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Program Manager Infantry Combat Equipment PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Program Manager Infantry Combat Equipment. Mr. Dan Fitzgerald, Program Manager Infantry Combat Equipment, Marine Corps Systems Command E-mail: [email protected] Office Phone: 703-432-3334. Our Mission.

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Program Manager Infantry Combat Equipment

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Program Manager

Infantry Combat Equipment

Mr. Dan Fitzgerald, Program Manager

Infantry Combat Equipment, Marine Corps Systems Command

E-mail: [email protected]

Office Phone: 703-432-3334

Our Mission

Program Manager Infantry Combat Equipment fields, sustains and assesses clothing and equipment while anticipating the needs of and maintaining contact with the Operating Forces in order to enhance the performance, capability, survivability, and mobility of Marines.

PM ICE Organization

Program Manager

Infantry Combat Equipment

2200 Lester Street

Quantico, VA 22134-6050

Mr. Dan Fitzgerald

Program Manager

[email protected]


Major Renee Holmes

Deputy Program Manager

[email protected]


Mr. Allen Schweizer

Operations Officer

[email protected]



Finance Manager

Mr. Lou Curcio

Team Leader

Combat, Cold Weather,

and Dress Clothing

[email protected]


Mr. Scott Adams

Team Leader

Individual Armor and

Load Bearing

[email protected]


Mr. John O’Brien

Team Leader

Support Equipment &

Mountain Cold Weather

[email protected]


PM ICE Active Projects

Combat, Cold Weather and

Dress Clothing

Individual Armor and

Load Bearing

Support Equipment &

Mountain Cold Weather

-Flame Resistant Organizational

Gear - clothing and textiles that

prevent burn injuries

-Footwear, Hot & Temperate Weather

-All Purpose Environmental

Clothing System (APECS)

-Combat Desert Jacket (CDJ)

-Cold Weather Clothing

Glove System

Winter Camouflage


Mountain Cold Weather Boot

Layering System

-Certification of all clothing &

optional items

-Improved Undergarments and PT


-Accessories: Streamers, Flags, etc.

-Sea Bag Items

All WeatherPT Uniform (new)

Dress Blues (added)

Khaki Shirt (improved)

  • -Family of Ballistic Protection


  • Helmet, Goggles, Spectacles)

  • -Modular Tactical Vest (MTV)

  • -Cooling Vest

  • -Family of Load Bearing

  • Equipment

  • Individual Load Bearing

  • Equipment (ILBE)

  • Pouches

  • -Full Spectrum Battle Equipment

  • (FSBE)

  • -Non-Destructive Testing

  • -Water Purification

  • Flame Resistant materials for

  • ballistic protection systems

  • -Next Generation Ballistic

  • Protection

-Family of Combat Field Feeding




Food &Beverage Containers

Expeditionary Field Kitchen (EFK)

-Mountain Cold Weather


Skies, Snowshoes

Marine Assault Climbers

Kit (MACK)

Sleep System (3 seasons)

-General Property Support


Enhanced Bed Net System

MARPAT Poncho Liner

Family of Flashlight

Individual Flashlight/UHIMIS

Field Tarps/Breachers Kits/

Knee&Elbow Pads

Martial Arts Kits

Individual Armor and

Load Bearing Team

Mr. Scott Adams – Team Leader

Current Ballistic Protection for Marines

Interceptor Outer Tactical Vest (OTV)

OTV with



Front/Back Plate

Side-Small Arms Protective Inserts (S-SAPI)

Current Ballistic Protection forMarines (Continued)

Lightweight Helmet (LWH)

Ballistic Eyewear

Combat Arms Earplugs

(Ballistic Hearing Protection)


Ballistic Protection Successes

System IntegrationModular Tactical Vest (MTV)

Objective– To optimize ballistic protection with integrated

and modular/scalable load carrying capability

  • Enables Marines to configure components to best meet operational requirements (APL concept)

  • Optimizes/balances human factors (comfort and usability), protection (from enemy threats and environment), and cost (production and maintenance)

    Coordinated effort between MCCDC, PM MERS, and PM ICE

  • Gathered user input during two SME conferences during Dec 05

  • Brought together Armor and Load Bearing industry leaders during Dec 05 to assess strategy and determine maturity of COTS solutions

  • Conducted FUE in CLNC during July 06

  • Source Selection conducted August 06

    Executing two simultaneous acquisition approaches

  • Near term solution in FY06/07

  • Next generation solution in FY08/09

Acquisition Strategy

  • MCCDC prioritized enhancements. 6 vendors submitted prototype vests for Limited User Evaluation (LUE). LUE conducted w/ 40 Marines. 3 designs chosen for Field User Evaluation (FUE). FUE conducted Jul 06 w/ over 100 Marines. Final design review Dec 06.

  • Funding - $33.7M.

  • Contract Award – Sep 06.

  • Vendor – Protective Products International.

  • Description

  • Near-term replacement for OTV. Uses same soft and hard armor inserts. Greater area of coverage; quick cut away for emergency egress and medical treatment; improved comfort, wear and stability.

  • Sustainment Concept

  • PM ICE will coordinate with the Consolidated Issue Facility to procure required replacement components, which will be available via the vendor’s GSA catalog.

Fielding Schedule

  • Quantity Required – 60,000.

