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Grundtvig project
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GRUNDTVIG PROJECT. ECOLOGY IN MY LIFE. In the modern world, ecology has become increasingly important to avoid the damages of pollution. X. X. Centrum Ksztalcenia Ustawicznego. Sosnowiec. Narodno chitalishte “Sv. Sv. Kirl I Metodii ”. Dve mogili. Scuola Secondaria di I° Grado

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Grundtvig project



Grundtvig project

In the modern world, ecology has become increasingly important to avoid the damages of pollution.

Grundtvig project


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Grundtvig project





Grundtvig project

Narodno chitalishte

“Sv. Sv. Kirl I Metodii”


Grundtvig project

Scuola Secondaria di I° Grado


“Giovanni Pascoli”


Scuola secondaria di i grado giovanni pascoli

Scuola Secondaria di I° Grado“Giovanni Pascoli”

Municipal solid waste


In recent years in Italy about 29 million tons of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste), equal to 500 kilograms of waste per capita per year are produced; these are separately collected for an average of 86 kg/year per person.

The separate collection of waste allows to collect and give items and packaging separately. It is based on self-responsibility of citizens and workers that separate waste generated at home or at work.

Grundtvig project

In many parts of Italy the collection is common in everyday life while in others, unfortunately, it is not practiced yet. The differences between North and South are somewhat marked:

NORTH 141 kg per capita per year;

CENTRE 80 kg per capita per year;

SOUTH 22 kg per capita per year.

Grundtvig project

We are very far from the percentage requie by the Italian law (Legislative Decree 152/2006 and Law 296/2006) which sets the following targets for collection:

  • Year 2008 45%

  • Year 2009 50%

  • Year 2010 60%

  • Year 2011 65%

Grundtvig project

In order to achieve the targets required by law, the Puglia Region has divided the territory into 15 basins, homogeneous areas from a socio-economic and geographic point of view that correspond to the ATO/OTA (Optimal Territorial Areas).

Grundtvig project

A.T.O. BR 1

Grundtvig project

In the town of Fasano the separate collection of waste has always been carried out by means of banks and street bins. By adopting this system of waste separation the results were disastrous with a collection rate of less than 15%.One solution might be a door-to-door separate waste collection in cities where rates above 50% have been achieved.

Grundtvig project

Separate collection is the best way to preserve and maintain natural resources for the benefit of future generations and ours. 

Every action of ours produces pollution, even the most common, like reading a newspaper or drinking an orange juice; it would be nothing if we didn’t consider that every day in the world millions of pages are printed and millions of plastic bottles or aluminium cans are produced.

Grundtvig project

In other words, millions of trees cut down, millions of gallons of oil consumed, millions of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere considering that there are plants that put a disproportionate amount of CO2 in addition to the given quotas.

The top three most polluting plants for CO2 in Italy are:

Thermoelectrical plant brindisi sud


Iron and steel plant ilva taranto


Thermoelectrical plant taranto


Grundtvig project

Until recently marine environment has been allowe to use standards and models designed for terrestrial areas. Not only oil tankers, cruise ships and large vessels with their discharges cause the reduced quality of sea water: unfortunately the only real damage comes from sewage carried by fresh water courses that flow into the sea, bringing the load of poisons collected along their path and coming from domestic productive and urban plants with them.

Grundtvig project

Our Institute is the coordinator among all the schools in the town of Fasano with the purpose of collecting benefits. Boys collect plastic caps that are delivered to the leaders of a religious institute: the proceeds of their sale need to make water wells in Africa.

Grundtvig project




Grundtvig project



Sosnowiec 23 th 27 th november 2009

SOSNOWIEC23th – 27thNovember 2009

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