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LOTE ADVOCACY. Working with our legislators and leaders. Nancy H. Ketz [email protected] NYSAFLT Summer Institute August 9, 2012. Agenda. Knowing our leaders Current legislation The phone call The letter The visit Their advice to us. Knowing our leaders.

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Lote advocacy


Working with our legislators and leaders

Nancy H. Ketz

[email protected]

NYSAFLT Summer Institute

August 9, 2012


  • Knowing our leaders

  • Current legislation

  • The phone call

  • The letter

  • The visit

  • Their advice to us

Knowing our leaders
Knowing our leaders

  • Who are my legislators?

  • Federal: Senator and Representative

  • NYS: Senator and Assemblyman

  • For contact info, go to http://www.nysaflt.org and click on advocacy

  • Contact info for SED and Regents is also available there.

Current legislation
Current legislation

  • A06232

  • S00721

  • HR01966

  • What is the status of these bills?

  • How do we learn what we need to know about legislation?

The phone call
The phone call

  • How hard is this?

  • Watch the role-play.

  • Good or bad example?

  • Why?

  • What about multiple calls?

The letter
The letter

  • Use NYSAFLT’s Advocacy Guide to Letter Writing (thanks Marie C)

  • Perfect length?

  • Where do I get necessary info?

  • NYSAFLT’s advocacy page, under talking points

  • What should be included?

Parts of the letter
Parts of the letter

  • Title. Get it right!

  • Intro sentence: Who you are, making it matter.

  • Paragraph 1: Identify the problem.

  • Paragraph 2: Explain the significance of the problem.

  • Paragraph 3: Your specific request & thanks

  • Your name, mailing address, phone#, email.

More about letter writing
More about letter writing

  • Snail-mail or fax is better than email.

  • Only one person per letter.

The visit
The visit

  • Making the appointment.

  • From receptionist to scheduler.

  • What days/times are typical?

  • What if they offer you a chief of staff or area specialist?

  • How long will the visit probably be?

  • How many people should attend?

The visit continued
The visit, continued

  • What should you bring with you?

  • Folder with 1 – 4 pages of info, possibly 1 brochure, business card.

The visit1
The visit

  • If you are so inspired, what kind of prep work might you do in advance?

  • Check your legislator’s website and find out 2 or 3 pertinent facts about your legislator.

  • So what might a typical visit consist of?

Sample visit
Sample visit

  • Introduce yourself (yourselves)

  • Possible 1 minute of acknowledging some fact about the legislator (the schmooze)

  • Get to the point of your visit. Discuss your problem, issue, its relevance, etc. (5 minutes)

  • Point out important materials in folder. (3-5 minutes)

  • Explain what you’d like the legislator to do.

  • Return to legislator’s personal connection.

  • Ask for a photo-op.

  • Say thank you; repeat request.

Their advice to us
Their advice to us

  • Since there is no legislation presently being voted on, they suggest we go to more LOCAL, GRASSROOTS efforts.