:百分之一 Centimeter n.厘米

Cent:百 Century n.世纪

战争 those you hold.

Massacre= mass(大量的人)+ acre(英亩)n./v. “屠杀”

Slaughter= s(“死”)+ laughter(笑声)n./v. “屠杀”

战争 those you hold.

Hatred= hat /hei/ + redn. “仇恨”

Avenge vt.为…报仇

战争 those you hold.

Re`venge =re(back)+ ven(剜)+ ge(割)n./v. “复仇”,

take one’s revenge on sb. = avenge / revenge oneself on 向…报仇

We will take our revenge on the enemy.

We will revenge ourselves on the enemy.

战争 those you hold.

Blast n./v. “爆炸”

Blast a tunnel through the mountain.

Several terrorists have claimed to be responsible for the blast.

Blow up

战争 those you hold.

Explode= ex(out)+ p + lode(矿脉)

区别:The hijackers threaten to blast/ blow up the plane, but the bomb failed to explode.

战争 those you hold.

Burst v./n. “(小型的)爆裂”

One of my bike tyres burst.

Even another bite will make me burst.

Astro aster astr
astro=aster=astr those you hold.

Disaster= dis (away)+ aster (star)n.灾难(自然)

Asterisk n.星号

Astronautastro (星空)+naut(航行) n.宇航员

Astro aster astr1
astro=aster=astr those you hold.

Astronomy n.天文学

Disastrous a.灾难性的

Catastrophe cat=down astrope = star n.大灾难

灾难 those you hold.

drought“干旱”,volcano火山,flood洪水,typhoon“台风”, tsunami 海啸

Wreck =wr(wrong)+eck(deck夹板)


The ship was wrecked on the rock.


武器 those you hold.

Bow——Elbow= el +bow(弓形状)“肘部” —— Rainbow “彩虹”



As every sward has two blades.

Every coin has two sides, and this issue has no exception.

武器 those you hold.



offensive weapons攻击性武器

Fence fend
fence=fend those you hold.遮挡

Fender n.挡泥板

Defend= de(down)+ fend(遮挡)vt.防御,辩护

Defence n.防御,保卫,保护;辩护,答辩;(pl.)防御工事

Offence is the best defence.

Fence fend1
fence=fend those you hold.遮挡

Defensive a.防御的,守势的

n. the defensive 防御阵势

Defendant n.被告

Defender n.防御者,辩护者

retreat v./n.撤退,倒着走

Fence fend2
fence=fend those you hold.遮挡


1. v. “冲锋”

After the class, all the students charged into the playground.

Fence fend3
fence=fend those you hold.遮挡

2. v. “收费”

How much does they charge you for repairing the car.

Fence fend4
fence=fend those you hold.遮挡

3. n. “掌管”搭配

in charge of / take charge

4. “充电” rechargeable “可反复充电的”

Hum 1
hum=1 those you hold.、湿

Humidify vt.使空气湿润

purify“纯化” simplify“简化”

Humid= hum(湿)+ id(特征)湿的特征a.潮湿的

Humidity n.潮湿,湿气,湿度

Hum 11
hum=1 those you hold.、湿

Wet a.湿的,潮湿的

Damp a.潮湿的,阴冷

Moist a.潮湿的

wet>humid> damp >moist

Hum 2
hum=2. those you hold.泥土

Human= hum(泥土)+ man n.人 a.人的,人类的;有人情味的,好心肠的

Humane a.人道的,仁慈的

Hum 21
hum=2. those you hold.泥土

Humanity n.人类(总称)(a human单称) ;人性;人道,博爱,仁慈;人文学科(pl.)

Humanitarian n.人道主义者

Humanitarianism n.人道主义

Hum 22
hum=2. those you hold.泥土

Humble a.1、谦虚的,谦逊的;2、(地位身份)卑贱的,低下的;3、简陋的,低劣的

Humiliate vt.使蒙羞,羞辱,使丢脸

Exhume vt.发掘,掘出

Inhume vt.埋葬

Spir breathe
spir=breathe those you hold.

Inspire= in + spir(breathe)+ e vt.1、鼓舞,激起;吸气;激发灵感

inspire ;encourage

inspire sb. with sth./ inspire sb. in sth.

“Inspire the Next”

Spir breathe1
spir=breathe those you hold.

Inspiration n.鼓舞人心的人或者事;灵感

perspiration (perspire)

We may owe success to 99% perspiration and merely 1% inspiration.

Expire those you hold.= ex(out)+ pire(breathe)vt.断气,死亡;期满,终止

expiration date 有效期

Spir breathe2
spir=breathe those you hold.

Spirit n.精神;灵魂,幽灵;气概,志气;情绪,心情,酒精,烈酒(pl.)

in spirit 兴致勃勃 out of spirit 无精打采

Spiritual a.精神的,宗教的

Spir breathe3
spir=breathe those you hold.

matter - spirit

material - spiritual

material civilization – spiritual civilization

Spir breathe4
spir=breathe those you hold.

Inspirit vt.鼓励,鼓舞

Dispirit vt.使泄气

Despair n.绝望,使人绝望的人或事物 vi.(of)绝望,丧失信心

Desperate a.绝望的,危急的;不顾一切的,孤注一掷的

Desperation n.绝望,不顾一切,拼命

Spir breathe5
spir=breathe those you hold.

Prosper= pro(forward)+ sper(spirit)v.繁荣,使繁荣”

His business is prospering.

`Prosperous “繁荣的,兴旺的”

a prosperous country 繁荣昌盛的国家

Spir breathe6
spir=breathe those you hold.

