school board membership
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School Board Membership

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School Board Membership - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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School Board Membership. Session I How Do I Fit on the Board?. Larry Blackmer, NAD Associate Director of Education Session I - How do I fit on the board? Educational System Overview Role and Function of the School board Administrative/Board Relationships

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school board membership

School Board Membership

Session I

How Do I Fit on the Board?

Larry Blackmer,

NAD Associate

Director of Education

Session I - How do I fit on the board?

Educational System Overview

Role and Function of the School board

Administrative/Board Relationships

Who are you responsible to?

Code of Ethics



  • Session II – Effective Board Membership
    • Effective Meeting Protocol
    • Parliamentary Procedure – Is Roberts still alive and well in your board?
    • Executive Session
    • Management Styles
    • Curriculum and Instruction
    • Q & A
why we do adventist education
The primary aim of Adventist education is to provide opportunity for students to accept Christ as their personal Savior, to allow the Holy Spirit to transform their lives, and to fulfill the commission of preaching the gospel to all the world.Why We ‘Do’ Adventist Education
object of adventist education
“The greatest object of education is to enable us to use the powers which God has given us in such a manner as will best represent the religion of the Bible and to promote the glory of God.”

Fund. of Education. 45

Object of AdventistEducation
general conference
General Conference

5,404 Schools

906,755 Students

45,614 Teachers

north american division
North American Division

60,542 Students

45,198 K-8

15,344 9-12

966 Schools

123 Academies

164 Jr. Acad.

679 Elem.

5,077 Teachers


Lake Union

414 Teachers

105 Schools

77 Elem.

16 Junior Acad.

12 Academies

4193 Students


Lake Region

45 Teachers

8 Schools

4 Elem.

4 K-12

594 Students




NAD Educ


Union Exec

Conf Exec


Union Educ

Conf Educ

Conf Bd of Ed

Union Bd of Ed





Sch. Admin




the role
The Role…

…and Function,

Of the School Board

role of the school board

School Board

Role of the School Board



Parents and Students

Organization of the school should be

designed to meet the needs of the constituency.

functions of the school board
Develop a clear, practical set of objectives

Ensure implementation of policies & plans

Keep official minutes of each meeting

Develop policies in the areas of local concern: (use of school facility, purchasing procedures, tuition, admission, textbooks, dress and social behavior, short and long-range planning)

Support the principal or head teacher

Receive the recommendations of administration in the case of serious discipline-Serve as ultimate authority in dismissal of students-Consideration of student dismissal MUST occur in executive session!

Functions of the School Board


Support Home and School – be there!

Consider appeals and answer questions regarding the operation of the school.

Coordinate the process of school evaluations

Adopt or adapt the conference school calendar

Develop a proposed plan of school administration- constitution, by-laws, admin. organization, basic curriculum plan – present to constituency for approval

Functions of the School Board


Authorize the preparation of a school bulletin.

Assume responsibility or the planning and funding of an annual operating budget.

Consult the conference office of education regarding hiring, or concerns with the principal or teachers. (Executive session/Office of Ed. present)

Consult the conference regarding construction procedures.

Cooperate with the union and conference in matters of curriculum development.

Appoint subcommittees as needed.(personnel, finance, curriculum, and marketing/development)

Functions of the School Board


positive administration board relationships
Perform your tasks as a board member and allow the admin. to manage day-to-day operations.

Recognize that the educational training and experience of the admin. Has equipped him/her with the knowledge and skills to deal with most administrative matters.

Give careful consideration to all suggestions.

The admin. Deserves prior knowledge of all concerns to be discussed at the board meeting.

Discuss improprieties in private.

When making decisions, create a balance between strengths and weaknesses. Analyze the problem, not the person.

Positive Administration-Board Relationships
who are you responsible to
Conference Executive Committee

Conference K-12 Board of Education

Conference Office of Education

Local School Constituency

Who Are You Responsible To?

Let’s look at

each of these.

conference executive committee
Has the final authority, as granted by the conference constituency to oversee all aspects of the conference program.

Has delegated selected functions relating to education to the Conference K-12 Board of Education.

Conference Executive Committee
conference k 12 board
This board oversees all aspects of the educational program within the conference.

Has delegated selected functions to local school boards.


Conference K-12 Board
Although the K-12 Board has delegated certain functions to the school board,

It can’t divest itself of it’s inherent legal obligations.

Inasmuch as the conference remains legally bound by the school board actions,

It is imperative that close cooperation remain between the school board and the conference K-12 Board in school operation and personnel actions.

conference office of education
The superintendent of schools work with the local school boards on behalf of the K-12 Board.

The Office of Education ensures compliance with the policies, and procedures stated in conference and union policy.

All personnel discussions or decisions must be made in the presence of the Office of Education personnel.

Conducts NAD school evaluations of K-12 schools.

Conference Office of Education
code of ethics
Maintain principles of honesty, trust fairness, and integrity.

Base decisions on the philosophy and mission of the SDA educational system.

Demonstrate attitudes and personal conduct that reflect the principles of the Adventist church.

Diligently work to improve the understanding and support of the Adventist educational system.

Learn and practice the art of comprise without sacrificing principle.

Code of Ethics


Support and practice the civil rights of all members of the school community.

Recognize that the authority of the board is only expressed by it’s actions as a board. Individual members may speak or act on behalf of the board only when authorized to do so by the board.

Engage in no personal action that will compromise the school system, the board, or the administration.

Avoid all conflicts of interest.

Base your decisions on facts and your independent judgment.

Code of Ethics


Work with the board members in a spirit of unity, cooperation, and Christian courtesy.

Uphold all board decisions, regardless of any personal disagreements.

Maintain confidentially of all matters.

Recognize that your responsibility is not to run the school but, together with your fellow board members to see that it is run well.

Code of Ethics


Refer all complaints to the school administration/head teacher.

Be supportive in school programs by attending.

It is the expectation that each board member, who has eligible children, should have them enrolled in the local Adventist school.

A board member must be a member of the Adventist Church.

Code of Ethics