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TactiLite.com - Your source for high-end conversion kits, .50 BMG Rifles and products designed for AR-15, M-15 or M-4 style lower receivers! Visit us at : http://www.tactilite.com

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TactiLite.com - 50 Caliber Rifles & AR-15 Accessories

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About us

Zel Custom Manufacturing has brought over 20 years of firearms and machining experience to its purchase of the renowned and respected Ultralite50 single-shot, bolt-action .50 BMG AR-15 conversion kit.

Our Mission

Affordable Long-Range Precision


Manufacture and sell firearms offering accuracy comparable to those costing thousands of dollars more.


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What is the Tactilite?

The Tactilite T-1 is a .50 BMG conversion kit that works with any AR-15, M-16 or M-4 style lower receiver.

■ Converts your AR into a precision .50 BMG single-shot, bolt-action rifle, suitable for competition, duty or plinking.

■ Simply, swap the existing upper for the TactiliteTM upper. Converts in seconds and requires no special tools or skills.

■ The TactiliteTM is an accessory and does not require federal background checks, paperwork or a gun dealer.

■ The TactiliteTM will change the way you see your AR.


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How It Works

Converting Your AR into a TactiliteTM .50 BMG is simple and requires no special tools or skills.

■ Remove your stock upper from your AR.

■ Substitute the provided heavy-duty hammer and spring.

■ Remove the buffer assembly, buffer pin and disconnector.

■ Reattach the TactiliteTM upper onto the lower.

■ Enjoy.


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The TactiliteTM offers many high-end features usually available only on .50 BMGs that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars more:

■ Single-shot, bolt-action .50 BMG upper.

■ Made in U.S.A.

■ Your choice of Lothar-Walther or Mossberg barrels.

■ Free-floated barrel with proprietary Bang-Bushing to protect barrel from falls. ■ CNC-precision machined steel frame and bolt assembly.

■ Interchangeable handguard with MIL-STD 1913 rails.

■ Your choice of CeraKote finish

■ Rugged and virtually maintenance free

■ Available in barrel lengths: 18.5 in., 29.0 in. and custom lengths up to 36 in.


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The TactiliteTM offers many high-end features usually available only on .50 BMGs that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars more:

■ Affordable Long-Range Precision

■ Rugged, reliable and virtually maintenance free

■ Precision CNC manufacturing

■ Interchangeable handguard

■ Patent-Pending "Bang Bushing"

■ Your Choice barrel lengths

■ Made in U.S.A. -

■ CeraKoteTM will keep your TactiliteTM looking and working great for many years to come -


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The TactiliteTM comes in several models to fit every need and budget:

Super Match is our competition-grade model featuring a Lothar-Walther Super Match barrel and built to achieve sub-MOA with match ammo.

Duty is our LE/MIL model featuring a Lothar-Walther barrel and priced to fit most department budgets.

Ultralite is our budget model, featuring a Mossberg barrel.  The Ultralite is our most popular model.


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  • The Tactilite is available in

    • Different calibers:

      • .50 BMG,

      • .416 Barrett and

      • .338 Lapua Magnum

    • Different barrel lengths:

      • 18.5”

      • 22.0”

      • 24.0”

      • 29.0”

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Contact us

Michael Brendzel (President )

11419 Challenger Ave.




Phone : 303-353-1473

Fax: 303-265-9268


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Thank You


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