the tragedy
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The tragedy

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The tragedy. By: Liam McRae. I am one of the survivors of the M agetepopo tragedy and I am excited that I am finally going on the trip to the OPC, with other students. I am a survivor.

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the tragedy

The tragedy

By: Liam McRae


I am one of the survivors of the Magetepopo tragedy and I am excited that I am finally going on the trip to the OPC, with other students. I am a survivor.


The activates started at 9.00 am, with the first one being the high ropes course it didn’t help with the light drizzle going in their eyes purposely annoying them.


It poured, from about 10.30pm to the afternoon with varying intensity. We then got geared up for the walk with our instructor Jodie Sullivan.


After the walk we talked over lunch about going into the gorge. We were given a wetsuit, a personal flotation device and a helmet. We were given a full safety briefing and were told about the water bagging technique.


We arrived at the Genesis intake structure at about 12:30pm . We entered the gorge the water level rose very steadily. Our instructor swam across the river and used the water bagging technique.


It was my turn I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to grab the rope and that I would die. I jumped to get as far across as I could the water was cold I was being swept down stream I reached out and I felt the water bag I grabbed it as tightly as I could, then I felt my feet touch the ground, I was safe.


Our teacher and a Anthony were both excellent swimmers and tied others to themselves but both of them failed and were swept downstream over the dam and were killed it was horrible, in the end we lost 7 Friends. 6 students and a teacher.


The trip back wasn’t fun because we were coming back with less people that came when we got back people were crying and praying. A rock climbing wall was put up for them with inspirational notes all up the wall. 15 April 2008 will never be the same.