Navigating the mr waiver
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Navigating the MR Waiver:. A Workbook for Families . 1/4/08. What Is a “Waiver”?. Virginia’s MR Waiver. MR Waiver Big Picture. Eligibility. Diagnostic Functional Financial. What’s a Slot ? . How does someone get a Slot?. Waiting Lists . Urgent. Non-Urgent. Planning.

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Navigating the MR Waiver:

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Navigating the mr waiver

Navigating the MR Waiver:

A Workbook for Families


Navigating the mr waiver

What Is a “Waiver”?

Virginia s mr waiver

Virginia’s MR Waiver

Navigating the mr waiver

MR Waiver Big Picture



  • Diagnostic

  • Functional

  • Financial

What s a slot

What’s a Slot?

How does someone get a slot

How does someone get a Slot?

Waiting lists

Waiting Lists

  • Urgent

  • Non-Urgent

  • Planning

What services are available

What Services Are Available ?

Mr waiver services

MR Waiver Services

  • Residential Support

  • Personal Assistance

  • Respite

  • Companion

  • Day Support

  • Prevocational

  • Supported Employment

  • Skilled Nursing

  • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

  • Crisis Stabilization

  • Therapeutic Consultation

  • Assistive Technology

  • Environmental Modification

Services also available as a consumer directed option

Navigating the mr waiver

Day Support Waiver

MR Waiver

  • Newest Waiver for individuals with mental retardation

  • Began July 2005

  • Available to children & adults

  • Limited to Day Support and Prevocational services

  • Began 1991

  • Added services in 1994

  • Added self-directed in 2001

DS Facts; Comparison Chart

Will my relative or i have to pay for services

Will my relative or I have to pay for services?

What is case management

What is Case Management?

Navigating the mr waiver

How do I find a Case Manager ?

Role of the case manager

Role of the Case Manager

Your First Contact

Your Advocate

Your Navigator

Sharing information

Sharing Information

Signing forms

Signing Forms

MR Waiver

Evaluations what and when

Evaluations –What and When?

Choosing a provider

Choosing A Provider

Don’t go into it blindfolded!

What is a consumer services plan

What is a Consumer Services Plan?

The Paperwork!!

Case managers help with

Case Managers help with . . . .

  • Getting approval for services

Glitches in starting services

Glitches in Starting Services


More help from the case manager

More Help from the Case Manager

  • On-going monitoring

  • New resources

  • Face-to-face visits

  • Changing providers/CM

Navigating the mr waiver

Appeal Rights – When and How?

Supports in the home

Supports in the Home?

  • Residential

    • In own home or apartment

    • In another family home

    • In a group home

What s provided

What’s provided?

  • Training

  • Monitoring

  • Assisting

Navigating the mr waiver

Residential Staff Help with a Variety of Tasks

Who can provide residential support

Who can provide Residential Support?

  • A licensed Provider

Not everyone can do it!

More about residential

More about Residential . . .

  • There may be some costs

More about residential1

More about Residential . . .

Family contact is important

Another home based service

Another home-based service . . .

  • Personal Assistance

    • Help with daily living needs

Where can personal assistance be provided

Where can Personal Assistance be provided?

Who can provide personal assistance

Who can provide Personal Assistance?

Is personal assistance different from residential support

Is Personal Assistance different from Residential Support?

What are the restrictions for personal assistance

What are the restrictions for Personal Assistance?

Respite services

Respite Services

Help’s on the way!

Navigating the mr waiver

Another home-based service . . .

  • Respite Services

    • Help with daily living needs

Where can respite services be provided

Where can Respite Services be provided?

What are the restrictions for respite services

What are the restrictions for Respite Services?

Companion services

Companion Services

  • Someone to help me go safely into the community

Where are companion services provided

Where are Companion Services provided?

Who can provide companion services

Who can provide Companion Services?

What are the restrictions for companion services

What are the restrictions for Companion Services?

Other supports for a meaningful day

Other Supports for a Meaningful Day

Supported Employment

Where is supported employment provided

Where is Supported Employment provided?

Who can provide supported employment

Who can provide Supported Employment?

What are the restrictions for supported employment

What are the restrictions for Supported Employment?

Navigating the mr waiver

Other Supports for a Meaningful Day

Prevocational Services

Where are prevocational services provided

Where are Prevocational Services provided?

Who can provide prevocational services

Who can provide Prevocational Services?

What are the restrictions for prevocational services

What are the restrictions for Prevocational Services?

Navigating the mr waiver

Other Supports for a Meaningful Day

  • Day Support Services

Where can day support services be provided

Where can Day Support Services be provided?

Who can provide day support services

Who can provide Day Support Services?

Something different take a look

Something Different – Take a Look . . .

Consumer-Directed Services

You are the employer

You are The Employer




Consumer directed services include

Consumer-Directed Services Include:

Personal Assistance



Who can i hire

Who Can I Hire?

Who helps me

Who Helps Me?

  • A Services Facilitator

What does a services facilitator do

What does a Services Facilitator Do?

Helps me:

  • Find employees

  • Advertise

  • Interview

  • Check references

  • Complete paperwork

Other waiver services that might help

Other Waiver Services that might help. . .

  • Skilled Nursing

Navigating the mr waiver

  • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

MR Waiver can do better than this!

Therapeutic consultation

Therapeutic Consultation

  • To steer the team in the right direction

Assistive technology

Assistive Technology

Devices to help with communication & other life skills

What are the restrictions for assistive technology

What are the restrictions for Assistive Technology?

Environmental modifications

Environmental Modifications

Better than this!

Environmental modifications1

Environmental Modifications

  • To make mobility easier

    • In the home

    • In the vehicle

What are the restrictions for environmental modifications

What are the restrictions for Environmental Modifications?

Crisis stabilization

Crisis Stabilization

Navigating the mr waiver

How is a “Crisis” Determined?

Another people resource for you

Another “People” Resource For You

Community Resource Consultant

Navigating the mr waiver

“We relish news of our heroes, forgetting that we are extraordinary to someone too”.

- Helen Hayes



Office of Mental Retardation, Community Resource Unit

Developed by: Wanda Earp

Contributors: Gail Rheinheimer; Dawn Traver; Kimberly Shepherd; Ed Gonzalez

Any more questions

Any More Questions?

Contact Your Case Manager

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” -William James

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