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Benefits Aultman Health Foundation. Aultman Human Resources. Tickets sold in Human Resources Amusement Parks Cedar Point Wildwater Kingdom Seasonal Events Yankee Peddler. Uniform Shop. Scrubs & Uniforms at a discounted rate Located in Morrow House basement Logo Wear

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Benefits Aultman Health Foundation

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BenefitsAultman Health Foundation

Aultman Human Resources

  • Tickets sold in Human Resources

    • Amusement Parks

      • Cedar Point

      • Wildwater Kingdom

    • Seasonal Events

      • Yankee Peddler

Uniform Shop

  • Scrubs & Uniforms at a discounted rate

  • Located in Morrow House basement

  • Logo Wear

  • Payroll deduction available

On-Site Fitness Facility

Located in the Morrow House basement

Open 24 Hours / 7 days a week

Employees Only

Annual Service Recognition

  • Program for employees with a minimum of 5 years service

  • Dinner & award ceremony


  • Paid every other Friday

  • Direct Deposit Mandatory

  • Payroll Deduction

    • Gift Shop

    • Uniform Shop

    • Cafeteria

    • Pharmacy

    • Human Resources

Our employees are what make Aultman great!

Welcome to the Aultman Family!


*Time eligible after 6 months

* Vacation, Holiday and first 4 days of sick occurrence = PTO is used

* PTO Plan Accrual Rate:

Yrs of EmploymentRate1.0 FTE Annual Accrual

0-5 years.0886 184 Hrs. per year

6-13 years.1078 224 Hrs. per year

13 + years.127 264 Hrs per year

(Annual rollover max. is 184 hours)

Hours are accumulated on a per hour worked basis.

Sick Reserve

  • 40 Hours a year maximum accrual

  • Sick Bank-Used for sick days, medical leaves after being off for four days. The first four days are paid out of the PTO bank before the sick plan is used.


For death of immediate family members:

mother, father, spouse, children, step-children, sister, brother, step-parent, grandchildren, grandparents, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, grandparents-in-law

  • Full Time Up to 3 days off with pay (24hrs)

  • Part Time 1 day off with pay (8hrs)

Jury Duty

  • Regular hourly pay continues while serving required jury duty.

  • Summons must be given to manager.

Tuition Reimbursement

Eligible after six month probation

Subject to approval

See HR/Manager for details

Health Club Subsidy

Full Time and Part Time Employees ONLY

  • 50% Reimbursement up to $120/calendar year for a single membership.

  • Open to all community facilities.

  • Reimbursement forms in HR (must supply a copy of your contract).

Aultman Weight Management Reimbursement

Up to $1,000 for New Direction or New Outlook or up to $400 for New Choices.

Employee’s expenses only

Will reimburse for cost incurred on/after January 1, 2013.

See HR for details

Adoption Benefit

  • Eligible after 6 months

  • Allowance

    • Reimburse $4000

    • Maximum of three time reimbursement

IVF Benefit

  • Invitro-fertilization

  • Eligible after six months

  • Allowance

    • Reimburse $4000

      • One time per year for three years maximum

  • On-Site Child Care

    • Monday - Friday

      • 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

    • Based on availability

    • Infants to age 5

    • School-age Before & After Care

      • Summer camp

    • Phone (330) 452-2273

    Pediatric Interim Care

    Bring your child to our pediatric unit when unable to attend school or day care if sick:

    • Must pre-register your child

    • Cost $30 per day (10 hours)

    • Communicable diseases not accepted

    • Call ahead: 7 children max any shift

    • Enrollment forms available in HR

    Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account“Use it or Lose it”

    • Voluntary (Jan. - Dec. IRS Rules)

    • Set aside pre-tax dollars for day care expenses

    • Full and Part Time employees eligible

    • Can enroll upon employment, Open Enrollment, or Birth of Child

      • Dependent Care = $5000 maximum

        • Any Child Care Center!