Prosperity “繁荣”

The prosperity of the country was due to the discovery of the oil.

Conspire vi.共谋,图谋

Conspiracy n.阴谋,密谋

Spir breathe7
spir=breathe those you hold.

Radius= rad(根,辐射)+ us(名词尾缀)n. “1、半径2、辐射线”

Radiation= radi + ation n.辐射;放射物,辐射能

Radiate v.辐射,发出(光和热);流露,显示

Spir breathe8
spir=breathe those you hold.

Radiant a.光辉灿烂的,光芒四射的;容光焕发的,喜形于色的;辐射的

Radioactive a.放射行的,有辐射能的

Radioactivity n.放射性,放射现象

Spir breathe9
spir=breathe those you hold.

radical= radic(根)+ al a.根本的,基本的;激进的,激进派的 n.激进分子

e`radicate= e(out)+ radic(根)+ ate vt.连根拔除”

Spir breathe10
spir=breathe those you hold.

Circle 1. n.“圆,圈子,界,阶层”

a wide circle of friends 一个广泛的朋友圈

2. v. “环绕”


Spir breathe11
spir=breathe those you hold.

Circular= circul(圆)+ ar


a circular table

a circular bus route


Spir breathe12
spir=breathe those you hold.

Circulate =circul(圆)+ ate


Blood circulates through the body.

2. v. “流传,传播”

The news of her death circulates quickly.

Spir breathe13
spir=breathe those you hold.

Circulation =circul(圆)+ ation


a newspaper with a daily circulation of more than one million.

Circus =circu(圆)+ (u)s


-us,genius=gen(gene)+ I + us 天才

It go
It=go those you hold.

Circuit /se:kit/= circu(圆)+ it(go) “电路”,巡回 (cruise)

`Exit= ex(out)+ it(go) “出口”

Transit= trans(across)+ it(go)n.运输

Visit =vis(see)+ it(go) “参观”

It go1
It=go those you hold.

Initiate / i`nisi eit/= in(内部)+ it(go)+ I + ate “发动”

initiate a social reform

Initial “最初的”

The initial talk form the basis of later agreement.

It go2
It=go those you hold.

Initially “最初,开始”

Initially, I opposed(=op(against)+ pose(put))the project, but later I changed my minds.

Initiative /i`nisieit/“主动性”

do sth.on one’s own initiative 主动做某事

It go3
It=go those you hold.

Transition= trans(across)+ it(go)+ ation n. “过渡”

the transition from childhood to adult

It go4
It=go those you hold.

Circumstance =circum + st(stand)+ ance n.环境,条件,形式;境况,经济状况

under no circumstance 在任何情况下决不

Under no circumstance should you lend him some money.

It go5
It=go those you hold.

Surroundings n. 环境(自然环境)

Surround v. 包围

Surrounding adj. 周围的

Environment 环境

a happy family environment

It go6
It=go those you hold.

Competitive atmosphere竞争环境

Atmosphere= atmo(atom)+ sphere(球体) “大气,氛围”

Romantic atmosphere

Cycle circle
cycle=circle those you hold.

Hemicycle“半圆” Hemisphere“半球”

Recycle= re(again)+ cycle(圆)v.回收

recycle waste paper 回收废纸

Recyclable “可回收的”

Bicycle =bi(双)+ cycle(圆)“自行车”


mono those you hold.

Monologue =mono + logue(talk) 独白

Prologue n.序言,开场白

Epilogue n. epi(后)结束语,跋,收场白

Cataloguecata(在下面)logue(说) n.目录,一系列 vt.将…遍入目录

mono those you hold.

Mo`nopoly=mono + poly(sell)n.垄断,专卖;垄断物,垄断商品,专卖商品

Monololize vt.独占,垄断

Momnotonous =mono + ton(tone)+ ous a.单调的,无聊的,毫无变化的

bi those you hold.

Bicycle =bi(二)+cycle(circle)自行车

The glass of the bottle can be recycled.

Recyclable “可回收的” + waste

bi those you hold.

Bimonthly “两月一次的”

a bimonthly magazine 双月刊

Bilingual “两种语言的”

a bilingual school双语学校

a bilingual dictionary一本双语字典

Combine v. 联合,结合”

double those you hold.

Double a.两倍的,双重的,供两人使用的,双人的



Dupl dipl double
dupl=dipl=double those you hold.

Douple a.两倍的,双重的

Duplicateduplic (二,双重)


n.复制品 in duplicate 一式两份


Diploma those you hold.ma=对折的纸n.(学位)证书,(毕业)文凭,资格证书

Diplomatmat=move (automatic自动的) n.外交家,外交官,有交际手腕的人,圆滑的人

du = those you hold.二dual a.双重的

tri= 三

Triangle= tri(三)+ angle(角) “三角形”

Triple a.三部分的,三方的;三倍的,三重的 v.使增至三倍

Triplet those you hold.= tri(三)+ p + let(小的东西)“三胞胎”

Trivial= tri(三)+ vi(六)+ al(all) “琐碎的”

bi those you hold.

Bilingual school双词学校

Bimonthly magazine双月刊

Combine= com(together)+ bi(双)+ ne “联合,结合”

The two countries combined to fight against their common enemy.

tri those you hold.

`Triangle =tri(三)+ angle(角) 三角形

angle = 角


Square 正方型


Rectangular a.长方形的,矩形的

  • gle gon those you hold.

  • agony agonize

  • This fire saved us the agony of deciding what to keep and what to get rid of.