A Diversity Maturity Index
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A Diversity Maturity Index Young & Kahn Associates 602-266-8676 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Diversity Maturity Index Young & Kahn Associates 602-266-8676. The Context of Our Work.

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A Diversity Maturity Index

Young & Kahn Associates


The Context of Our Work

As we all know, the term diversity simply means “difference.” In the context of business, we define diversity broadly. We see diversity as building work environments that are inclusive. As Dr. Roosevelt Thomas states, diversity is a “collective mixture characterized by differences and similarities”

There are many diversity mixtures. Examples are functional diversity, workforce diversity, cultural diversity, product and customer diversity.

It is important that all levels within an organization or corporation understand, value and manage diversity to drive their personal and business objectives.

The Context of Our Work

Managing Diversity Defined

We see Managing Diversity as the process of creating and maintaining an environment that naturally enables all participants to contribute to their full potential in pursuit of business objectives.

Managing Diversity becomes the challenge for all corporations, organizations and groups to build the competencies necessary to integrated into their strategic business plans. In this context, managing diversity is beyond representation and compliance.

Adapted from the work of Dr. R. Roosevelt Thomas, Beyond Race and Gender

The Context of Our Work

Diversity Management Process

The Diversity Management Process is a model that aligns relevant diversity competencies with the strategic business plan and is supported by a comprehensive human resources strategy

The Context of Our Work




  • Leadership

  • Shared Mindset

  • Mgmt. Processes &Infrastructure

  • Capability of People

  • (Competencies)


The Context of Our Work

  • A well-developed Diversity plan should measure the following nine (10) key elements: 

    • Leadership Accountability

    • Diversity Competencies

    • Systems, policies, and practices ( Organizational Design, Staffing, Benefits, Compliance, Development, and promotions)

    • Communications

    • Globalization and Multiculturalism

    • Diverse Market Segmentation

    • Quality Work/Life

    • Diverse Representation

    • Overall Employee Satisfaction

    • Outreach

A Sample Template

This model offers a look at an organization through two lenses.

1. Where the organization is on the Maturity Path(Beginning, Improving,Sustaining, Succeeding)

2. What they are doing to accomplish results(Approach, Deployment, Results)

Diversity Management Process

Sample Template - DMP


Let’s Take A Closer Look.

As we begin to consider each of the 10 key elements. Let’s use the first element, “Leadership” as an example of how to develop this model.

The next slide fills in the blanks ….

Sample Template for Leadership - DMP

Like many sound business strategies – the objective is to move along the maturity path from working in “the red” to living in “the black”

This model should be duplicated for all ten (10) of the essential diversity elements …

The Diversity Management Process

Outline /Template

Organization Design & Development



Systems, Policies & Practices

Quality of Work/Life