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WELCOME. Review of Bangladesh Food Grain Digest - WFP. Data source: DG, Food, FPMU, Ministry of Food, BBS & Agriculture Extension. PRESENTATION COVERS. Food Grain Digest published by WFP Bangladesh Food Situation Report published by Food Planning and Monitoring Unit

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Review of Bangladesh Food Grain Digest - WFP

Data source: DG, Food, FPMU, Ministry of Food,

BBS & Agriculture Extension


  • Food Grain Digest published by WFP

  • Bangladesh Food Situation Report published by Food Planning and Monitoring Unit

  • Request suggestions for improvements, integration of Food Grain Digest with Bangladesh Food Situation Report (FPMU)

Food Grain Digest

  • Published quarterly

  • Widely circulated to various agencies and development partners

  • It contains all relevant data with regard to the availability of food (wheat and rice) in Bangladesh from various sources

  • It does not contain any text to elaborate the situation

Existing Outline

Commentary and Highlights (1 p.)

Food Grain Overview (1 p.)

Food Grain Production (1 p.)

Food Grain Shipments (incl. vessels) (5 p.)

Food Distribution (1 p.)

Food Grain Prices (3 p.)

WFP programme allocation (1 p.)

  • Proposed Outline

  • Highlights (Box)

  • National trends (3 p.)

  • Production Outlook

  • Food Aid and Commercial Imports

  • Food Grain Prices

  • Food Distribution

  • Food stock

  • Vulnerability Analysis results (1/2 p)

  • WFP monitoring (1 p)

  • Regional food security situation

  • Output and Impact results

  • Proposed Outline

    • Key data sheet (1p.)

    • Availability indicators:

    • Production forecast

    • Current stocks

    • Imports (government, private and food aid)

    • Market Indicators:

    • Prices

    • Wage rates (dependency ratio/unemployment/underemployment)

    • Distribution indicators:

    • Loss of food grain from PFDS

    • Off take (Emergency food aid, project food aid, programme food aid)

    • Poverty indicators:

Starting from 1978/79, WFP has been involved in the publication of FGD

The present form of publication is designed based on the review undertaken by WFP in 1999/2000

This publication provides an excellent database on food situation in Bangladesh and is often used as a reference for various purposes by government agencies and donors

Bangladesh Food Situation Report

  • Published quarterly (infrequently)

  • Circulated among various government agencies and and development partners

  • It contains a narrative description of the main issues concerning food security situation in Bangladesh with supporting data, graphics and tables

  • It is user friendly but lacks specific details

Bangladesh Food Situation Report

Summarises overall situation along with government strategy

Supported by necessary data presented in a summarised form

Serve excellent purpose with analysis of the overall food situation (Production, Food aid imports, market situation, overall PFDS operations and nutrition) of Bangladesh and uses data from the FGD

Perhaps we need !!!!

FGD + FSR in long and short form

In an initial meeting with the Ministry of Food, it was agreed that all parties would actively participate in the review process

Comments received so far suggest:

Broadening the scope of the publication for commodities other than wheat and rice

Inclusion of analysis of the situation in addition to supporting data

Less thick

Any other COMMENTS ???

WFP would like to initiate the review of FGD with the Ministry of food

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