Shirley chisholm born november 30 th 1924 died january 1 st 2005
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Shirley Chisholm Born: November 30 th 1924 Died: January 1 st 2005 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Shirley Chisholm Born: November 30 th 1924 Died: January 1 st 2005. Priya Hall Due: February 10, 2012. Shirley Chisholm Timeline. 1968: She ran for Congress and won the election against James Farmer. 1924: She was born on November 30 th in New York.

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Shirley Chisholm Born: November 30 th 1924 Died: January 1 st 2005

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Shirley ChisholmBorn: November 30th 1924Died: January 1st 2005

Priya Hall

Due: February 10, 2012

Shirley Chisholm Timeline

1968: She ran for Congress and won the election against James Farmer

1924: She was born on November 30th in New York

!949: She got married to Conrad Chisholm.


2005: Shirley died on January 1st in Florida from varies strokes

1938: Shirley met with Eleanor Roosevelt, who gave her the advice, “Don’t let anyone get in your way.”

1960: She helped form the Unity Demographic Club

Shirley’s Childhood

Shirley was born in Brooklyn and known as Shirley Anita St. Hill. At the age of 3 she was sent off to live with her grandmother, along with her 3 other sisters, in Barbados. She went to school in a Barbadian primary school. She returned back to New York at the age of 11.

Chisholm's Adulthood

In school Chisholm was know for her fine debating skills but instead of taking up a profession involving this skill she became a nursery school teacher. And I the late 1950s she

began to work in the Democratic

Party politics.

Shirley Chisholm started her Democratic Party politics in her home town of Bedford- Stuyvesant in New York. She won the election for Congress against James Farmer. She was assigned to the Committee on Agriculture. In the house of Congress she wasn’t greeted in the warmed way. She was determined and was not one to just sit in the crowds, these were to qualities not liked by the Congressmen.

Then later in 1972, she decided to run in a presidential campaign but unfortunately did not take the victory. Shirley running for Congress and for President is a huge thing. She is not only a woman, but also black. By committing this action she definitely make a mark in black history.

My Reaction

I think that Shirley Chisholm is an inspirational person. She followed her dream and made her goal. I think that the advice from Eleanor Roosevelt was a huge part of her success. Not hearing these encouraging words would probably make her less determined and doubtful of actually succeeding. She is defiantly someone to be like or follow. She shows that you should never stop trying because anything can result in a good thing.

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