Advanced ivf treatment choices in india
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Advanced IVF Treatment Choices in India PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advanced IVF Treatment Choices in India

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Advanced IVF Treatment Choices in India


Advanced IVF Treatment Choices in India

  • Infertility bothers a lot of couples all over the world. The problem of infertility even clues to obstruction for many.

  • Inappropriately, there are about 15 to 20 percent married couples in India alone suffering from infertility concerns.

Advanced IVF Treatment Choices in India

  • However, with the modern development in medical science, improved management of the infertility issues can now be guaranteed.

  • Couples can now achieve their delusion of having a child with more dependability. In India, the IVF treatment choices are popular.

Advanced IVF Treatment Choices in India

  • In vitro fertilization is a method wherein the sperms and eggs are fertilized outside the body.

  • These days, IVF has been the most operative and efficacious treatment choices in infertility when many other ART or Assisted Reproductive Technologies fail to offer outcomes.

Advanced IVF Treatment Choices in India

  • The IVF treatment choices in India particularly include hormonal stimulus of ovulatory process, the removal of eggs from ovaries and then letting the sperms fertilize the eggs out of the body.

  • The fertilized eggs will then be developed in the laboratory for about three days and the embryo ensuing out from this process is then moved into the uterus of the woman.

Advanced IVF Treatment Choices in India

  • Different Procedures of IVF

  • Sperm Gathering

  • This is one of the IVF treatment options in India where sperms are collected from the male partner.

  • The sperms are usually collected through the method of masturbation.

  • If sperms cannot be formed manually, then surgical retrieval of the sperms is done from the testis.

Advanced IVF Treatment Choices in India

  • Ovarian Stimulus

  • Every menstrual cycle observes the release of the mature egg.

  • During the IVF, the process is further improved with hormones in order to retrieve large number of eggs to improve the chances of pregnancy further.

  • Oocyte Collection

  • The oocyte collection is a technique of gathering the eggs by monitoring a needle into each follicle in the ovaries. The retrieved eggs are used for the IVF.

Advanced IVF Treatment Choices in India

  • Fertilization

  • After oocytes are composed they are then mixed with the sperms.

  • An embryologist places both the sperm and the eggs in the solution comprising the nutrients in the Petri dish placed in the incubator.

  • The fertilization frequently takes place when the sperm arrives the egg.

Advanced IVF Treatment Choices in India

  • Embryo Transfer

  • After 2 to 3 days, the embryo is transferred into the uterus of the woman with the help  of one fine catheter. This catheter is delivered smoothly through the cervix.

  • The extra embryos can also be frozen for usage in future.

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