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Welcome to…. Eighth Grade Science!. Who is Mrs. Hargis?. A wife!. A daughter!. A sister!. Who is Mrs. Hargis?. A runner!. A Mom ;). Who is Mrs. Hargis?. And of course… A teacher!!. The GLOWING orange!!. SHEEP Eyeball (eyelashes and all)!.

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Eighth grade science

Welcome to…

Eighth Grade Science!

Eighth grade science

Who is Mrs. Hargis?

  • A wife!

  • A daughter!

  • A sister!

Who is mrs hargis
Who is Mrs.Hargis?

A runner!

  • A Mom ;)

Eighth grade science

Who is Mrs.Hargis?

  • And of course…

  • A teacher!!

The GLOWING orange!!

SHEEP Eyeball (eyelashes and all)!

What parts of science will my child learn this year
What parts of Science will my child learn this year?

1.Scientific Method

2. Earth’s Interior

and Earthquakes

3. Plate Tectonics

4. Rocks and Minerals

Eighth grade science

What parts of Science will my child learn this year?

5. Fossils

6. Force and Motion

7. Astronomy

8. Waves and Light

If my child is sick what should they do
If my child is sick, what should they do?

  • Send Mrs. Hargis an E-mail to get work right away.


  • Check the “absent bin” when

    they return.

  • When is the work due?

    5 days

Eighth grade science

What is my child going to need this year?

  • 1 Folder

  • 1 Binder (can be for all classes)

  • Colored pencils/ markers

  • Silent Reading Book

  • Optional: Glue Stick, Scissors

Eighth grade science

How can my child stay organized this year?

For each Unit, students receive a packet with Unit Organization Sheets at the beginning!

Always printed on BRIGHT color paper!

(Easy to Find)

Unit Organization Sheets!

Eighth grade science

How can my child stay organized this year?

Every Set of Unit Organization Sheets include:

  • Standards

  • Vocabulary

  • Diagrams: Concept Maps and Flow Charts

  • To Do List

  • Test Review/Study Guide

Eighth grade science

How can my child stay organized this year?

Your child’s science

section should also

include a Stamp Sheet!

Lists out the homework and their grade…


Eighth grade science

What is the Science GRADE breakdown?

Highest %!


Labs and Class Work

Tests and Projects






Eighth grade science

How does discipline work in Science class?

Classroom Rewards

(PASS with PERKS):

  • Free Seating Pass for Lunch

  • Free Locker/ Restroom Pass

  • Free Homework pass

  • Infractions are earned for the following:

  • Off Task

  • Minor Disrespect

  • Missing Supplies

Eighth grade science

What are the consequences for misbehaving in Science?

  • 1 infraction = Warning

  • 4 infractions (in any class) = Recess Detention & Parent Contact

  • 4 Recess Detentions (in any class) = Office Referral (Administrator determines consequence)

  • Major Infraction = Office Referral (Administrator determines consequence)

Eighth grade science

What should my child do if they are struggling?

  • Tell Mrs. Hargis at least one day in advance and stay after for extra help!

  • ANY DAY after school until 4:15!

Eighth grade science

How can I volunteer?

  • Designing or creating Bulletin Boards

  • Making Copies

  • Help with a Lab

  • Organize All Sports Day T-Shirts

    Fill out the tear off section of your handout and put it in the basket on the way out

It’s going to be a GREAT year!

Don t forget
Don’t forget…

  • Please fill in the right side of the handout. 

  • Tear it off and place it on the counter on your way out. 

  • The left side is all the helpful slides from the power point and upcoming events to take with you and put on the refrigerator. 

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