Ma petite histoire
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Ma Petite Histoire. Creative Writing Assignment Ch. 7. Think of an é v é nement. Happy Funny Embarrassing Scary Surprising Amazing! But NOT SAD!! (we’d feel awkward!). Consider: What was already going on before event happened?. How old were you? What were you feeling?

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Ma petite histoire

Ma Petite Histoire

Creative Writing Assignment

Ch. 7

Think of an v nement
Think of an événement

  • Happy

  • Funny

  • Embarrassing

  • Scary

  • Surprising

  • Amazing!

  • But NOT SAD!! (we’d feel awkward!)

Consider what was already going on before event happened
Consider: What was already going on before event happened?

  • How old were you?

  • What were you feeling?

  • What did people look like/what were you wearing,what was weather like, etc.

  • What actions were already in motion- what was already going on?

  • These kinds of things would be IMPARFAIT

What were the actual event s
What were the actual event/s?

  • The thing that finally happens!

  • (and any events leading up to it)

  • Your (or other people’s) reactions

  • Results or consequences

  • These words will use passé composé

  • Examples: I fell! He screamed! It jumped out at me! Everyone laughed!” Etc.

How did you or other people respond or react
How did you or other people respond or react?

  • What they said?

  • (Il m’a dit….)

  • How you felt (in this case reactionary)?

  • (J’ai été embarassé) – (I got embarassed)

  • Results? (On s’est marié!)

  • These kinds of things are usually passé composé

Feelings in pc vs imp
Feelings in PC vs IMP

  • Usually, how you feel will be in imparfait. However, there is a slight difference when you use them in passé composé:

  • J’ avais peur- I was scared

  • J’ai eu peur- I GOT scared

  • J’ étais malade- I was sick

  • J’ai été malade- I GOT sick

8 sentences minimum
8 sentences minimum


  • Be sure to have a good mix of Imparfait and Passé Composé

  • It can get frustrating when you can’t express yourself as well in another language, so edit your complex sentences into shorter, children’s book level sentences. (see my examples)

  • You can write more for extra credit!!!


  • 80% Content (8+ sentences; grasped concept- was able to tell story, grammar, spelling, etc)

  • 20% Presentation (how much time you spent on making it fun to look at while you share the story with your group!- neatness, care, etc)

  • MEGA PARTICIPATION PTS!! If you have it ready to go first thing when class starts.

Rough draft
Rough Draft

  • You can type it or write it by hand. Please be sure to:

  • Double Space so that I have room to write corrections

  • Write legibly so that I can understand what you are saying.

  • Rough Draft Due: (UTA- Lundi le 29)

  • (TCC- Mardi le 30)

  • Final Creative Story Due: (UTA- Lundi le 5)

  • (TCC-Mardi le 6)

Amusez vous

  • I hope that you have some fun with this!

  • Telling your story is TRES BONNE exercise in your 2nd language, plus it’s a very effective learning tool, since you are talking about things that are actually meaningful to you.