Igcse literature essay
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IGCSE Literature Essay PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IGCSE Literature Essay . Feedback All My Sons. A writer can affect the reader:. Intellectually- by conveying ideas/impressions Imaginatively- by conveying sensory impressions to the reader, especially visual and auditory effects

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IGCSE Literature Essay

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IGCSE Literature Essay


All My Sons

A writer can affect the reader:

  • Intellectually- by conveying ideas/impressions

  • Imaginatively- by conveying sensory impressions to the reader, especially visual and auditory effects

  • Emotionally- by creating feelings within the reader, ex excitement, pity, fear, sadness

So what are you being asked to do?

  • You’re being asked to analyse the writer’s use of language to create effects

  • Use evidence from the text to support your analysis

  • Be specific and focused when commenting on the possible effects of the word or sentence you have used as evidence

  • Consider the writer’s use of language such as imagery, punctuation, sentence structure, abudance of verbs, vibrant adjectives, sounds- onomatopoeia or alliterations, and use of multi –sensory language for vivid effect etc.

The writer is a puppeteer.

This means that there are intended effects.

What is Miller doing?

What is the effect?

How does he achieve this?

What is he commenting on?


So what went wrong?

What caused the effect?

  • Specific meaning of a word

  • Association created by a word

  • Rhythm and pace of words and sentence structure

  • The place of the words, sentences within the action of the story

Comment on the following example response.

Chris wants to marry Ann even though his family is opposed to it. This is shown in the passage when he tells his father: “….” (Miller, #) This makes his father upset because Kate Keller does not want Chris to marry Ann. By accepting the marriage between Ann and Chris would be to accept the death of Larry, something that Kate isn’t ready to do.

The language of analysis: An Example

The author achieves the effect of the character’s sympathy through the use of the semantic field “riveted”, “absorbed” and “unaware” throughout the argument scene. Of course the fact that the reader is encouraged to imagine that he/ she is in the place of the character only serve to intensify the reader’s empathy and, consequently, sense of unease. Miller then further rachets up the tension of the play, and thus the reader’s emotional engagement with the writing by the use of the simile “ the isolation which completely surrounds you and which clings to you like a second skin.” (Miller, #) It encourages the reader to imagine how vulnerable Kate is by the fact that she is alone and …


  • No Introduction/Conclusion

  • No thesis

  • No evidence, textual support

  • Incorrectly chosen or embedded quotations

  • Emphasis on storyline/plot rather than analysis

  • Lack of editing: Spelling/Grammar Errors

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