The giver by lois lowry day 2
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The Giver by Lois Lowry Day 2. Warm Up : In your notebook write about one of your favorite memories. ( May I assume I do not need to mention topic sentences, complete sentences, indent paragraphs…). Memories in The Giver. How would it feel to give up your memories?

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The giver by lois lowry day 2

The Giver by Lois LowryDay 2

Warm Up: In your notebook write about one of your favorite memories. (May I assume I do not need to mention topic sentences, complete sentences, indent paragraphs…)

Memories in the giver
Memories in The Giver

  • How would it feel to give up your memories?

  • What have you learned about memories in The Giver?

  • Are memories important?

We will review the study questions for

chapters 1 & 2 before having a quiz on these

two chapters.

Get out your notebooks and study questions.

The giver quiz 1 answer on paper you will exchange papers to go over
The Giver Quiz # 1Answer on paper. You will exchange papers to go over.

1. What had frightened Jonas about a year ago?

a. a thunderstorm

b. a lion

c. a jet

d. a policeman

2. What punishment did someone in the community receive for a major wrongdoing?

a. community service

b. jail

c. release

3. What did the family do after evening meals? a. talked about their feelings b. watched TV c. read together d. cleaned the dishes4. What makes up a family in Jonas’s community? a. 2 children- 1 boy & 1 girl b. As many children as parents want c. The number of children depended on the parents’ jobs5. At what age did everyone stop celebrating birthdays? a. 50 b. 18 c. 12 d. 21

The Giver is science fiction.What are the characteristics of science fiction?• Science fiction may make predictions about life in the future.• Science fiction often deals with aliens or with life on other worlds.• Science fiction can comment on important issues in society Science fiction is often based on scientific principles and technology.

What evidence is there in the book that this is science fiction? -They have removed all mountains -There is no weather - What else?Is this really possible?Identify these terms from chapter 2.- Ceremony of One -Naming- Bicycles - Comfort Objects- Ceremony of Nine

Answers to terms: fiction?Ceremony of One – new children given their namesNaming- Elders chose names for childrenBicycles- method of transportationCeremony of Nine- children get their bikesComfort Objects- given to each child but taken away when they are 8, “imaginary animals”

Vocabulary for chapters 1 2 students will complete a handout sheet use dictionaries
Vocabulary for Chapters 1 &2 fiction?Students will complete a handout sheet. Use dictionaries!

Closure Questions fiction?1 . From whose point of view is the story told?2. How is Jonas’s family different from your family? Alike?3. Explain how release is viewed for adults, the Old, babies.4. How is the care of children different in Jonas’s world than in yours?5. What 2 rules does Jonas’s father disobey?Homework: Read chapters 3-5 & complete study questions. Quiz tomorrow.