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Don't Be Sorry : Understanding No Cost Extensions (NCE) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Don't Be Sorry : Understanding No Cost Extensions (NCE). OSP Round Table: Grants Management Isn't Child's Play. Topics. Federal extensions ARRA Contracts Private extensions Sub contracts (in coming/out going) Justifications. Federal Awards. Things to consider:

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Don't Be Sorry : Understanding No Cost Extensions (NCE)

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Don't Be Sorry: Understanding No Cost Extensions (NCE)

OSP Round Table:

Grants Management Isn't Child's Play


  • Federal extensions

  • ARRA

  • Contracts

  • Private extensions

  • Sub contracts (in coming/out going)

  • Justifications

Federal Awards

  • Things to consider:

    • Is there available funding?

    • How long is needed to complete the work?

    • Do we need to rebudget to meet the aims?

    • Do I need to adjust my effort based on remaining work?

    • Is the award under the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) or do we have Expanded Authorities?

Federal Awards (cont.)

  • If under FDP IV, we can take the extension locally

    • Provide justification to Post-Award Analyst

    • He/she will obtain the necessary approvals

    • Must be within 90 days of the end of the award

    • If award expires, must go through formal procedure

      • Provide written justification

      • Detailed budget

Federal Awards (cont.)

  • Office of Sponsored Programs will extend the end date through eRA Commons for NIH awards for up to 12 months

  • Non-NIH federal awards have different requirements

    • Read terms and conditions

    • Read appropriate grant guidelines for sponsor

Federal Awards (cont.)

  • Second extension

    • Provide justification and detailed budget

    • OSP will forward to appropriate person

ARRA Extensions

  • Originally, no extensions allowed

  • Policy changed to allow extensions

  • Carry over of funds may be a problem

  • Must be addressed on a case-by-case basis


  • Usually not allowed without very good reason

  • Be specific in justification

Private/Industry Awards

  • Terms and conditions must be consulted in each case

  • May have language indicating that award may be extended unilaterally until all subjects have finished (clinical trial)

  • Agreement may state that it can only be extended by mutually agreed upon conditions

Sub Contracts

  • In-coming

    • UTMB PI should consult with prime PI to determine if an extension is possible

    • Contact your Post-Award Analyst who will work with Contracts

    • Provide justification and budget

Sub Contracts

  • Out-going

    • If PI determines that he/she wants to approve a sub recipient extension, ask department to provide justification and budget

    • Post-Award Analyst will work with Contracts to obtain an amendment


  • Justifications should be thorough and specific to the award

  • No generic justification should be used

Good Examples

  • My science was slow to start (per my annual progress reports) and my woodchucks went into hibernation.

  • I couldn’t locate anyone with the appropriate skill set I needed and work was delayed.

  • My baboons won’t get pregnant.

  • My patients have not all finished their visits for the clinical trial.

Poor Justifications

  • I still have budget left.

  • Even though I have already turned in my final report, I want to spend the money.

  • I was unaware that the funds were available.

  • I haven’t finished the science yet.


Contact your

Post-Award Specialist

for more information.


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