  • Fielding Schedule - Fielding begins Feb 07 with completion in Sep 07. PPM ICE is coordinating with MARCENT & PP&O on fielding priority.

Modular Tactical Vest (MTV)


Long-term EffortsHeadborne System

Long-term efforts will involve the development of an “encapsulated

system” which will integrate ballistics, hearing and optical protection,

multi-spectrum vision, NBC capability, communications and advanced

displays compatibility.

ImprovedLoad Bearing Equipment

Recon Variant

ILBE Pack System


Medical Bag (old)

Medical Bag (new)

Drop Down Holster

Sustaining Marines

Individual Water Purification System (IWPS)

Desalinization Capability



Block I

Block II


Limited Quantities Fielded

Mountain, Cold Weatherand Support Equipment Team

Mr. John O’Brien – Team Leader

Mountain & Cold Weather Equipment

Cold Weather Canteen

Insulated for use down to – 40 degrees

Keeps water/liquid from completely freezing for

48 hours.

Modular Sleep System Improvement

Reduce weight by ¼ - 1/3

Reduce cube/bulk by ¼ - 1/3

Marine Assault Climbers Kit (MACK) Validate and Modernize SL–3 Components

Individual StoveComponent of the Mountain Cold Weather Infantry Kit 1 stove per 2 Marines Primary Use: Melting Snow – make water

Family of Combat Field Feeding Systems

Field Food Service System (FFSS)

Tray Ration Heating System

Ruggedized Food Containers

Enhanced Tray Ration Heating System

Field Food Service System (FFSS)

  • Three-ISO standard containers (8x8x20)

  • Sub-components:

  • 1) The Mobile Rapid Deployable Kitchen (MRDK) employs two of the

  • ISO containers.

    2) The Field Sanitation Unit (FSU) employs one ISO container.

  • Capable of feeding 800 Marines in 4 hours, two meals per day (based upon B-rations). However, the FFSS is capable of cooking any combination of rations.

  • All electric field kitchen requiring 200 KW to

  • operate entire system. Uses either non-pressurized

  • or pressurized water source up to 40 psi.

  • Requires 12 Marines to operate. Two shifts of 6

  • personnel.

Enhanced Tray Ration Heating System (ERTHS)

  • Components:

    • Current TRHS: 250 Marines x 2 meals daily

    • Quad Cold – Quadcon sized refrigerator that is also used to store and transport the system.

    • 2 Field Range Cabinets: Fueled by JP8

    • 2 additional tables

Miscellaneous Combat Equipment

Field Tarp


Poncho Liner

Enhanced Bed Net System

Marine Corp MACS Sack and Enhanced Bed Net System

  • MACS Sack

    • 5 liter, nylon compression sack with a purge valve

    • Each ILBE will have 4 MACS Sacks

    • Initial Fielding is 2 MACS Sacks per ILBE to provide as many Marines as possible with this capability.

  • Enhanced Bed Net System (EBNS)

    • Identical to the IBNS with an added Rain Fly

    • Developing conversion kits to turn IBNS into EBNS

    • Use: on a cot or directlyon the ground

Combat, Cold Weather, and

Dress Clothing Team

Mr. Lou Curcio – Team Leader

Flame Resistant Organizational Gear

(FROG I and II)




Nomex Gloves

Combat Shirt& Trousers







Long Sleeve

FR Undershirt


through DLA


3rd Qtr FY 07

Begin Fielding APR 07

Fielding FROG I items 2nd Qtr FY 07

Flame Resistant Organizational Gear (FROG)UUNS – CDTS# Unknown

  • Description

  • FROG provides increased protection against fire/flame exposure.

  • FROG I – Base Layers: balaclava, improved gloves, long sleeve t-shirt.

  • FROG II – Outer Layers: combat shirt & trouser ensemble or CVC/flight suit.

Acquisition Strategy

  • R&D on fabrics/designs.

  • Lab tests, including PYROMAN.

  • Items selected offer optimal level of protection and wear ability.

  • Funding - $44M.

  • Contract Awards – shirts 11 Dec 06; gloves 12 Dec 06; combat shirt & trouser

    20 DEC 06.

  • Numerous contracting strategies employed; GSA/Prime Vendor/MCSC Contracting.

1 ea. Light weight

1 ea. MID weight

1 pr

2 per

2 per

2 per

  • Sustainment Concept

  • PM ICE will POM for and provide sustainment for FROG for the foreseeable future. Replacements will be forecasted and force fed to the STAP/CARDF or as directed by PP&O/MARCENT.

  • Fielding

  • Quantity Required – 60,000 (1 per).

  • Fielding Schedule

    FROG I Begins Jan 07 - Aug 07 Complete

    FROG II Begins Apr 07- Apr 08 Complete

Base Layering for Cold Weather Operations

Combat Utility Uniform


Fleece Pullovers

(100/300 wt)


  • All Purpose Environmental Clothing System (APECS)


  • Combat Desert Jacket(CDJ)

Improved Hot & Temperate

Weather Boots

  • Enhanced outsole

  • Increased Durability

  • New types of leather

Field User Evaluation Completed (In Source Selection)

New Initiatives

CMC Directed

  • PT Uniforms

    • Development Stage

    • FUE 3rd Qtr FY 07

    • SEABAG 1st Qtr FY 08

  • Dress Blue Uniforms

    • SEABAG Issue 1st Qtr FY 08

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