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2007 2008 assessment in fusd
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2007-2008 Assessment in FUSD. ACS & Beyond. Outcomes/Agenda For ACS-MS Test Coordinator 2007-2008 Inservice. Each Test Coordinator will be able to articulate Key ACS Concepts Each Test Coordinator will understand the logistics (nuts & bolts) of ACS test administration

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2007-2008 Assessment in FUSD

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2007 2008 assessment in fusd

2007-2008 Assessment in FUSD

ACS & Beyond

Outcomes agenda for acs ms test coordinator 2007 2008 inservice

Outcomes/Agenda For ACS-MS Test Coordinator 2007-2008 Inservice

  • Each Test Coordinator will be able to articulate Key ACS Concepts

  • Each Test Coordinator will understand the logistics (nuts & bolts) of ACS test administration

  • Each Test Coordinator will engage in a conversation about ACS changes and gain knowledge about AFS

Acs overview key concepts

ACS Overview & Key Concepts

Begin with the end in mind

Begin with the end in mind…

So three things to remember from this part of the presentation…

  • The ACS is just one part of an overall assessment system

  • The ACS assessments are good

  • Teachers can use the results to inform their teaching

Matrix of fusd assessments

Matrix of FUSD Assessments

Intent of acs

Intent of ACS

  • Measure student performance on the assessed standards/skills

  • Enable teachers & administrators to target students for appropriate instructional interventions

  • Provides overall ACS results in a manner similar to CST results

  • Allow teacher self-study of standards/objectives taught

  • Provides a standardized measure across schools

Subjects grades assessed

English Language Arts

6th Grade (TRIMESTER)(McDougall-Littell)

7th Grade

8th Grade

Each grade tested three times each year


7th GradeFoundations of Math

8th GradeMath Concepts

All Students Enrolled in Algebra I (HS Test)

All Students Enrolled in Geometry (HS Test)

Each grade tested three times each year

Subjects & Grades Assessed

Subjects grades assessed1

History Pilot

Four Schools


Bullard Talent,



7th Grade (World History)

8th Grade (US History)

Each grade tested FOUR times each year

Pilot started with Q3 in 2006-2007

History Launch

Probably Qtr 3

8th GradeUS History

7th GradeWorld History

There is a Qtr 4 assessment!

Subjects & Grades Assessed

Acs features

ACS Features

  • The assessments are aligned to the California State Standards

  • The tests are NOT timed. Students should be able to complete the test in a 60 minute class period. Extra time may be given for students continuing to make progress toward test completion after the end of the class period.

  • ELA Assessments may be split across two days using the built-in STOP page.

  • Test booklets are re-usable. Scanners are provided. No writing in test booklets

Assessment of critical standards acs

Assessment of Critical Standards (ACS)

  • Testing may require special schedules or doing tests over two days

  • As District Benchmark Assessments (Primarily Assessments OF Learning)

    • The use of duplicate "campus" scanners is not allowed.

    • The use of any other school based scoring system is also not allowed.

    • REA will score and post results ASAP

District writing sample middle schools

District Writing SampleMiddle Schools

  • Needs to be completed in a single sitting(70 minutes is recommended)

  • Scoring will not be done by teachers until AFTER training has happened

  • Training is scheduled for Sept. 14th from 12:30-3:30pm at E-Street

  • Once training is completed, scoring will be done by ELA teachers using a 6 point rubric

  • Since samples will be double scored, reports other than AiS may show a score out of 12pts. AiS will show 1.5, 2.5, etc. as well as whole numbers

Implementation of acs english language arts

Implementation of ACSEnglish Language Arts


  • Purchase of quarterly benchmark assessments from …Action Learning Systems

    • Built on a recursive set of core standards

    • Allows for status check & growth check

  • Quarters 2 and 3 implemented last year (so technicolor performance bands will be available in AiS)

  • Quarter 1 is being implemented for first time this year

Implementation of acs mathematics

Implementation of ACSMathematics


  • Moved from Trimester Testing to Quarterly Testing

    • Items being pulled from prior tests so performance band estimates may be possible

    • Quarter 3 “Comprehensive” version with 68 items is being rethought and Eric will provide updates as information becomes available

  • Purchase of an item bank from …Educational Testing Service

    • Allows for status check

    • Will be used mostly for formative assessments (AFS)

2007 2008 assessment in fusd

Before we can achieve any of the intended outcomes, we have to establish that ACS is good.

So here are four quick assessment vocabulary terms…

Common test vocabulary



Common Test Vocabulary

  • Does the test measure what it is intended to measure?

