Communicating for results seventh edition
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Communicating for Results Seventh Edition. Cheryl Hamilton, Ph.D. 10 Opening Quotation. Committed Members. Necessary for effective team participation . . . Devote time and energy to team Support final decision Perform needed functions. Microsoft Image. Group Task Functions.

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Communicating for results seventh edition

Communicating for ResultsSeventh Edition

Cheryl Hamilton, Ph.D.

Committed members
Committed Members

Necessary for effective team participation . . .

Devote time and energy to team

Support final decision

Perform needed functions

Microsoft Image

Group task functions
Group Task Functions

Include the following functions . . .


Give information

Seek information

Give opinion

Seek opinion





Microsoft Image

Group maintenance functions
Group Maintenance Functions



Relieve tension


Microsoft Image

Nonfunctional behaviors
Nonfunctional Behaviors

Cause unproductive conflict in groups . . .




Recognition seeking



Special-interest pleading



Handling nonfunctional people
Handling Nonfunctional People

Plan opening remarks carefully

Seat nonfunctional person next to leader

Avoid direct eye contact

Assign nonfunctional member tasks

Ask members to speak in order

Microsoft Image

Nonfunctional people con t
Nonfunctional People (con’t)

Break in

Place talkative member between quiet members

Encourage withdrawers

Give praise and encouragement

Microsoft Image

Member skills
Member Skills

Communication skills for group members include . . .

Active Listening


Microsoft Image

Trait theory of leadership
Trait Theory of Leadership

Successful leaders are more likely to be . . .







Microsoft Image

Awareness check
Awareness Check

Leadership Trait Questionnaire . . .

Function theory of leadership
Function Theory of Leadership

“There are certain functions that must be performed if a group is to be successful. Any time you perform a task or maintenance function, you are the leader for that period of time.”

Microsoft Image

Awareness check1

How many times did you perform the following functions in a group discussion?

Awareness Check

Leadership Function Questionnaire . . .

Three dimension theory
Three-Dimension Theory group discussion?

Autocratic leadership style

Democratic leadership style

Laissez-faire leadership style

Microsoft Image

Situational contingency theory
Situational Contingency Theory group discussion?

  • Situation dictates leadership style

  • Leadership depends on:

    • Power

    • Task

    • Relationship

Microsoft Image

Situational leadership theory
Situational Leadership Theory group discussion?

Includes the following four styles . . .

Delegating style

Participating style

Telling style

Selling or coaching style

Microsoft Image

Transformational leadership
Transformational Leadership group discussion?

Charismatic leaders . . .

Inspire followers

Articulate a vision

Provide plan for attaining vision

Mobilize commitment

Microsoft Image

Leader responsibilities
Leader Responsibilities group discussion?

Inform members of meetings

Select place for meeting

Check that everything needed is in place

Welcome people as they arrive

Start and end meeting on time

Preview and stick to agenda

Make sure recorder is present

Microsoft Image

Leader responsibilities con t
Leader Responsibilities group discussion?(con’t)

Encourage discussion

Ask questions skillfully

See to task and maintenance functions

Listen carefully


Thank participants and audience

Make sure results are passed on

Microsoft Image

The End group discussion?