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Facilities Planning Construction Major Maintenance Projects, EHS and Service Requests - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Facilities & Planning Construction & Major Maintenance Projects, EH&S and Service Requests. GO OREGON! Stimulus Projects. Stimulus Projects in Completion Art Building Interior, Entrances & Exteriors Improvements CH Corridors - Fire Sprinklers CH - 7 New Classrooms CH - new roof

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Facilities & Planning

Construction & Major Maintenance Projects,

EH&S and Service Requests

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GO OREGON! Stimulus Projects

Stimulus Projects in Completion

Art Building Interior, Entrances & Exteriors Improvements

CH Corridors - Fire Sprinklers

CH - 7 New Classrooms

CH - new roof

ML - new roof

ML & SB1 - Restroom Improvements

NH & CH - Restroom Improvements

NH - Corridors & Classroom Upgrades

NH – Corridor Sprinklers

OND Theaters 90 & 92, Classroom Improvements

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2009-2010 Current

Construction Areas

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ASRC, Urban Plaza & Montgomery Green Street Projects

  • Academic & Student Recreation Center (ASRC) $72.5 M

  • Student Recreation Center, 10 new classrooms, City archives, School of Social Work, OUS Chancellors Office, and the PSU Bike Hub

  • Retail: Pita Pit, Green Line Market (PSU Bookstore Expansion), Kaplan Testing, New Taste of India, UPS Store and More!

  • Designed to consume at least 30% less energy then a standard commercial building and to self-generate up to 6000w via rooftop solar panels

  • ASRC will be fully open Winter term 2010; PSU Outdoor Program now open!

  • Montgomery Street Improvements & Urban Plaza Upgrades

  • Installation of bio-swales and planters by fountains. Collaborative project with PDC & OSD to capture storm water runoff in an effort to improve water quality in the city

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Lincoln Hall Seismic and Systems Upgrade

  • State of Oregon Economic Stimulus Funding $1.5 million

  • All exterior windows replaced – by Oregon manufactures and contractors

  • Associated energy savings resulted in less HVAC equipment needed throughout building.

  • Completion this month

  • Deferred Maintenance $29.2 million

  • Seismic upgrade, mechanical and electrical upgrade, finishes, and space programming.

  • New roof with features for day lighting

  • Enhanced natural lighting throughout building

  • Foot traffic will be rerouted around construction fencing

  • Significantly improved instructional and performance space

  • Reopening for Fall Term 2010

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Science 2 & Science Research & Teaching Center

& Hazardous Waste Facility (SRTC)

● Building infrastructure upgrades and the expansion and modernization of labs and teaching space. Limitation $45.3 M, various funding sources including General fund, grants, gifts, COPs, and Bonds,

● Construction of a New hazardous waste facility to support research and instruction

● Building fully occupied during construction. General pool classrooms relocated to provide some surge space

● Air circulation improvements to more effectively capture fumes in labs, and greater energy savings

What you will see over the school year:

●Seismic upgrade with steel trusses on exterior, a new roof, and a new exhaust system on roof

● Remodel all corridors and many labs.

● Interior moves:

4th Floor Move Summer and Fall 2009

1st, 2nd & 3rd Floors East - Winter 2010

1st, 2nd & 3rd Floors West - Spring 2010

B1 & B2 East - Summer 2010

B1 & B2 West - Fall 2010

● Completion of the project May 2011

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Campus Steam & Chilled Water Loop

Oregon Economic Stimulus Funded Project $17.5 million

● To improve and expand the network of heating and cooling piping throughout campus that forms our Campus Loop

● Leading to energy savings, more reliable service and increased capacity to heat and cool campus buildings

● Construction starts 7:30am and will last until 3:30pm Monday through Friday.; Intermittent noise and vibration

● Expect to see 20 to 30 foot deep trenches, pre cast utility tunnels installed, piping inserted through the tunnels

● Foot traffic will be rerouted around construction

● Completion of project Fall 2010

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Campus Projects

  • Seismic Upgrades to Skybridges

  • Project Completion this month

  • Bicycle Garage near Blumel Hall

  • Expansion to house up to 75 bicycles in a secured facility near student housing; completion January 2010

  • UCB Parking Entrance and Retail

  • Improvements to Fifth Avenue entrance on Max Light Rail line

  • New parking entrance on Harrison Street

  • New Bicycle Parking Center with 48 Parking Spaces

  • Incubator Retail Kiosks

  • Completion by May 2010

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Campus Projects

  • Walk of the Heroines Project, Phase 1

  • A community based project that creates a special place to honor women who have illuminated our lives.

  • Installation of a water feature, seating, naming wall and natural landscaping

  • Installation of an interactive kiosk provides stories and pictures of the women honored

  • Paving and landscaping features

  • Project complete (final permit on fountain pending new City requirements).

  • www.woh.pdx.edu/heroines

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Francis McBride:

[email protected]

Mark Fujii:

[email protected]

Facilities & Planning - Reception


Ernest Tipton:

[email protected]

Ron Blaj:

[email protected]

our website www.fap.pdx.edu

Look for “Construction Projects”

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Environmental Health & Safety

  • Our Role:

  • Help employees to work safely.

  • Help supervisors provide employees with the information, skills, & tools they need to work safely.

  • Help administration to provide a safe workplace.

  • Help maintain compliance with environmental health & safety regulations (DEQ, OSHA and others).

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Environmental Health & Safety

  • Services offered by:

  • Research Laboratories Support

  • Hazardous Waste Management

  • Hazardous Material Management in Construction

  • Hazard Evaluation in the Workplace

  • Safety Training

  • Ergonomics Assessments

  • and much more ...

Environmental health safety13 l.jpg
Environmental Health & Safety

  • Requesting Service from EH&S:

  • Chemical Spill Emergency – Call 5-4404.

  • Hazardous Waste Pick-Up –

  • Submit a work request: Includes chemicals,

  • bio-waste, sharps containers.

  • Ergonomic Assessments – place a Service request.

  • Odor Reports – Call Facilities 5-3758.

  • All Other Services - Submit a work request or call 5-3758.

Facilities work order system l.jpg
Facilities Work Order System

  • AiM (www.fap.pdx.edu/workorder):

  • User name & password are required.

    • User name will be your Odin name.

  • Account must be created in AiM.

    • Send your name, department, phone number, & email to Sheryl Reed at [email protected] or call 5-4352.

Facilities work order system15 l.jpg
Facilities Work Order System

  • Many fields are populated for you.

    • Fields can be edited if desired.

  • Required fields are outlined in red.

    • No longer necessary to select a “problem code”.

  • Write a description, select a building (called “property”) & save.

Facilities work order system16 l.jpg
Facilities Work Order System

  • Transaction number given immediately.

  • Link to the work order is emailed to you.

  • Emails sent to you when completed, or if backlogged or canceled.

  • Surveys are forthcoming.

  • Instructions available on info page.

  • www.fap.pdx.edu/workorder

Recycling trash bin consolidation l.jpg
Recycling & Trash Bin Consolidation

  • Future City of Portland requirement: 75% diversion rate by 2015

  • Current campus diversion rate is approximately 42%

  • Best practice: Pair recycling bins with trash cans

    • Remove extra trash bins from classrooms

    • Consolidate trash & recycling bins in hallways

  • Questions? Call PSU Recycles at 5-4300.