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Vivekashram Vyavasay Prashikshan @ Pimpad. Vivekashram Pimplad Current scenario. Vivekashram is the Hostel for Tribal students run by Vivekananda Kendra. 5 th - 10 th standard students travel to Trambakeshwar for schooling 6 km away

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VivekashramVyavasayPrashikshan @ Pimpad

Skill Based Education Center ‘Pimplad’

Vivekashram pimplad current scenario
Vivekashram Pimplad Current scenario

Vivekashram is the Hostel

for Tribal students run by Vivekananda Kendra.

  • 5th - 10th standard students travel to Trambakeshwar for schooling 6 km away

  • Quality of education is an issue! Formal Educations system doesn’t teach skill for work and fells to give knowledge for their livelihood.

  • Extreme weather condition: Heavy rains, low temperature in winter and water shortage during summer.

  • Limited resources & Heavy power cut 10 hrs during summer

  • Non availability amenities like nutritious food

  • Students have some free time during week days & holidays

    An attempt to use spare time of students &

    Give them Skill based Training to fulfill basic needs

Skill Based Education Center ‘Pimplad’








Skill Based Education Center ‘Pimplad’


  • Lack of man power

  • Volunteers & paid workers

  • Lack of funds

  • Lack of instruments &

    subject experts

  • Less participation of local people



  • Replication in other VK


  • Pilot project for other similar organizations

  • Research & Development in

    Appropriate Rural technology

  • Effective technology transfer

    in rural area


  • Non availability of capable

    full time Director

  • Non availability subject


  • Support form You

Based on proven concept(Vigyan Ashram, Pabal )

Skill & need based education.

Good infrastructure: Land, Building & students

Young enthusiastic team.

Real time training on basic rural technology

Skill Based Education Center ‘Pimplad’


Skill Based Education Center ‘Pimplad’

What school teaches to our students
What School Teaches to our students

  • Formal subjects

  • Theory of Science Maths, etc.

  • History of Freedom fighters and philosophers

  • No skill based training involved

  • Subjects like Agriculture, Energy and Engineering

  • What about applications in real life?

  • What about history of Indian & International Scientists, Technologists?

  • What about skill based training & learning ? Like Dairy business, Workshop, carpentry, pottery etc.

Skill Based Education Center ‘Pimplad’

What generates jobs
What Generates Jobs

But both lacks skilled workers

Agricultural Sector generates highest number of jobs

Small scale industry is next to agriculture in generation of jobs

Skill Based Education Center ‘Pimplad’

What Generates Revenue?

Small Scale Industry


  • Contributes to 40 % of Industrial production

  • Investment of 10 lack leads to 46.2 lacks product or services

  • Growing at 200% rate than expected

  • Contributes directly to 35% of


  • Indirect contribution through medium/large- scale is 15 %

  • Contributes to 95 % of non-

    conventional export














Bio-Diversity is Nature

Technology can be Acquire

Generation of wealth

Healthy wealthy Citizens ….

Skill Based Education Center ‘Pimplad’

VIGAN ASHRAM Different Teaching Module

  • Learning while doing

  • Skill based learning

  • Activity to hand is the quickest way to develop intellect

  • Multiple experiences helps in developing Childs personality.

  • Demystifying science: The scientific method --- observation, measurement, documentation, exchange of information, developing & testing hypotheses is possible in every day life & is financially relevant.

  • Earning while learning

Will lead to a capable citizen who can generate jobs…

proven concept at Pabal.

Skill Based Education Center ‘Pimplad’

Training Based on Rural India NeedsVarious rural development task integrated with school Education

Learn langue the way baby learns

Learn skill the way nature teaches

Four trades: Agriculture, Engineering, Home & Health, Energy E.g. agriculture

1 project & 30 practical

1 hrs class room course and 7 hrs of hands on work.

Project : preparation of Jatropha for plantation

Practical: Milking cow, inoculation of poultry, drip irrigation etc

Costing for project

Marketing of finish product



Skill Based Education Center ‘Pimplad’


  • Bio Gas

  • Kandi Kolsa

  • Solar Cookers

  • Wind Pumps

  • Smoke less Chulhas

  • Green House effect

  • Carbon credit

  • Bio- Diesel & Karanja plantation

  • Concept of conservation of Energy

Skill Based Education Center ‘Pimplad’

Agricultural Training

  • Soil Testing

  • Organic Fertilizers & Pesticides

  • Wormy culture

  • Forest plant Nursery

  • Vegetable plant Nursery

  • Vegetable Farming

  • Paddy Farming

  • Milk & Animal husbandry

  • New concepts like sand raisedbeds technique

  • Use of information technology in farming

  • Use of information technology in marketing

  • Costing

  • Drip Irrigation

Skill Based Education Center ‘Pimplad’

Soil Testing Kit

  • Pimplad soil test report

    • N: Low

    • P: Low

    • K: High

    • pH: 7.5

Skill Based Education Center ‘Pimplad’

We need you as part of our team

Skill Based Education Center ‘Pimplad’