2014 new vr changes
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2014 New VR Changes PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2014 New VR Changes. Jeopardy Style. Jeopardy Rules. Team #1 will choose a question. Team #1 will get the first chance to answer the question, earning points for a correct answer; losing points for incorrect answer.

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2014 New VR Changes

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2014 New VR Changes

Jeopardy Style

Jeopardy Rules

  • Team #1 will choose a question.

  • Team #1 will get the first chance to answer the question, earning points for a correct answer; losing points for incorrect answer.

  • If Team #1 answers correctly, Team #2 selects next question and gets a chance to answer.

  • If Team #1 answers incorrectly, Team #2 gets a chance to answer (but doesn’t lose points). Team #2 then gets to choose next question and gets first chance to answer.

Recent Changes to Voter Registration

Name Changes--100

  • Where can one locate the Standard Operating Procedures?

Name Changes– 100 Answer

  • The county portal-SOP VRG 59.1

Name Changes– 200

  • Which one of the following is NOT a permissible method for a voter to update his name on the VR records: (1) handwritten note on a napkin sworn under oath and signed by voter; (2) submitting a VR application online; (3) phone call; (4) VRG 4/12; or (4) signing the new name on the pollbook.

Name Changes—200 Answer

  • phone call

  • See SOP VRG 59.1 and IC 3-7-41

Name Changes--300

  • The close of VR and the start of absentee voting presents some challenges since ballots need to be mailed w/in 1 day of receipt of the application. Therefore, the county processes a name change in SVRS using which method: a “voter update” or “voter correction”?

Name Changes—300 Answer

  • “Voter Correction” keeps the voter from being placed in pending status and allows voter to be activated under the voter’s new name immediately. Therefore ballots will be mailed with the new name and match the poll list (exc, central count counties). SOP VRG 59.1 and IC 3-7-33-5.

Name Change -- 400

  • In counties using electronic poll books, how can a voter update his name on election day?

Name Change –400 Answer

  • The voter can make an oral or written affirmation. Voter can complete a VRG 4/12 or if making an oral affirmation, poll clerks document name change on VRG 4/12 and initial. IC 3-7-41-2

Processing VR Apps --100

  • If a VR application is missing information on a Certified Statement of Acceptance, what process does the county employ in making “an effort” to obtain the missing information?

Processing VR Apps –100 Answer

  • Phone call to both voter and the individual who accepted the completed application (if numbers available) plus a letter to the voter and individual accepting the application. IC 3-7-34-4.5

  • Reminder-county still processes VR application.

Processing VR Apps --200

  • With the addition of the Certified Statement of Acceptance at the bottom of the VR application, the diagram box was removed. How do applicants who are homeless or have a non-traditional residence complete the application?

Processing VR Apps –200 Answer

  • Applicant may provide a description of applicant’s residence on the “residence address” line on the application or attach a map or diagram of the applicant’s residence. IC 3-7-34-1.5

Processing VR Apps --300

  • Which of the following, if any, are NOT required to complete the Certified Statement of Acceptance: (A) A member of the applicant’s household; (B) a pollworker; (C) an employee of a full service registration agency (ie FSSA, DWD); or (D) a county voter registration official.

Processing VR Apps –300 Answer

  • A, B, C, and D are not required to complete a Certified Statement Acceptance provided they are acting in their official capacity when they accept a completed VR application. IC 3-7-32-8

Processing VR Apps --400

  • What is the deadline for applicants to supply missing information (except for age and citizenship responses) in order for a county to process an incomplete VR application?

Processing VR Apps –400 Answer

  • 10 days before the election. IC 3-7-34-4

  • Age and citizenship responses must be provided by the 29th day before the election.

  • All incomplete applications that are missing essential information by the 10th day are to be rejected and a list prepared for the CEB.

VLM-- 100

  • How often will the state of Indiana conduct a state-wide voter outreach mailing to identify voters who may have changed residences?

VLM– 100 Answer

  • Every two years, IC 3-7-38.2-16

VLM-- 200

  • A county VR office is now required to seek death notices from which office (outside of SVRS)?

VLM– 200 Answer

  • The county auditor or county local health department. See IC 3-745-2.1

    “The county voter registration office shall request a copy of the death records filed quarterly by the local health department with the county auditor . . . “

VLM-- 300

  • What can a county do with a polling place notice that is returned due to “unknown or insufficient address”?

VLM– 300 Answer

  • The county can send an NCOA (address confirmation) notice to the voter. Same goes for other notices the county sends to voters provided it is done in a uniform and non-discriminatory process. IC 3-7-38.2-2

  • NCOA notice must be sent by forwardable, return postage prepaid and preaddressed mail.

VLM-- 400

  • If a county engages in a county-wide mailing to identify voters who may have moved, to whom must the mailings be sent?

VLM-400 Answer

  • “Active” voters. IC 3-7-38.2-2

  • Used to be all voters, General Assembly amended statute in 2014.

Misc.-- 100

  • The General Assembly defined what it means for mail to be returned due to “unknown or insufficient address”…True or False?

Misc.– 100 Answer

  • True, IC 3-5-2-49.7

    Iga.in.gov website for updated statutes

Misc.-- 200

  • What is the last day for an absent military or overseas voter to submit a voter registration application or a combined voter registration/absentee application?

Misc.– 200 Answer

  • 8th day before the election, IC 3-7-36-14

Misc.-- 300

  • What is the last day a county can cancel, inactivate or update a voter’s registration record based upon the statewide voter outreach mailing?

Misc.– 300 Answer

  • August 6th, IC 3-7-38.2

  • VLM hopper will be locked on August 7th and reopened on November 5th. Counties that wait to process records will have to wait an additional 2 years to cancel voters made inactive.

Misc.-- 400

  • Name 2 out of 4 changes made to the petition process.

Misc.– 400 Answer

  • Petition carrier section added (no processing unless carrier section completed by filing deadline)

  • Candidates are not exempt from completing the carrier requirement

  • Affidavit of assistance on back

  • Signature valid only if signer is registered at the address on the petition at time of processing *

  • A voter’s address and printed name cannot be pre-filled in unless the voter is disabled

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