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After the test
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After the Test:. Put your test in the box on my desk Pick up the worksheet on the table under the Promethean Both sides can be done in the book in your desk, however “World War I Begins” will be found in your NEW book @ home DUE Tomorrow. Chapter 8- Life at the Turn of the 20 th Century.

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After the Test:

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After the test

After the Test:

Put your test in the box on my desk

Pick up the worksheet on the table under the Promethean

Both sides can be done in the book in your desk, however “World War I Begins” will be found in your NEW book @ home

DUE Tomorrow

Chapter 8 life at the turn of the 20 th century

Chapter 8- Life at the Turn of the 20th Century

Science and urban life

Science and Urban Life

  • Technology and City Life

    • Skyscrapers

    • Electric Transit

  • New Technologies

    • Airplanes

    • Photography

Expanding public education

Expanding Public Education

  • Higher Education for African Americans

    • Booker T Washington

      • Tuskegee University

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      • Niagara Movement

Segregation and discrimination

Segregation and Discrimination

  • Voting Restrictions

    • Poll Tax

    • Grandfather Clause

  • Jim Crow Laws

  • Plessy v Ferguson

After the test

  • Discrimination in the West

    • Mexican Workers

The dawn of mass culture

The Dawn of Mass Culture

  • Leisure

    • Amusement Parks

    • Sports

  • The Spread of Mass Culture

    • Newspapers

    • Advertising

The populist party platform

The Populist Party Platform

  • Who are the Populists?

  • Panic of 1893

  • Silver or Gold?

    • Gold Standard

  • Bryan and the “Cross of Gold”

    • McKinley vs Bryan

  • The End of Populism

The origins of progressivism

The Origins of Progressivism

  • Four Goals of Progressivism

  • Promoting Moral Improvement

    • Prohibition

  • Creating Economic Reform

    • “Muckrakers”

Bell work

Bell Work

  • Get workbook

  • Page 126-128

  • Will discuss in class

Cleaning up the government

Cleaning up the Government

  • Reform at the State Level

    • Protecting Working Children

    • Reforming Elections

  • Direct Election of Senators

    • 17th Amendment

Women in public life

Women in Public Life

  • Women Lead Reform

    • Susan B Anthony

  • Suffrage

    • 3 Roads to Victory

Teddy roosevelt s square deal

Teddy Roosevelt’s Square Deal

  • Trust-Busting

    • Sherman Anti-Trust Act

  • 1902 Coal Strike

    • What the Workers Wanted

    • What the Workers Got

  • Regulating Food and Drugs

    • Meat Inspection Act

    • Pure Food and Drug Act

  • Conservation

After the test

  • Roosevelt and Civil Rights

Progressivism under taft

Progressivism Under Taft

  • Who is Taft?

  • Election of 1912?

    • Republican Party Splits

    • Bull Moose Party

    • Democrats

Wilson s new freedom

Wilson’s New Freedom

  • Federal Income Tax

  • Federal Reserve System

Women win suffrage

Women Win Suffrage

Chapter 10 america claims an empire

Chapter 10- America Claims an Empire

Reasons for expansionism

Reasons for Expansionism

  • The 4 “-isms”

The us takes hawaii

The US Takes Hawaii

  • Annexation

  • Why Hawaii?

    • Pearl Harbor

    • Debate

The spanish american war

The Spanish-American War

  • Cubans Rebel Against Spain?

    • Why?

    • Jose Marti

War fever escalates

War Fever Escalates

  • “The Butcher”

  • Yellow Journalism

    • Hearst

  • The de Lome Letter

    • US Response

  • The USS Maine Explodes

War with spain erupts

War with Spain Erupts

  • War in the Philippines

    • George Dewey

  • War in the Caribbean

    • Rough Riders

    • San Juan Hill

  • The Treaty of Paris

Acquiring new lands

Acquiring New Lands

  • Puerto Rico

  • Philippines

  • Cuba

    • Platt Amendment

    • Protectorate

After the test

  • China

    • Open Door Notes

    • Boxer Rebellion

Impact of spanish american war

Impact of Spanish-American War

America as a world power

America as a World Power

  • Teddy Roosevelt and the World

    • The Peacemaker

    • Panama Canal

  • The Roosevelt Corollary

    • Meaning

    • Taft’s “Dollar Diplomacy”

After the test

  • Wilson’s Missionary Diplomacy

    • Rebellion in Mexico

      • Pancho Villa vs John J Pershing

    • “Watchful Waiting”

Chapter 11 the first world war

Chapter 11: The First World War

Causes of wwi

Causes of WWI

  • The “-isms”

Assassination leads to war

Assassination Leads to War

Americans questions neutrality

Americans Questions Neutrality

The war hits home

The War Hits Home

  • British Blockade

  • German U-Boats

The us declares war

The US Declares War

  • The Zimmerman Note

America mobilizes

America Mobilizes

  • Raising an Army

America turns the tide

America Turns the Tide

American troops go on the offensive

American Troops go on the Offensive

The war at home

The War at Home

  • War Industries Board

  • Food Administration

Selling the war

“Selling” the War

Attacks on civil liberties increase

Attacks on Civil Liberties Increase

  • Espionage and Sedition Acts

The war encourages social change

The War Encourages Social Change

Wilson fights for peace

Wilson Fights for Peace

  • Fourteen Points

  • Treaty of Versailles

Legacy of war

Legacy of War

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