  • Does the test produce consistent results?

Common test vocabulary1

Item Analysis

Response Analysis

Common Test Vocabulary

  • The purpose of item analysis is to determine if ITEMS in an assessment are good (valid, reliable, capable of discriminating performance levels, etc.). It relies heavily upon statistical analysis.

  • The purpose of RESPONSE analysis is to see how well students did in response to an item. Response analysis assumes that the item is “good”

Technical test vocabulary

Construct Validity



p value

Item Difficulty


Technical Test Vocabulary

Item Discrimination

Reliability Coeffiecient ALPHA

Distractor Evaluation

Point Biserial Correlation

Response analysis

Response Analysis

Nuts bolts

Nuts & Bolts

ACS Procedures for 07-08

Test material delivery

Test Material Delivery

  • Materials are delivered during the week before each subject test window.

  • Open the boxes in numerical order to check the contents.

  • Test materials include:

    • Test Coordinator Package

    • Classroom Packages

Test coordinators package

Test Coordinators Package

  • Inventory Sheet

  • Box Labels for Returning Materials

  • Copies of Class Rosters

  • Blank Answer Sheets (Scanners)

  • Extra Administration Guidelines

  • Extra Test Booklets for each test to be administered

Classroom packages

Classroom Packages

  • Inventory

  • Class Roster

  • Administration Guide

  • Pre-identified answer sheets (Scanners)

  • Test Booklets for the Class

  • A Couple of Blank Answer Sheets

When a student does not have an answer sheet or their original gets messed up

When a Student does not have an Answer Sheet…or their original gets messed up

  • Hand-bubble an answer sheet for students not listed on the rosters that enrolled at your school

  • Hand-bubble a new answer sheet and destroy the pre-printed answer sheet for students that need to have their pre-printed answer sheet changed.

Acs accommodations

ACS - Accommodations

  • Students in special education programs with Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and students with current plans under Section 504 may be allowed accommodations IF they are specified in the plans.

    • Large print

    • Braille

    • Use of Reader

  • Testing variations/accomodations may be made for EL students and may include extended time to take the test with a bilingual proctor (who may read the instructions and answer procedural questions), and testing in a small group setting.

  • If you need help in making large print editions or other special editions of the tests, please contact the REA ACS coordinator.

Test administration procedures

Test Administration Procedures

  • Put a Do Not Disturb sign on the door.

  • Encourage students to perform as well as they can.

  • Make sure that each student has a #2 pencil.

  • Give each student his/her pre-printed (or hand-bubbled) answer sheet.

  • Give each student the appropriate test booklet.

  • Hand Bubble answer sheets for students not on roster or to make changes

Supervision during testing be alert to the following

Supervision During TestingBe alert to the following:

  • Students who do not have their correct answer sheet.

  • Check that students are making uniform dark marks and are erasing completely.

  • Have students erase any stray marks on answer sheets.

  • Redirect students who are marking answers next to the wrong response number.

  • Please do not let students make any marks on test booklets.

  • We want an accurate assessment, so watch for students who appear to be looking elsewhere for answers whether it's to other desks, their lap, cell phones, etc.

  • Students with unapproved materials on their desks (materials approved in IEPs or 504 plans are ok)

Testing material pickup

Testing Material Pickup

  • Scorable Materials and

  • Non-scorable materials must be packaged…

    … separately.

Testing material pickup1

Testing Material Pickup

Scorable Materials

  • Include all answer sheets

  • Separate the answer sheets by subject AND test(For example: Math-Foundations and Concepts)

  • Separate the answer sheets into hand-bubbled and pre-identified

  • Please verify that all the hand-bubbled answer sheets are marked completely

  • Include answer sheets for students who were absent.

  • Enclose class roster with hand entered student names and ID

Testing material pickup2

Testing Material Pickup

NON-Scorable Materials

  • Include all Administration Guidelines

  • Enclose all unused answer sheets

  • Return ALL test booklets

  • Use provided return labels to mark the boxes

Acs scoring reporting

ACS - Scoring & Reporting

  • Score and reporting of student performance on tested standards will be available within a few days after each testing period is completed.

  • Teachers will be able to access their class report using the AiS (Assessment Information System). The AiS will provide results for each student tested in the class.

