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Thermal insulation
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Thermal insulation. Blakely harris Matt robertson skye lewis edva seferi. purpose. To determine the best material(s) for insulating a Snapple bottle using household materials. . background. Insulation is a key part of temperature regulation, and affects energy conservation.

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Thermal insulation

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Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation

Blakely harrisMatt robertson




  • To determine the best material(s) for insulating a Snapple bottleusing household materials.



  • Insulation is a key part of temperature regulation, and affects energy conservation.

Pink Board and Blue Board, two of the most potent greenhouse gas agents.

A change must occur, or many species like the beautiful polar bear will face extinction.



  • Split into teams of 2.

  • Each team take 2 Snapple bottles and fill with room temperature water.

  • Rock, Paper Scissors for first choice in material.

  • Winner selects first, then alternate in choosing materials until they have all been selected.

Let the creativity begin

Let the creativity begin…



Rubber Liner

Paper Bag


T-Shirt Fabric


Coffee Bag

Data collection

Data collection

  • Each team will have 4 materials to insulate 2 Snapple bottles.

  • Lab view will take temperature readings every 15 seconds for a duration of 5 minutes (20 total).

  • The insulated Snapple bottles will be tested 2 at a time (1 from each team).



  • Each team’s average change in temperature can be calculated with this formula:

Bottle #1 change in temp.


Bottle #2

Change in temp.



  • The team with the lower average change in temperature wins.



  • Teams will finish their experiment by answering a set of questions…

  • Which insulation materials worked best? Why do you think these were better materials?

  • What suggestions do you have to improve this lab for future students?

  • How does this lab relate to sustainability? Is insulation an effective way to conserve energy?

The end

The end

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