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The canine good citizen
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The Canine Good Citizen. Cultivating a well-mannered dog. Canine/Human History. 100, 000 years BCE – wolves 14,000 years BCE – selective breeding Hunting, guarding, working 500 years – companions/pets. Prehistoric cave art. Ancient Art. Medieval Art. Renaissance.

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The Canine Good Citizen

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The canine good citizen

The Canine Good Citizen

Cultivating a

well-mannered dog

Canine human history

Canine/Human History

  • 100, 000 years BCE – wolves

  • 14,000 years BCE – selective breeding

    • Hunting, guarding, working

  • 500 years – companions/pets

Prehistoric cave art

Prehistoric cave art

Ancient art

Ancient Art

Medieval art

Medieval Art



Post renaissance to present

Post Renaissance to present

Basic needs of dogs

Basic needs of dogs

  • Food/water

  • Health care

  • Affection

  • Activity

  • Routine

  • Bringing home your new dog



  • Start while they’re young!!

  • “Voices” of training

  • Name attention

  • Basic commands

How dogs learn

How dogs learn

  • Classical conditioning – (emotions) Pavlov

    • In a sequence of events, the first event takes on the emotions of the 2nd event

  • Operant conditioning – (behaviors) Skinner

    • Rewards and punishments – dogs do what works!

Classical conditioning

Classical conditioning

  • (emotions) Pavlov’s Dog

  • If one event directly follows another, the first event will take on the emotions of the 2nd event

    I get cheese, then my collar

    is grabbed = Cheese is scary!

    My collar is grabbed, then

    I get cheese = grabbing is good!

Quiz classical conditioning

Quiz – classical conditioning

What emotional response is

being formed?

(assume you repeat many times)

  • Your pup is afraid of kids. You give her a piece of hot dog just before she sees kids

  • Every time your dog sees another dog, he lunges and hits the end of his leash

  • You give your dog her regular kibble just after she hears a loud thunder storm

Operant conditioning

Operant conditioning

Reinforce or punish behavior– dogs do what works!

(give) positive




Operant conditioning1

Operant conditioning

+ Positive – presenting something to the dog

- Negative – removing something from the dog

Reinforcement –dog is more likely to repeat the behavior

Punishment –dog is less likely to repeat the behavior

Quiz operant conditioning

Quiz – Operant conditioning

Reinforcement or punishment?

Positive (+) or negative (-)?

  • a. Fido licks. He gets petted.

b. Buttons nips. Her human leaves.

c. Bingo nips. His human hits Him.

d. Lacey nips. Her human pinches her gums until she lets go.

Modern dog training

Modern dog training

  • Positive reinforcement –

    for behavior you like

  • Negative punishment –

    goes away for behavior you don’t like



  • Praise (remember your “praise voice”)

  • Toys

  • Treats

  • Water/kibble

Canine good citizen

Canine Good Citizen

  • The Canine Good Citizen Program promotes responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs. All dogs who pass the 10-step CGC test may receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club.

  • CGC program

  • Dave and Tucker



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