    Medical Flexible Spending Account

    • Voluntary (Jan. - Dec. IRS Rules) Extension to use dollars to March 15th of the following year

    • Set aside pre-tax dollars for medical expenses not covered under health plan (deductibles)

    • Full and Part Time employees eligible

    • Can enroll upon employment or at Open Enrollment each year

    • $250 minimum

      • $2500 maximum

    College Advantage

    • Enroll On-line

    • This plan gives employees and their families a way to start saving now for a child’s education

    • Payroll Deduction can be as low as $15 a month

    • Contributions are state tax deductible and earnings are federally tax exempt

    Life Insurance

    • $10,000 Term Life Insurance

    • Coverage begins 1 month after hire date

    • Beneficiary can be anyone you chose

    • Aultman pays for premium

    Voluntary Life Insurance

    • AUL Life Insurance

    • Guaranteed Amount Up to:

      • $100,000 employee

      • $25,000 spouse

      • $10,000 per child

  • Coverage available up to maximum of five times annual salary

    • May cover spouse for 100% of employee amount

  • Evidence of Insurability required if requested amount exceeds guaranteed amount

  • Leave of Absence

    • Medical, maternity, FMLA, military, workers’ compensation, adoption and Personal leaves are available.

    • Must be employed one year to be eligible


    Short Term Disability

    • Employees who are disabled may receive STD

      • Replaces 50% of salary, not to exceed $300 weekly

      • Eligible on 61st day of disability

      • Coverage lasts up to 6 months

      • Coverage - no cost to employees

    Voluntary Long Term Disability

    • AUL – Guaranteed coverage as New Hire

    • Replaces 50% of salary, up to $5000/month.

    • Payroll deduction premiums paid with after-tax dollars; any benefits received are tax-free.

    • 12-month pre-existing condition.

    • Effective first of next month after signing-up.

    • Return form to HR within 30 days.


    • Personal Short Term Disability, with Allstate

    • Accident Indemnity, with Allstate

    • Critical Illness, includes Cancer, with Lincoln Financial

    Aultman 401(k)

    • Vanguard Record keeper

      • Vanguard and non-Vanguard funds available

    • Contributions

      • made by Aultman (only)

      • equal to 3% of your gross pay

    • 23 funds

    • Target Fund = default fund

    Voluntary 401(k)

    • Automatic Enrollment of 2% (pre-tax)

    • Voluntary contributions through payroll deduction to save for retirement on pre-tax basis or ROTH (after-tax basis)

    • 1-75% of pay

    • Can be set up at any time during employment (internet or phone)

    • Hardships allowed

    • Rollovers accepted (401(k) or 403(b))

    Health Care BenefitsAULTCARE


    (Pharmacy & Vision)



    • AultCare = Preferred Provider Organization

    • No Pre-existing Conditions

    • Tiered Benefit Levels

      *AultCare Service Center Ext.36360*


    AultCare is your primary insurance

    -if you are married and on your spouse’s/domestic partner’s plan, it will be your secondary insurance.

    -spouse/domestic partner must take their employer’s medical coverage in order to have AultCare as secondary insurance.

    Co-ordination of Benefits

    Exceptions allowed:

    • Spouse/Domestic Partner is self -employed

    • Spouse/Domestic Partner is working but not eligible/offered healthcare benefits

      • Letter required from that employer

  • Children will be covered until age 26, regardless of where they reside

  • Divorce Decree will be followed.

  • Medical

    • Coverage begins on the 1st day of the next month following your first day of employment.

    • When you can enroll:

      • Upon hire / within 30 days

      • During open enrollment (Nov) each year, which becomes effective the following Jan. 1st

      • Change in Family Status

    Gold Plan 80/20 Coverage



    Out of Pocket Maximum:


    All office visits, ER, Inpatient care is covered at 80% after deductible is met.

    -Pays at 100% after out-of-pocket maximum is met

    Gold Plan - Highlights

    Annual max $2,000,000

    • Preventative/Wellness covered at 100%

    • Physical Therapy at Aultman Facility paid at 100%

    • DME Benefit paid at 90%

    • Chiropractic and Podiatry

      (10 visits each per year)

    Gold PlanMedical - Employee Premium


    Employee$7.11 $23.27

    Emp. & Children$13.57$46.52

    Emp. & Spouse $19.39$69.79


    (premium is taken each pay period)

    **Add $9.23 each pay period for six month probation

    Blue Plan 90/10 Coverage



    Out of Pocket Maximum:


    All office visits, ER, Inpatient care is covered at 90% after deductible is met.

