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Political parties
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Political parties. Class X ( DM. POL). Contributed by: K.Beulah P.Naziya D.Likitha. Political party. A political party is a group Of people who come together To contest elections and Hold power in the govt. Functions of political parties. To contest in elections

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Political parties

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Political parties

Political parties

Class X ( DM. POL)

Contributed by:




Political parties

Political party

A political party is a group

Of people who come together

To contest elections and

Hold power in the govt

Political parties

Functions of political


To contest in elections

Policies and programmes

Making laws

Form and run government

Political parties

National parties

Political parties

National party

A party that secures atleast

6% of total votes in loksabha

Elections or assembly

Elections in 4 states and wins

Atleast 4 seats in the loksabha is recognised

As a national party

Political parties

State parties

Political parties

State party

A party that secures atleast 6% of the

Total votes in an election to the legislative

Assembly of a state and wins atleast

Two seats is recognised as a state party

Political parties

Challenges to the

Political parties:

Lack of internal democracy

Dynastic successions

Money and muscle power

Meaningful choice

Political parties

Reforming political


Political parties

Ways to reforming

Political parties

People can put pressure on political

Parties. This can be done through

Petitions, publicity and agitations

2. Political parties can improve if those

Who want this join political parties

Political parties

Thank you 

Political parties


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