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KHS PREFECT BODY . The Prefect Body . In a school, organisation is critical, as is the inclusion of students as part of that organisation. The position of prefect is a position of responsibility and one which provides an important connection between pupils and staff .

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Khs prefect body


The prefect body

The Prefect Body

  • In a school, organisation is critical, as is the inclusion of students as part of that organisation. The position of prefect is a position of responsibility and one which provides an important connection between pupils and staff.

  • The Prefect Team has an important role throughout the entire school community: they are responsible for helping set the tone amongst the student body and for maintaining and enhancing the culture of Kingsgrove High School.

  • Prefects are significant role models and therefore are expected to demonstrate the values of Kingsgrove High School in their daily lives as well as encouraging them in others – both in and out of school.

Why do we believe in student leadership at kingsgrove high school

Why do we believe in student leadership at Kingsgrove High School?

  • Student leaders need to promote the good things, the things that are the most worthwhile and the most true within the community and nurture a better quality of school life for all students.

  • Students are empowered by working together to achieve a common goal, a shared purpose.

  • Students have the power, or the authority to make a difference in their schools.

  • Leadership is a challenge and should be for all students, not just those elected into specific positions.

  • Adult mentors, role models, people who have the capacity to listen, to help students explore ideas, to share their experiences, to facilitate processes and to provide feedback form the backbone of a successful leadership program.

Why become a prefect

Why become a Prefect ?

The rewards for being a prefect are often intangible but nevertheless, very real, and will often serve the students for the rest of their lives.

Students often learn much about themselves and what it means to work as part of a committed team.

They learn to develop many skills associated with inter-personal relationships, leadership, taking initiative, public speaking, organisation, time management, staying motivated, accountability, etc.

The prefect body1

The Prefect Body

  • Being a prefect means providing leadership to the student body in the school, assisting teachers with various duties , assisting in the organisation and running of various functions and actively participating in the development of school spirit and pride and upholding the traditions and values of Kingsgrove High School.

  • The role of prefect also brings out the students' leadership qualities for higher responsibilities in future. The current opportunity which prefects have to serve is a stepping stone for them to become greater and better leaders in future, with a desire to provide selfless service as well as respect the rights of those they lead.

The prefect body2

The Prefect Body

To be made up of 16 Positions :

  • School Captain x 2 Positions

  • Vice Captain x 2 Positions

  • Sports Captain x 2 Positions

  • Student Liaison x 2 Positions

  • Prefects x 8 Positions

    * Where possible we will try to maintain an equal Female / Male ratio.

Prefect body expectations

Prefect Body Expectations

Students elected into the Prefect Body must –

  • Be a Positive Role Model for others

  • Be able to Motivate others

  • Demonstrate Leadership Qualities

  • Work as a Teamwith Staff and Students

  • Have good Communication Skills

  • Be able to Public Speak

  • Have A1 Status and uphold School Expectations

  • Represent the School at all Official Functions

  • Attend Carnivals and Extra CurricularEvents

Prefect body official functions duties

Prefect Body Official Functions / Duties

  • The Prefect Body is expected to be available for - .

  • Parent Teacher Nights

  • Yr 6 Open Night

  • Subject Selection Nights

  • Concerts

  • Art exhibitions

  • School Sports Carnivals – Have an official role

  • Multicultural Day- Supervise a store

  • Breakfast Club – Be on a roster

  • Sports Buses- Be on a roster

  • Presentation Day

  • School Assemblies, including Formal Year group Assemblies

  • School administration

  • Take part in Welfare lessons

Official yr 12 duties

Official Yr 12 Duties

The Prefect Body will be leading the organisation of the following committees -

  • Yearbook

  • Formal

  • Jersey

  • School Gift

  • Graduation



The Prefect Body will have to organise fundraising events.

Limit to 3 events per year

  • 1 x Charity of Choice

  • 2 x School Gift, Formal, Picnic , Yearbook etc

Prefect nominations

Prefect Nominations

  • Students wishing to become prefects must complete a Vision Statement with details of their suitability and intentions for the office and this is displayed for the staff and student body prior to elections.

  • Prefects can be demoted if they fail to live up to expectations. Prefect Reviews are held whenever a prefect does not meet expectations. The result of the review may mean that a prefect may be asked to hand in their prefect badge or may be asked to stand down for a period of time.

Prefect nominations1

Prefect Nominations

  • Students will be expected to fill out a Self Nomination Form .

  • TheNomination Form will outline theCriteria for positions, including a list of duties and student expectations.

  • Students are signing a contract indicating that they will fulfil and maintain KHS Prefect Body expectations. Students may be withdrawn if they don’t fulfil the roll.

  • Individual roles are to be voted on and decided on by Staff and the Prefect Body elect. Eg School Captain / Vice Captain

  • In the Case of Sports Captains- students must have a high profile within sporting life at KHS . Egplay grade sport, knock out and attend all carnivals.

  • Student Liaison Roles will be expected to be a part of Staff meetings, Executive meetings, School Council meetings, School evaluation committee etc.

Voting process

Voting Process

  • Students nominating for Prefect need to fill out a Vision Statement Nomination Form. The self nomination will be need to be endorsed by 2 teachers and 1 student.

  • Once the nomination forms have been approved by the Executive staff a Ballot Form will be created. Student’s Vision Statements will be placed on display for those voting.

  • Your Cohort as well as Staff will vote for 16 students to make up the Prefect Body

  • Votes will be calculated.

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