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ONLINE UTILITY SYSTEM [web portal]. Group members Harshit N. Shah 0814034 Gaurav C. Purohit 0814028 Divyesh R. Aghera 0814027 Project guide Prof. Manjeet Valvi. Problem Definition.

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online utility system web portal

Group members

Harshit N. Shah 0814034

Gaurav C. Purohit 0814028

Divyesh R. Aghera 0814027

Project guide

Prof. Manjeet Valvi

problem definition
  • It’s indeed difficult and cumbersome to remember so many websites and their functions. It becomes very convenient if all such facilities with enhanced features are available at a single place and that’s the aim of our project-ONLINEUTILITY SYSTEM.
  • Online Utility System is the web portal that provides you multiple utilities at a single mouse click.
  • A complete package in itself, this system will definitely help you out in your daily chores.

Online utility system is basically a web portal providing the user

with wide range of utilities which are the following:-


  • Chatting
  • Uploader


  • Image gallery
  • Media player
  • Forums/Blogs
  • Direct login to Gmail,FB,etc.
  • RSS feeds etc.


  • Timer/clock
  • Sticky notes
  • Schedular
  • Address book
  • Currencyconverter
  • Temperatureindicator
  • Memo etc.

Developing the web portal involves preparation of the web layout which will act as the framework for further development. Then the utility modules will be embedded in the layout .

  • When the user registers to the website, he can access the utilities provided by the website. User’s records will be stored in the database.
software requirements
Software Requirements


  • ASP. CLASSIC 3.0 / PHP
  • IIS server 6.0 or higher
  • Windows XP/VISTA/7
  • Windows server 2000 sp2 or higher
  • OLEDB/ODBC drivers
  • MS Access / MySql
  • MS Office components


  • OS support for popular web browsers like :-

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google chrome

  • Requires internet connection.

HOW and WHERE the technologies willbeusedin the project ?

  • HTML, XHTML, CSS willbeused on the client side for developing the portal layout.
  • ASP or PHP versions willbeused for dynamicprocessing of the portal on the server side.
  • Databasessuch as MS Access or MySqlwillbeused as the back end for storing the data of the portal.
  • JavaScript willbeused for validating the information entered by user on the portal .
  • AJAX willbeused for displaying the refreshed part of the page without the need to modifying the entireform.
  • Servers such as IIS or Apache tomcat or Weblogiccanbeused for processing the webpage.
literature review
Literature Review

Heinz School of Public Policy and Management, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, U.S.A.

Abstract :

  • Recently, many of the Web sites made the transition to Web portals by incorporating additional features such as news, maps, driving directions, chat rooms, email services, and many others.
  • By doing so, Web portals try to address a variety of needs of Web users.
  • Specifically, portals attract users who prefer to satisfy a variety of individual needs on one site
  • instead of having a variety of Web sites for specific needs.

Henry Louie, Member, IEEE, Marty Burns, Member, IEEE, and Claudio Lima, Member, IEEE

Abstract :

  • The IEEE Smart Grid Web Portal is an online resource that to date has been accessed by over 50000 Smart Grid professionals, academics and other interested individuals from around the world.
  • Launched in January of 2010, the IEEE Smart GridWeb Portal is a resource that converges and organizes all Smart Grid-related IEEE events, activities, news and assets into one place—accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.
future scope of project
Future scope of Project
  • The further development , study and research of the portal will enable us to add newer, fresher and advanced utilities

in our project.

  • Due to the scalability made possible in the web development, there is a huge scope for development in the future.