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Sheep. W ritten by: Valerie Hobbs Presented by : Belle Zachary. Summary.

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Written by: Valerie Hobbs

Presented by : Belle Zachary


  • Sheep is about a black and white Boarder collie named Jack. But in the beginning, Jack was not his name .Jack was born on a small sheep ranch with his litter mates and a few adult dogs. Jack has always wanted to herd sheep with the two older dogs, Old Dex and his Dad. His first day goes well but, on the second day, the farm catches on fire! Read more to find out where his adventures take him!!


  • The main characters in the book are:

  • Jack, a dog who wants to find sheep and a loving owner.

  • Old Dex, an elderly dog who Jack looks up to at the farm and the rest of his life.

    • Luke, a orphan who adopts Jack and finds a home with Jack.


  • The main settings are:

  • The orphanage

  • The farm

  • Luke’s new home


Some of the problems are:

Getting abused at the circus

Living with Snatch and Hollerin

Being kicked out out of the orphanage

And finding food on the streets


  • Finding a good home

  • Getting food on the streets

  • And being loved at his new home.

The end

  • The end of the book id very happy. So if you like dogs you will love this book!!!!!

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