Facial Injuries Evaluation

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Evaluation of Facial Injuries. You may need to rule out a concussion.You may have to perform all the memory, analytical tests for a concussion.You may have to perform a cranial nerve assessment.. Nose Anatomy

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Facial Injuries Evaluation

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1. Facial Injuries Evaluation

2. Evaluation of Facial Injuries You may need to rule out a concussion. You may have to perform all the memory, analytical tests for a concussion. You may have to perform a cranial nerve assessment.

3. Nose Anatomy & Injuries Nasal bones Nasal septum Nasal cartilage Nostrils Fracture Contusion Rhinitis Epistaxis

4. Nose Evaluation History Normal questions you’d ask for every injury Does it look normal to them? Can they breathe normally? Did it bleed? Observation General appearance Is it swollen? Do they have raccoon eyes or is there any discoloration? Is it straight when looking from front, side, & superior views? Any unusual bumps? Is it bleeding?

5. Nose Evaluation Palpation Where is it sore? Are there any deformities? Is crepitis present? Special Tests Penlight Cranial Assessment Concussion Assessment

6. Ear Anatomy

7. Ear Anatomy

8. Ear Injuries Hematoma Auris (cauliflower ear) Swimmer’s Ear (external otitis) Infection Laceration

9. Ear Evaluation History Normal questions you’d ask for every injury Exact location of pain Do they have a history of ear infections? Are they sick or have they been sick? Are they lightheaded or dizzy? Have they had any excess discharge from the ear? Are they having trouble with their throat? Lymph nodes? Observation General appearance Are they wearing earrings? Is there swelling or bleeding? Any abnormal deformities Palpation Is it warm to the touch? Where is it sore? Special Tests Hearing Balance Look in canal

10. Eye Anatomy

11. Eye Anatomy

12. Eye Injuries Corneal Abrasion Orbital Hematoma (periorbital/black eye) Hyphema Blowout Fracture (Orbital fracture) Detached Retina

13. Eye Evaluation History Do they feel anything abnormal? Does it feel like there is sand in the eye (excess debris or scratch)? Observation General appearance Eyelids, eyeball (globe), eyelashes, orbit, conjunctive & sclera, iris Palpation Where is it tender? Are there any divots, swelling, etc? Special Tests Visual acuity Peripheral Reaction to light Tracking Eyelid ROM

14. Other Facial Anatomy Mandible Maxilla Zygomatic Arch Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) Teeth Tongue Throat

15. Other Facial Injuries Zygoma Fracture Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) sprain, dislocation, fracture Laceration of the face/scalp Mandible or Maxilla fracture Tooth chip, fracture, dislocation Tongue laceration Other

16. Mandible & Maxilla Evaluations History Do they have a normal bite? When they bite down does it feel the same? Observation General appearance When looking from the front, do they appear to have a normal appearance? Does the jaw look crooked? Palpation Special tests Jaw ROM (open/close; side to side) Tongue blade test Facial expression

17. TMJ Evaluation History Do they have clicking when they open/close their mouth? Can they open/close their mouth? Observation General appearance Is there any swelling present over the TMJ? Palpation Do you feel any clicking when they move their mouth open/close or side/side? Special tests: ROM, Jaw clenching

18. Teeth Evaluation History Are they sensitive to anything? How long has it been painful? Observation Are any parts of the tooth missing or is the whole thing gone? Palpation Special Tests Have them wiggle the tooth You may have to wiggle the tooth

19. Tongue & Throat Evaluations History Did they bite down on their tongue? Did they get hit in the throat? Observation Palpation Special Tests Stick out their tongue Swallow Speak ROM

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