    -Pays at 100% after out of pocket max is met

    Blue Plan-Highlights

    Annual max $2,000,000

    • Preventative/Wellness covered at 100%

    • Physical Therapy at Aultman Facility

      paid at 100%

    • DME at 100%

    • Chiropractic and Podiatry

      (10 visits each per year)

    Blue PlanMedical-Employee Premium



    Emp. & Children$29.72$102.09

    Emp. & Spouse $36.19$113.08


    (premium is taken each pay period)

    **Add $9.23 per pay for six months probation

    Bee Healthy

    You will receive reduced premiums if you participate in the “Bee Healthy” Wellness initiative.

    You must complete Tier 1&2 to qualify for reduced premiums. These premiums will be effective for the following year of coverage.


    • List of approved retail pharmacies

    • Prescription drugs can be purchased:

      On Formulary

      Aultman Hospital Pharmacy

      Generic $10 or 20% / Preferred $12 or 25%

      At retail pharmacies

      Generic $15 or 30% / Preferred $20 or 35%


      For $25 or 40% whichever is greater


    • Routine eye exam every year - $60 maximum

    • Any provider

    • One set of lenses & frames or contacts (every 2 years)

      • Glasses ORContacts

        • Frames - $75 $150

        • Lenses

          • single vision $35

          • bifocals $55

          • trifocals $85

            • *Extras like tints, oversize lenses, etc... not covered.

    High Deductible Health Plan with Health Savings Account

    Deductible/Out of Pocket Maximum:

    $1800 Single /$3600 Family

    -Aultman gives $600 Single / $1100 Family to your HSA checking account

    -Preventative Care is covered at 100% before meeting deductible.

    -All office visits, ER, Inpatient care is covered at 100% after deductible/OOP is met.

    -Pharmacy/Medical expenses all apply to deductible

    HDHP w/ HSA

    • Vision plan included – does not apply to deductible.

    • Pharmacy is 100% cost of prescription until deductible is met.

    • Can not be covered under another health care plan.

    • An account set up in your name thru Health Equity

    • Total maximum contribution to HAS from your paycheck is $2650 single & $5350 family (if 55+ an additional $1,000 per year)

    HDHP w/ HSA Premiums



    Emp. & Children$7.11$25.84

    Emp. & Spouse $10.99$38.12

    Emp. Sp. & Children$11.63$60.73

    (premium is taken each pay period)

    **Add $9.23/pay for six month probation

    Medical Premium

    • Taken out of your check each pay period

      • Before federal, state & social security taxes


    • Deducted from each pay period

    • List of dentists agree not to bill for costs over the UCR.

    • 3 plans (no probation charge)

    Basic DentalOne Cleaning per Year

    Preventative100% UCR

    Basic80% UCR

    Major50% UCR

    • $1000 Benefit per year per person

    Basic Dental Employee Premium



    Emp & Children$8.79$10.34

    Emp & Spouse $9.07$11.39

    Family $11.89$13.44

    (premium taken each pay period)

    Premier Dental Two Cleanings per Year

    Preventative100% UCR

    Basic 80% UCR

    Major75% UCR

    • $1500 Benefit per year per person

    Premier Dental Employee Premium



    Emp & Children$13.44$14.47

    Emp & Spouse $14.47$16.03

    Family $18.09 $21.71

    • (premium taken each pay period)

    Premier Dental + Orthodontia

    • Plan includes Premier Dental and Orthodontia for adults and children

    • $1,750 per person lifetime benefit on orthodontia

    Premier + Orthodontia Employee Premium


    Employee$20.68 $21.71

    Emp & Children$21.71$23.26

    Emp & Spouse $23.26$24.29

    Family $26.37$29.46

    (premium taken each pay period)

    Please return to

    Human Resources:

    Life Insurance Beneficiary Form

    401(k) Retirement Beneficiary Form

    Health Care Election Form

    Dental Election Form

    Thank you for your time & attention!

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