spanish american war
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Spanish American War

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Spanish American War - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spanish American War. 4A.

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What conclusion can you draw from the United States involvement in the Spanish-American War?A The media opposed the war.B The President declared war without the backing of the people of the United States.C Businessmen argued against the war.D Economic interests and public opinion often determine whether we enter a conflict.


Which event immediately followed the sinking of the Maine?A U.S. declares war on SpainB Cuban independenceC Spain declares war on the U.S.D Filipino uprising


Which event was the most important factor in determining American involvement to the Spanish-American War?A Assassination of Abraham LincolnB Sinking of the TitanicC Blowing up of the U.S.S. MaineD Creation of the rough riders


Which of the following BEST describes the United States after the Spanish-American War?A Isolationist countryB Dominant nationC Economically dependentD Politically independent


Which of the following did NOT become a territory of the United States after the Spanish-American War?A PhilippinesB Puerto RicoC GuamD Cuba


After the Spanish-American War, the United States -A lost control of the PhilippinesB stayed out of international affairsC gained independence from SpainD emerged as a world power

Exaggerated news reports of events is an example of -A biased journalismB tabloid journalismC yellow journalismD unfair journalism
from what country did cuba want independence a cuba b spain c united states d great britain
From what country did Cuba want independence?A CubaB SpainC United StatesD Great Britain
In which war was Teddy Roosevelt a military leader?A Spanish-American WarB World War IIC Civil WarD World War I

The United States gained Guam and which of the following territories as a result of the Spanish American War?A TexasB PhillipinesC CubaD Hawaii