888-684-3643 The EquityGenie

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Do You Know? . When you Finance a Home, the Interest You Pay is 3x the Price of the Home? That's exactly what you're paying if you follow the Bank's Plan for 30 years!Let the EquityGenie show you how to pay off your mortgage in 1/3 the time and save you tens of thousands of dollars -- without chan

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888-684-3643 The EquityGenie

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1. 888-684-3643 The EquityGenie MortgageTerminator

2. Do You Know? When you Finance a Home, the Interest You Pay is 3x the Price of the Home? Thats exactly what youre paying if you follow the Banks Plan for 30 years! Let the EquityGenie show you how to pay off your mortgage in 1/3 the time and save you tens of thousands of dollars -- without changing your spending habits or lifestyle. Dont pay all that interest ! Accelerate and Save!

3. How can I terminate my mortgage with EquityGenie Here is how you can save thousands of dollars!

4. The EquityGenie EquityGenie software is the best way to reduce the amount of interest and the length of time it takes to repay your mortgage, saving you thousands of dollars.

5. The EquityGenie program will : Analyze your mortgage Analyze your income Analyze your expenses Determine your discretionary income

6. The EquityGenie then will Realign your cash flow Replacing compound interest with simple interest money Saving you thousands in interest!

7. Lets see an Example Mortgage $250,000 Mortgage 6% Rate 30 Year term Funds $4600 Net Income $2100 Expense $1499 Mortgage Equals $1001 in discretionary income Terminator Account $10,000 7.5% interest

8. The EquityGenie program will: Payoff your Mortgage in 11 Years 9 Months Saving $328,281

9. These results were accomplished without Changing your income Any change in your spending habits Changing your lifestyle Just follow the Genie to become MORTGAGE FREE

10. Overview The Terminator Account and Discretionary income are the center of program. It determines how much and when to accelerate your mortgage. The Genie analyzes your expenses, income, current and future, and suggests how to maximize your funds and accelerate your mortgage (The Genie is intuitive and learns from the past for future expenses and income) Pay all monthly expense from Terminator Account (Savings, Loan, HELOC or Credit Card) Your Paycheck is directly deposited to Terminator Account paying it back as the funds used

11. What the EquityGenie does As the previous slide shows, the EquityGenie reviews your Terminator Account and determines your discretionary income and formulates how to accelerate your mortgage. The EquityGenie performs this task each and every time you log on. !

12. Through its analysis, the Genie is suggesting to pay an additional $4000 against your principle from the Terminator Account saving you 18 months of interest

13. The use of the $4000 will cost $87.95 in simple interest

14. The Savings After careful analysis, the EquityGenie has accelerated you 18 months ahead, saving $23,531.06`in interest ! The use of the Terminator Account was $87.95! The EquityGenie is always reviewing, analyzing and suggesting the way to maximize every dollar of your money, making you mortgage free as quickly as possible !

15. Industry Leading Features The EquityGenie is a Web Based program. All upgrades are immediately available. You are always working on the latest version You can access it from any computer with internet access. Your Genie is as close as your computer The EquityGenie server is 100% secure! No security sensitive data is required for additional safety! Data remotely backed up. Youll never worry about losing any information. Program is performed at server level. The Genie performs hundreds of calculations to determine the best action to take. The Server speeds up the process.

16. Outstanding Customer Service Certified Equity Genie counselors are available for questions for the life of the product Certified EquityGenie counselors available live at 888-684-3643 Client forums available online for discussion with other Genie users Award winning Tech Support team OUR SERVER IS PREPAID FOR NEXT 20 YEARS! We will always be here for you! Industry Leading Features

17. The EquityGenie is a stepping stone program! As long as you have a positive cash flow, the Genie will save you time and money on your mortgage ! Industry Leading Features

18. Ease of use The EquityGenie was voted the easiest to use by an independent survey! The EquityGenie can take as little as 10 minutes a month to use! Industry Leading Features

19. Dont Wait! Everyday you wait your mortgage is costing you hundreds in interest!

20. STOP! Paying up to 300% on your Mortgage!

21. Call Today! Call today at 888-684-3643 for a free EquityGenie analysis to see how fast you can be Mortgage Free

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