Beyond acs moving toward f formative assessment of standards

Beyond ACS – Moving Toward FFormative Assessment of Standards

Assessments of Focused StandardsAFS

Building a formative assessment system in fusd

Building a Formative Assessment System in FUSD

  • Assessment Philosophy

  • Developing Assessment Literacy

  • Assessment for Learning

  • Building the Formative System

Assessment philosophy

Assessment Philosophy

3 Assessment Perspectives:

  • Assessment for Accountability

    • (State-mandated)

  • Assessment of Learning

    • (periodic status checks linked to standards)

  • Assessment for Learning

    • (assessment during learning)

Make assessment work for our kids

Make Assessment work for our kids

  • In High-stakes accountability, students and teachers are not the primary users of assessment

  • When is assessment created for students and teachers as the primary users?

Relationship between curriculum instruction and assessment

Relationship betweenCurriculum, InstructionandAssessment




Assessment works for our kids when

Assessment works for our kids when …

Black and William (1998) synthesized over 250 studies linking assessment and learning, and found…

  • The intentional use of assessment in the classroom to promote learning improved student achievement.

  • Increasing the amount of time on assessment, however, does not necessarily enhance learning.

  • Assessment promotes learning when teachers use assessment to become aware of the knowledge, skills, and beliefs that their students bring to a learning task, and use this knowledge as a starting point for new instruction, and monitor students’ changing perception as instruction proceeds,

Assessment for learning

Assessment for Learning

What? Classroom assessments

Why? To direct future instruction

When? During instruction (daily, weekly)

Who? Users are students and teachers

Primary Question:

What does a student or class know (or where they are stuck), in order to understand what comes next so students can learn

Assessment for learning1

Assessment for Learning

  • Students have a clear vision of the learning target from the beginning of instruction

  • Samples of strong and weak work with a progression to competence laid out; scaffolding for skills and concepts

  • Descriptive feedback (versus evaluative) provides information about how to improve

  • Feedback guides future instruction

  • Frequent and repeated self-assessment

  • Students can communicate their achievement status and direction for learning

What standards

What Standards?

  • What are the “Standards” in “Standards-Based Assessment?”

    • Content Standards

      • As listed in the curriculum/blueprints?

    • Performance Standards

      • Examples of what the students are expected to do, what knowledge or skills are to be demonstrated and in what manner

Descriptive vs evaluative feedback

Descriptive Vs. Evaluative Feedback

  • Evaluative feedback: Grades, points, judgments of quality

    • Motivating for some students

  • Descriptive feedback: Reinforces direction or next steps in learning

  • Link with student motivation

Building a formative system

Building a Formative System

  • Types of Assessment

  • Single Standard Quizzes

  • How results feed into the system

  • Developing valid assessments

  • Development timeline

Types of assessments for learning

Types of Assessments for Learning

Formative assessments may include:

  • Single Standard Quizzes

  • Fluency assessments

  • Diagnostic assessments (DIBELS)

  • Scaffolded assessments

  • Performance Assessments

Single standard quizzes

Single Standard Quizzes

  • Will be in the new AFS System as a part of AIS

  • Will be focused on a cluster, standard or sub-standard

  • Will have a “mastery” performance level

  • Will have approximately 6 questions

  • Will include response analysis

Afs access input reporting

AFS Access/Input/Reporting


Teacher and/or Student Access AFS tests in AiS


Data Entry Page

in AiS






AiS Reporting Page:

Summary of Class/Individual Student/ Response Analysis

Content area development timeline

Content Area Development Timeline

2007 2008 assessment in fusd


  • English Language Development Assessment

  • Taken from Avenues & High Points Unit Test

  • Administered 2 times/ year

    • MS: Dec 3, May 19 ES: Nov 13, Apr 14

  • Piloted with 7 schools last year

  • Performance Levels aligned with CELDT

  • Results will be used in ELD Level Adjustment

Parent notification

Parent Notification!

Wrap up


Key acs concepts

Key ACS Concepts

So three things to remember from this part of the presentation…

  • The ACS is just one part of an overall assessment system

  • The ACS assessments are good

  • Teachers can use the results to inform their teaching

For help with logistics contact

For Help with Logistics Contact…

  • Eric WenrickEd Center, B49457-3876

  • Shaeng Vue457-3829

  • Algebra and Geometry ACS TestingCarmen Rodriguez High Schools457-3959

From our conversation

From Our Conversation

  • AFS is coming

  • ELDA is coming too

  • We need to work on how we communicate to parents and students concerning ACS and assessment in general – thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas! 

Final thought

Final Thought

The impact of ACS depends on our ability to fit it into its appropriate place as part of a comprehensive assessment system





Eric Wenrick x73876

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