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I've passed the expertise in fine arts as most likely a legacy as it carries in my family, so in the event that you are searching for some ink, that will never be seen somewhere else, I'm your guy holding the pros. So if you need some ink, be it in black and gray old fashioned, or colors, might be something with a reasonable, oriental or even a Maori theme, or anything you name it, and I have it. What's more, yes, I alter the bad ones too, with awesome cover ups. What makes me different? Firstly, and above all, the hygiene. I keep up surgical norms at my tattoo studio. All equipment are state of the art and sterilized.Second, I look into my inks truly well. I pick the ink and the shades of the hues as indicated by your skin tone, texture and conditioning, to ensure the tattoo is the thing that it should be. In conclusion, the most imperative part of being inked at my tattoo studio is the meetings. I trust that a tattoo has an life experience related to it. I have sit downs with my customers to comprehend the feeling that makes you need to have on you skin. The scope of feelings that build up a tattoo, is my specialty. Also, with ink is the way I introduce it. this way, if you need an incredible bit of workmanship, find me, I work out of my tattoo studio in Mumbai.

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Rahul Ghare - For Customized Realistic Tattoos in Mumbai

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Rahul ghare




About me

About Me

I've been a sketch artist for almost all my life, and I've just moved the medium from canvas to skin for more than five years. I started off being a Chef, I love food, then headed to be Mr. Bombay in 1998. Hell! I've even been a bouncer, but the best part is being a Tattoo artist. I've been passed the skill in fine arts as probably a heritage as it carries in my family, so if you are looking for some ink, that will never be seen elsewhere, I'm your guy holding the aces. So, if you are looking out for a tattoo in Mumbai, look me up. I'm at The Art studio in Mumbai. So if you need some ink, be it in black and grey old school, or colours, may be something with a realistic, Oriental or even a Maori theme, you name it, and I've got it. And yes, I fix the bad ones as well, with awesome cover-ups.

What makes me stand out

What makes me stand out?

  • Firstly, and most importantly, the hygiene. I maintain surgical standards at my tattoo studio. All equipments are state of the art and sterilised.

  • Second, I research my inks really well. And I choose the ink and the shades of the colours according to your skin tone, texture and conditioning, to make sure the tattoo is what it needs to be.

  • Lastly, the most important part of being tattooed at my tattoo studio the consultations. I believe that a tattoo has a life experience associated to it. I have sit downs with my clients to understand the emotion that makes you want to have the ink on you skin. The range of emotions that develop a tattoo, is my forte. And with ink is how I present it.

Some of my works

Some of My Works

Ganesha tattoo


Ganesha Tattoo done by RahulGhare. Ganesha is also know for removing obsiticles or is workshop before starting and good deed. MY client is a great believer of Ganesh and wanted to get a dancing Ganesh. hers the final outcome

Tiger wolf tattoo

Tiger Wolf Tattoo

Tiger and Wolf Tattoo done by RahulGhare. I stand strong like a tiger, I stand loyal like a wolf Im the girl with my strength and yes these are some of my strong aspects. RoshniKarnik was quite sure of what she wanted to get inked. I just had to fuse them. some awesome conversation and a bowl of Salad while doing this.

Lord shiva tattoo

Lord Shiva Tattoo

Lord Shiva Tattoo done by RahulGhare. My client wanted a Shiva face and so when we finalised on the design, He gave me freedom to do it in my style of colorblackandgrey realism. One more pass required to call it finish.

Baby tattoo

Baby Tattoo

Baby Tattoo done by RahulGhare. When Anagha landed in India last year from States she wanted to get inked but due t o health and time issues we couldn’t get the time for her tattoo. Finally this year when arrived she did mention about getting inked. Her innitial idea was to get her name inked on her arm but as we spoke on we could do much better then name( Anagha means sinless, pure) the first thing We thought of was babies. After looking at few images this one was quite the ne which said I’m loved and cuddled of course also sinless or pure.

Contact us

Contact Us

Address:Park Paradise Shop no 8,OppGreen Park,Oshiwara,Andheri(West), Mumbai 400102

Mobile:(+91) 9819706577

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