Virtual tour of the uvm davis center loading dock
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Virtual Tour of the UVM Davis Center Loading Dock - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Virtual Tour of the UVM Davis Center Loading Dock. Designed for efficient and safe handling of recycling and waste materials.

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Virtual Tour of the UVM Davis Center Loading Dock

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Virtual Tour of theUVM Davis CenterLoading Dock

Designed for efficient and safe handling of recycling and waste materials.

The Dudley H. Davis Center is the 186,000 square foot student center at the University of Vermont (UVM). Completed in August 2007, the building is the first LEED-Gold certified student center in the U.S.

Discussions about ways to handle recycling and trash in the building took place years before actual construction. The UVM Recycling operations staff had considerable input early in the process, through conceptual, schematic and final design development stages.

The loading dock area sits below grade, thus well hidden from street view and pedestrian walkway view.

During Construction – March 2007

After Completion – September 2007

The entire loading dock area is covered by an 18,000 sq. ft. “green roof” planted with drought-resistant grasses to absorb storm water. The layer of soil (with an average depth of 12-14”) can hold up to 80 lbs of weight per cubic foot including the soil itself, the grasses and storm water or snow.

During Construction – March 2007

After Completion – September 2007

A roll-up gate provides security to the dock area. The dock is monitored and staffed during regular daytime hours, and the gate is closed after hours.

Roll-up security gate for after hours.

Emergency phone for after-hours access.

Radiant tubing under the driveway ramp transfers heat from the hot water system to the concrete surface above to prevent ice formation. This radiant snow melt system reduces the need for salt and chemical de-icing agents in the winter.

After Completion – September 2007

During Construction – March 2007

The loading dock features two 20-cubic yard self contained compactors. One is for commingled recycling, the other for general trash. These sit under the covered portion of the dock, protected from snow, rain and wind.

Each compactor is fitted with a Perkins® hydraulic cart lifter enabling staff to empty heavy carts without risk of injury.

Commingled or “single stream” recycling, including corrugated cardboard, all grades of paper, metal cans, glass bottles and plastic containers are dumped together into the recycling compactor. On average, 3.5 tons per month of recycling is hauled from the Davis Center to the local CSWD Material Recovery Facility.

Food waste and compostable packaging from the dining areas is collected for composting. These are placed into wheeling carts which are lined with compostable bags (made of cornstarch).

The carts are wheeled into a walk-in cooler which is exclusively used for this purpose. Carts are stored here prior to pickup by the contracted food waste collection truck. The cooler keeps waste at a constant temperature – helping reduce odors and pests in warmer months, and preventing frozen carts in winter months.

A cart wash area adjacent to the walk-in cooler features ceramic tile wall, sanitary drain with catch basin for solids, and a high-pressure hose for washing out the compost, recycle and trash barrels on a regular basis.

Overall, the loading dock area has wide corridors and smooth cement flooring to allow for efficient movement of materials through the busy space.

Ramps connect different levels of the loading dock allowing for various types of delivery vehicles. This is the ramp where food waste carts are wheeled outside to the food waste collection truck.

Space was designed into the loading dock area for pallets, milk crates, bread racks and reusable shipping boxes. These are back-hauled by vendors as they deliver new products to the Davis Center.

Used cooking oil is collected and stored in 45-gallon drums. The drums sit on a spill containment pallet. These are emptied by a company which converts the used oil into biofuel.

Empty aerosol cans, “Sterno” and butane canisters from the catering and dining operations are collected and stored in small drums. These are picked up by UVM’s Environmental Safety department which disposes of them properly as a regulated flammable waste.

Daily building operations are serviced through a corridor which connects the loading dock to the freight elevator and “back of house” entrances to the retail shops, Bookstore and kitchens. This corridor allows materials to move in and out of the building away from public view and busy pedestrian areas. Swinging double doors throughout the corridor reduce noise, odors and outside air from entering the building.

Inside the building, recycling and waste is collected from attractive built-in cabinets which are placed throughout every floor. Each cabinet contains a compartment for mixed paper, cans & bottles, and general waste. Square Rubbermaid® Station Containers line the inside of each cabinet.

At the busy Marketplace food court, there is a dish return area with a built-in station for recycling bottles & cans, paper, and composting post-consumer food scraps and compostable packaging. These bins are emptied by Davis Center custodial staff.

Moveable trash/recycle stations are used on the 4th floor Conference Center of the building, and are rolled into and out of meeting rooms as needed.

Thank you for visiting us on this virtual tour of the Davis Center loading dock!

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About other “green building” features of Davis Center, visit:

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Slide Show prepared by Erica Spiegel, UVM Recycling program <>

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