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CSR as a tool for sustainable territorial development at regional and European level: actions and su...
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CSR as a tool for sustainable territorial development at regional and European level: actions and suggestions. Gian Angelo Bellati Direttore Unioncamere del Veneto. Klagenfurt, 7 giugno 2011. ENTERPRISE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AS COMPETITIVE AND STRATEGIC INSTRUMENT.

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Klagenfurt, 7 giugno 2011

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Klagenfurt 7 giugno 2011

CSR as a tool for sustainable territorial development at regional and European level: actions and suggestions

Gian Angelo Bellati

Direttore Unioncamere del Veneto

Klagenfurt, 7 giugno 2011

Klagenfurt 7 giugno 2011


  • The European Union Green Paper (2001) describes the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as:

  • “a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis. […] Being socially responsible means not only fulfilling legal expectations, but also going beyond compliance and investing “more” into human capital, the environment and the relations with stakeholders”

  • A socially responsible behaviour:

  • is going beyond the fullfillment of legal expectations;

  • is on a voluntary basis;

  • encourage long term economic sustainability;

  • is connected to a durable development: companies must consider also economic, social and environmental consequences while managing their activities;

  • is not an “additional” feature in business activity, but it’s inherently related to business management.

L'economia del Veneto

General benefits of csr


  • Ther better, safer and more motivational work environment the more capability to attract and keep skilled and motivated workers;

  • company brand Strengthening, through the development of a stable and durable relationship with consumers/clients, based on brand trust and fidelity;

  • business risk reduction;

  • Increasing competitiveness of the enterprise and the whole productive system;

  • helps to strengthen the relationship with clients and suppliers and with all the stakeholders and improve the capability to fullfill their expectations;

  • reduction of boycott risk from outsidethrough a more strength reputation;

L'economia del Veneto

Benefits from csr 2


CSR can be a qualifying differentiating feature as the competitive international context is always more complex and dynamic and social and environmental dumping create instability with the business competitiviness.

improving of the relationship with financial institutions, with a view to an easy access to financial sources granted by the profile risk reduction. It allows to benefit by fiscal advantages;

a sustainable economic development, as the business activity pays attention to environmental and social consequencesand to all internal and external stakeholders needs;

  • Creation of value added for:

  • Businnes

  • Environment

  • Society

Veneto csr project


  • 2006 Agreement Regional Protocol signature – Unioncamere del Veneto

    Veneto CSR Project

    Forum Veneto Multistakeholder

  • 2009/2010: new Covenant to set up CSR activities

Companies training and sensitization on the importance to a strategic approach toward the quality and toward the CSR in the global competition context

Minimum Requirement settlementto support companies wishing to take on a CRS process

Economic, fiscal and administrative benefits to the companies in line with the minimum requirements

L'economia del Veneto

Covenant community nuovo veneto


Document officially presented on March 10, 2011 by the Associazione Veneto Responsabile, with the aim of stimulating a rethinking of the current development model in a responsible and community perspective.

The Covenant was constructed on the basis of a Open Mnifesto designed by Veneto Responsabile and developed with the assistance of several provincial forum, made up of economic, social and institutional entities in cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce.

Veneto Responsabile is a non - profit organization founded in 2003 with the objective of promoting sustainable development of the Veneto region. The association is made up of representatives from business and civil side of Veneto.

L'economia del Veneto

Priorities in the european project on csr


  • Institutional networks and exchange of good practices for the promotion of CSR

  • Tourism and CSR (incoming call SEE IV on June-July)

  • Competitiveness of SMEs through CSR

L'economia del Veneto

Klagenfurt 7 giugno 2011

Thank you for your attention !


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