Seashore green resort @ pulau ubin
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Seashore Green Resort @ Pulau Ubin. Group 20: Dany Kang Dylan Lim Lin Daxin Zhang Si Yuan. Location. Mamam Beach, Pulau Ubin. Reasons for this location. Desirable location as it is along the Mamam Beach and has a seaside view.

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Seashore green resort @ pulau ubin

Seashore Green Resort@ PulauUbin

Group 20:

Dany Kang

Dylan Lim

Lin Daxin

Zhang Si Yuan


  • Mamam Beach, Pulau Ubin

Reasons for this location
Reasons for this location

  • Desirable location as it is along the Mamam Beach and has a seaside view.

  • It is also within 2 km of the Jetty and the Town Center, the hub of Pulau Ubin.

  • Also near the center of Pulau Ubin.

Reasons for this location1
Reasons for this location

  • There is seabreeze from East to West, do not need to use aircon

  • Near tourist attractions like the Balai Quarry and Noordin Beach

  • Constructive wave

Building methods
Building Methods

  • We are going to build our resort on a raised platform above sea level.

  • This is to avoid flooding during high tide.

  • The Resort is only one level, with around 20 apartment.

Green building methods
Green Building Methods

  • We will be building our resort with Natural Materials like granite and wood.

  • Granite rock will be shipped from overseas so as not to harm the environment in Pulau Ubin.

  • We will also maximise the use of land by building most of the solar panels on the roof of our resort.

Green technologies
Green Technologies

  • We plan to harness the energy from the Sun using solar panels

  • Solar panels will be constructed on the roof of our resort and along the beach

  • The panels will be tilted to face the Sun throughout the day to maximise its efficiency

Solar panels
Solar Panels

  • Although Solar Panels are rather costly, it is an long term alternative as it is long lasting and produces energy constantly.

  • The Excessive energy generated by the panels during the day will be stored in battery cells to be used in the night.

Green transports
Green Transports

  • Choice of mini-vans and bicycles

  • Bicycles

    • Motors will be built in these bicycles.

    • Tourists can use these motors if they are tired from cycling.

    • Motor Bicycles will charged at power stations powered by Solar Panels.

  • Mini-vans

    • Solar panels built on the roofs of these mini vans.

    • Hybrid Vans that can store energy when they are parking.

Tourist trail
Tourist Trail

Our resort