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English Speaking Classes in pune | 3DOT Technologies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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3dot Technologies is a leading brand in providing spoken english classes in pune through e learning modules. Our top class english professional trainers provide an excellent coaching for English Speaking Classes. We have well managed class rooms with Internet facilities.<br>

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Presentation Transcript


Do you play cricket?

Do you drink tea?

Does he go to school?

Does she dance well?

Simple Present Tense

Is sachin playing today’s


Is Karan Participating in


Are you going to college?

Are we watching the movie today?

Present Continuous Tense

Has she completed the task?

Has she watched the movie


Have you finished the college work?

Have you played with karan before?

Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect

Continuous Tense

Have you been driving this car?

Has he been participating?

Did you play cricket before?

Did you drink tea?

Did he go to school?

Did she dance well?

Simple Past Tense

Was sachin playing today’s


Was Karan Participating in


Were you going to college?

Were you watching the movie


Past Continuous Tense

Had she completed the task?

Had she watched the movie


Had you finished the college work?

Had you played with karan before?

Past Perfect Tense

Simple Future


Shall I Play with You?

Will you come with me?

Future Continuous Tense

Will you be coming with us?

Will she be driving at night?

What (dk;½

What are you doing?

What is your Name?

Which ( d¨.krk)

Which is your bike?

Which School are you in?

When (dsOgk )

When do you have your School?

When do you go to college?

Who (d¨.k)

Who are you?

Who is your Favorite actor?

Why (dk)

Why are you Late?

Why are you not eating banana?

Whose (d¨.kpk)

Whose pen is this?

Whose bike is this?

Where (d¨Bs)

Where are you?

Where do you stay?

Whom (d¨.kyk)

Whom you are talking to?

About whom are you talking?

How (dlk/d”kh/dls)

How are you?

How is your job?

How many(fdrh)

How many students are there?

How many chairs do you want?

How Much (fdrh)

How much money do you want?

How much rupees for this flower?

How long are you going to stay

How long it takes to go to your

How Long (fdrh dkG)



How far is your home form bus

How far (fdrh nwj)

How far is yavatmal from Nagpur?