The water cycle
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The Water Cycle PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Water Cycle. Mrs. Anna Ward Ridge Road MS. Warm Up On page 16 …. Please label this page… Salt Water Evaporation Question : What happens when salt water evaporates? Background Research : See Research Project

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The Water Cycle

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The Water Cycle

Mrs. Anna Ward

Ridge Road MS

Warm Up On page 16…

  • Please label this page…Salt Water Evaporation

  • Question: What happens when salt water evaporates?

  • Background Research: See Research Project

  • Hypothesis: I hypothesize if salt water evaporates then _______________ because ____________________________________.

  • Materials:

    • Plastic Bowl

    • Salt

    • Hot Water

    • Baby food jar

    • Plastic Wrap

    • Marble

    • Rubber Band


  • In your group, please place a tablespoon of salt in the bottom of your plastic bowl.

  • Fill bowl with 1 inch of warm water.

  • Place your finger in the bowl to taste the water. Is it salty?

  • Place the empty food jar in the center of the water.

  • Cover the apparatus with plastic wrap and set a marble on top of the plastic wrap.



Water Cycle Animation


Practice…for Stamps


Energy Transfer & The Water Cycle…


Do Now!!!

Class Discussion

What is a Cycle?

What is the Water Cycle?


The Earth’s process of water change and energy transfer which includes evaporation and transpiration, condensation, precipitation, collection and runoff

Water Cycle:

Water Cycle Video


Water Drop Odyssey

  • Turn to Page 20 of your science notebook.

  • I will read the story, “Water Drop Odyssey.”

  • While I am reading, you need to sketch whatever comes to your mind while I am reading.

  • Fill up the page…don’t be intimidated to draw ANYTHING that comes to your mind.

Creating our own Biomes


  • We will follow the above instructions to create our own biomes!

Reminder…Biome steps

  • Add your rocks to the plastic bottle bottom.

  • Add in soil.

  • Add in a small amount of grass seed.

  • Moisten the soil with water.

  • Label your plastic bag with your block number and team member’s names.

  • Place the plastic bottle into the baggie and seal. Make sure you leave some air in the bag.

  • Put your biome along the back window for sunlight.

Exit Ticket

  • On your notecard, what do you hypothesize will happen in your group’s biome? Please use complete sentences to describe your prediction.

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