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1 / 7 - Your Source for Cheap Car Insurance Quote PowerPoint PPT Presentation mission is to help consumers learn about car insurance and get free car insurance quotes online.Visit us at :

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Your Source for Car Insurance

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About Us has one simple mission - to help consumers learn about car insurance and get free car insurance quotes online.

Our aim is to become the first stop for car insurance questions and to allow for consumers to save money on their car insurance by getting free policy quotes from the trustworthy companies in our nationwide network of auto insurance providers.

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Types of Car Insurance

Liability Insurance: This is a cheap car insurance policy which will cover the damages done to the victim of a car accident when you are at-fault. It covers the medical and property costs for the other party.

Uninsured Coverage: This auto insurance policy will protect you against a driver who has no liability insurance or auto insurance of any kind. This policy will cover medical and property damage in most cases. 

Collision Coverage: This auto insurance policy will cover all costs associated in a collision, whether or not you were at fault. This will cover your medical costs and vehicle damage to a set limit.

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Types of Car Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance: This type of auto insurance policy is known as "full coverage" as it will cover any damage to your vehicle that is not associated with a collision, such as vandalism or damage done by a natural disaster like hurricane, tornado, etc. This is no cheap car insurance, but is a very good form of protection.

There are many forms of car insurance that can be tailored to each and every individual driver.

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Car Insurance Tips

Here are some tips and tricks to help you when you search for auto insurance online.

Determine the State Laws:

Consider High Deductibles:

Compare Insurance before Buying a Car:

Drop Coverage on Older Cars:

Research All Discounts:

Compare Apples to Apples:

Remember to Cancel Your Insurance:

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