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Stomping Butts In Hollywood

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Stomping Butts In Hollywood - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stomping Butts In Hollywood. Why are we so concerned about Hollywood?. Films continue to suggest that smoking is cool, refreshing and popular , indirectly persuading children to start smoking. While Smoking In The Movies Doesn’t Sell Tickets – Smoking In The Movies

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Presentation Transcript

Why are we so

concerned about Hollywood?


Films continue to suggest that

smoking is cool, refreshing and

popular , indirectly persuading

children to start smoking.


While Smoking In The Movies Doesn’t

Sell Tickets – Smoking In The Movies

Does Sell Cigarettes.


Big Tobacco’s Marketing Experts and

Independent Researchers Agree

“We believe that most of the strong, positive images for

cigarettes and smoking are created by cinema and television.

We have seen the heroes smoking in ‘Wall Street’, Crocodile

Dundee’, and ‘Roger Rabbit’. Mickey Rourke, Mel Gibson,

and Goldie Hawn are forever seen, both on and off the screen

with a lighted cigarette. It is reasonable to assume that films

and personalities have more influence on consumers than a static

poster of the letters from a B&H pack hung on a washing line

under a dark and stormy sky. If branded cigarette advertising is

to take full advantage of these images, it has to do more than simply

achieve package recognition – it has to feed off and exploit the image source”

1989 Phillip Morris Market Research Study


It’s a matter of life and death,

because children will see the

films, take the influences with

them and begin smoking habits

that will last their entire lives,

many of which will be shortened

due to tobacco use.


Laws restrict tobacco companies

from placing products in movies.

but there are lots of other ways they

can pay out in the hopes that there

will be product placement in the

movie. Can you think of some ways

the tobacco companies might use to

get their products in the movies?


Pay a particular star in the movie

to use their product in the movie.

Send out free cigarettes or tobacco

products to the set for the actors to use.


Why do they want their deadly

products placed in movies?


While smoking in the movies

doesn’t sell tickets – Smoking

In the movies does sell



According to the American Lung

Association research, 50 percent of

PG-13 films contained tobacco, and

of the films that do contain tobacco,

82 percent included smoking by the

lead actors, whom the organization

contends most influence kids to smoke.


In Their Own Words

“Smoking is being positioned as an

unfashionable, as well as unhealthy,custom.

We must use every creative means at our

disposal to reverse this destructive trend.

I do feel heartened at the increasing number

of occasions when I go to a movie and see a

pack of cigarettes in the hands of a leading lady.

This is a sharp contrast to the state of affairs

just a few years ago when cigarettes rarely

showed up in cinema. We must continue

to exploit new opportunities to get cigarettes

on screen and into the hands of smokers”.


Can you believe that big tobacco

has also placed their products in

Cartoons? And who do you think

watches those cartoons?


See if you can guess how many

seconds smoking was shown in

the following movies…


The following movies are G rated movies

Anastasia smoking was shown seconds

Hercules seconds

Alice in Wonderland seconds

Pinocchio seconds






In Space Jam the

movie smoking was

shown a total of




Showed smoking

a total of




Smoking was

shown seconds.



Smoking was

shown seconds.



More Internal Documents

“Film is better than any commercial that

has been run on television or in any

magazine, because the audience is totally

unaware of any sponsor involvement.”

“Recently there have been a number of

High-visibility feature films in which one

Or more of the central characters smoke

A particular brand of cigarettes. This has

Been happening because cigarette

Manufactures have been paying for the



So what are some things we

can do to encourage Hollywood

to decrease smoking in movies?


Letter writing campaign

Notices in video/DVD rentals

Movie reviews in school paper

Movie reviews in local paper

Palm cards in video/DVD rentals


Movie nights (make noise

when they see someone in the

movie smoking or watch only movies that don’t have smoking

in them).


Theater “Warnings”

Produce slides which can be played

before a movie starts.

Slides may contain strong anti-

tobacco warnings and/or

provide “truth” – Smoking in the

Movies does not portray reality.


Magazine campaign (a letter

writing campaign or use their

own business reply cards to mail

back a pro health message rather

than using tobacco advertisements).