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Born accessible ssp june 6 2013
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Born Accessible SSP June 6, 2013. Challenge: The Need. 30 million Americans with print disabilities 15-20% in U.S. have language-based disability 285 million people with vision impairment worldwide 115% Increase in request for alternative materials at UC Berkeley in 4 years.

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Born Accessible SSP June 6, 2013

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Born accessible ssp june 6 2013

Born AccessibleSSPJune 6, 2013

Challenge the need

Challenge: The Need

30 million

Americans with print disabilities


in U.S. have language-based disability

285 million

people with vision impairment worldwide


Increase in request for alternative materials at UC Berkeley in 4 years

Challenge everyone s a content creator

Challenge: Everyone’s a Content Creator

$1.1 billionin new edtech financing in 2012

300 millionPotential authors & publishers in the US


more expensive to retrofit for accessibility from print (or print equivalents)

A critical strategy

A Critical Strategy

All materials

Born Digital

Must be

Born Accessible

Benetech global literacy initiatives

Benetech Global Literacy Initiatives



  • Bookshare Service

    • Accessible online library

    • Scale, efficiency

    • Getting books into students’ hands

  • Reading Tools & Training

    • Professional dev workshops

    • Cloud-based bookshelf

    • MP3 download

    • Web Reader

  • Content Tools

  • Discovery

  • Services

  • DIAGRAM Center: R&D

    • Tools for accessible image creation

    • Technical standards

    • Research, training and best practice guidelines

Taking steps toward born accessible

Taking Steps Toward Born Accessible

What can you do?

What can you do production

What can you do? Production

Make sure production practices enable accessibility.

Accessible content highlights

Accessible Content Highlights






DIAGRAM Content Model







Track: subtitles, description, etc.

Tables & Lists



Accessible EPUB 3 Guidelines:

The easy stuff structure textual elements

The “Easy” Stuff: Structure & Textual Elements

Use Real:

  • Navigation

  • Style sheets (separate from content)

  • Text (not “fixed layout” pictures)

  • Lists

  • Tables with logical headers

Images are challenging especially stem

Images are Challenging (especially STEM)

What is an accessible image

What is an Accessible Image?

  • Provides different mode of access to visual information contained in an image

  • Beyond just alt text!

Accessible image example

Accessible Image Example

About this description

Author: John Doe, Ph.D. in Water Engineering

Target Age: 9-12

Target Grade: 4-7


The image depicts the cycle of water evaporating, turning into clouds, falling back to earth in the form of precipitation and being filtered through sediment.

Long Description

The image depicts the natural process of evaporation and precipitation and how rain water gets filtered and cleansed through the earth's sediment.

On the left-hand side of the image is a lake...

A weather event such as a rainstorm eventually returns the precipitation to the ground...

The natural filtering agents in the soil...

Annotation added by teacher

In the winter we get snow instead of rain.

Simplified Language Description

The image shows how water becomes clouds, then rain, and then gets cleaned by the soil.

Tactile Image

[Tactile image]

In the upper left corner of the tactile…

Simplified Image

[Simplified image]

Moving front the top left corner of the image

You can add long descriptions to HTML 5!

Poet navigate contextualize describe

Poet: Navigate, Contextualize, Describe

The case for mathml

The Case for MathML

  • Standard for math gaining traction globally

  • National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standards Center recommends:

    ...MathML be used to improve the accessibility of mathematical and scientific content in core instructional materials the most effective method of providing accessible print instructional materials involving mathematical and scientific content to students who are blind or who have print disabilities.

  • Tools for accessible MathML rendering getting better

Consider your authoring environment

Consider Your Authoring Environment

  • Build or Borrow Checklists in the process

    • EPUB 3 Accessibility Guidelines:

    • Top 10 Tips for Accessible Content:

  • W3C’s Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG):

  • OER Publishing Tools are building in accessibility

What can you do education

What can you do? Education

Empower and educate your content creators.

Diagram training and research

DIAGRAM Training and Research

  • DIAGRAM webinars:

  • Best Practice Guidelines

    • NCAM’s Effective Practices for Description of Science Content

    • Additional guidelines links on DIAGRAM site

  • Provide guidance to authors so they know why and how!

What can you do discovery

What can you do? Discovery

Make sure your accessible content is discoverable.

And vice versa.

Discovery of accessible resources

Discovery of Accessible Resources

  • Accessibility Metadata Project

Accessibility metadata

Accessibility Metadata

  • Metadata that tells users about accessibility features in content

  • Helps users find content that works for them

  • Early adopters in place now

Metadata in action educational videos

Metadata in Action: Educational Videos

Discoverability benefits of accessibility

Discoverability Benefits of Accessibility

  • Detailed image descriptions can be indexed and searched

  • Registry or repository of accessible materials can be shared

  • More upfront accessibility means easier and more widespread distribution

  • Different modalities benefit everyone!

What can you do

What can you do?

Make sure your production processes enable accessibility.

  • Are you describing complex images? Are you using MathML?

  • Check out our Top 10 Tips on

    Empower and educate your authors.

  • Add accessibility tips to your authoring guidelines!

    Make your accessible content discoverable.

  • Check out!

Thank you

Thank You

  • For more information:

    Anh Bui

    Director, Product Strategy for Global Literacy

    Director, DIAGRAM Center


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